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Top 20 Best YTS Alternatives Proxy Torrent Sites

Because of their notoriety for allowing users to get copyrighted information, torrent sites have long caught the interest of law enforcement groups. As a result, some of the most popular torrent sites, including Pirate Bay, Extratorrent, and KickassTorrent, have been blocked in several countries. Yify movies, often known as YTS mx, is another torrent site severely impacted by the rules. yts movies is a well-known source in the peer-to-peer sharing community, making it one of the top torrent sites.

If Yify or YTS am is not available in your country, here is a list of YTS alternatives you can use to download torrent files. These Yify competitors also offer a huge selection of torrent files for download, and most of the sites listed below are accessible in most countries. In this post, we defined YTS and YIFY, as well as their equivalents. Continue reading to find out more!

YTS and YIFY—A brief history:

  • YIFY Torrents, or YTS, were a peer-to-peer online release group that began in August 2011 and distributed many movies as free downloads via BitTorrent.
  • The key feature of YIFY was the HD-quality videos that it delivered in a smaller format, which drew a large number of downloaders from all around the world.
  • With all of the high-quality torrents of recently released movies that it hosted, YIFY (AKA YTS) nearly became an overnight sensation among movie geeks. Its popularity was undeniable, and the site received millions of visitors daily.
  • It grew a loyal fan base over time until one lovely day, the cherished site displayed a blank page, which was unusual to see. Many users were taken aback because YIFY had seldom been offline for more than a few hours.

Following an investigation, it was discovered that the website had been shut down due to a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by the MPAA in New Zealand. Since then, the site has remained down, and there is no indication that it will be restored www yts re. But all hope is not lost. If you’re a YIFI lover, some mirror sites of the original platform are still operational.

YTS Mirror and Proxy sites – list:

Here is a list of YTS Mirrors still working in 2022:

  • yts.mx
  • yts.am
  • yts.pm
  • yts.vc
  • yts.unblockit.llc
  • yts.unblocked.app
  • yts.unblockit.buzz

Stay Secure With A Torrent VPN:

A Torrent VPN allows you to remain secure when torrenting without latency or substantial safety concerns. To prevent getting in trouble with the law in 2022, you’ll need a dependable Torrent VPN like Ivacy.

What Happened to YTS Torrents?

By providing high-quality torrents of newly released movies, YIFY (AKA YTS) nearly became an overnight success among movie buffs. Its popularity was undeniable, since it attracted millions of visitors every day. Services resumed as usual, and everything was normal until one day, the favorite site displayed a blank page, which was an unusual occurrence. Many users were taken aback because YIFY had seldom been offline for more than a few hours.

Following an investigation, it was discovered that the website had been shut down as a result of a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by the MPAA in New Zealand. Since then, the site has remained down yts mx torrent, and there is no indication that it will be restored. So, is YIFY offline? Yes, the real one is, but there are other YIFY mirror sites that are still operational.

YTS Alternate That Actually Works:

The search for the next best YIFY alternative that truly works has recently become the buzz of the town. Since the torrent powerhouse YIFY (AKA YTS,ag) met a same fate as its competitors The Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrents, and TorrentZ, torrent users have been on the lookout for the finest YIFY successor.

The torrent community’s reliance on yts download is now causing issues, particularly because it was the only source of quality content. As a result, netizens are left wondering if YIFY will ever return. However, numerous clones continue to emerge (presently the domain YTS.ag is active).

Top 20 Best YTS Alternatives Proxy Torrent Sites:

1.  Yify

Yify ag is one of the greatest places for watching movies online. Use this website to download new movies to your computer so you can watch them at home or on the go. Many people download Yify movies using torrent software such as Yify. You select a movie, specify the size and quality, and then download it using a torrent client. Yify is a decent option if you want to watch movies and TV series online but don’t want to use Yify. This is one of the greatest Yify sites that aren’t on the top list.

2.  The Pirate Bay

Since its inception in 2003, the Pirate Bay has become one of the world’s most well-known torrent websites. According to reports, The Pirate Bay is back online and can be reached at its old domain name, thepiratebay.org. Many people enjoy torrents, and TPB is a well-known torrent site with a large selection of floods yify sub to download and an easy-to-use interface. You can use this YTS alternative to download torrents for movies, software, TV shows, music, and more. More information about the yts proxy web browser can be found below.

3.  Soft Bay

Like Yify, this torrent site wants to bring you new movies. You can download small-sized movies online as long as you have TheSoftBay. This is the greatest one. On the site, you can find places like Yify. Many people are already familiar with the Yify platform, so this one is simple to use. Movies can be downloaded for free craftsman yts 3000 without having to pay for them. There are no guidelines. If you’re seeking moving websites on the internet, check out The Soft Bay right now!

4.  BitPort

Bitport is a popular site similar to Yify TV. It allows you to watch all of your favorite movies and television series. In some ways, this website will enable you to download torrents online rather than on your hard disk. This is one of the greatest Yify sites that aren’t on the top list. This makes it simple to use torrents on mobile devices. You can watch them on any device once they are in your Bitport account. Sign up for free today.

5.  1337x

Here’s how it works: 1337x was established in 2007. It will be the third most popular torrent site in 2021, according to the news blog TorrentFreak (TF). If Yify movies aren’t working for you and you, want to download torrents for movies, apps, and software, 1337x is your next best option. Everything on the torrent site is well-designed, from the index page to the search results page. People who enjoy torrents will find many of them on 1337x because floods are classified. You may search for movies, TV shows, games, music, apps, anime, etc. This YTS torrents alternative also has a “trending” area that uses all of the most popular and trending torrents without you having to look for them one by one. More information about the 1337x unblock proxy is available in this article. The article contains all of the 1337x functional URLs.

6.  BTDGgg.org

BTDigg is the name of a BitTorrent DHT file search engine. DHT is a method for locating nodes that deliver torrents. You can use the BitTorrent protocol to transfer files using this yts app. BTDiggs are metadata-enabled files. These files define the shared content and how to find it. BTDigg is not a tracking application. It does not store any content and merely collects data from users. This is the greatest one. On the site, you can find places like Yify.

7.  Kickass Torrents

The website went live in 2008. It has evolved into one of the top torrent sites of 2022, and it hardly needs to be mentioned because it is so well-known on the internet. It can be one of the best Yify Alternatives for anyone unable to use YTS, ag for any reason. The website has a basic and distinct appearance and feels to it. At the top, you’ll find the torrents library, the most popular torrents, and the Top torrents area. These are shown in a tag cloud, indicating what users look for on the site. It’s simple to search for and download movies on the site, and the app doesn’t have any bothersome adverts or pop-ups like other YTS lt-like sites.

Even if the main Kickass Torrent site was decommissioned a long time ago, other mirror sites are still available on the internet. The mirror websites use the same interface and menu layout as the primary site. The link to the live torrent proxy list 2021 is provided below.


RARBG and Kickass Torrents were both launched in 2008. Despite having a lot of adverts and pop-ups, RARBG is one of the most well-known torrent websites in the world. If Yify does not work for you, you can use RARBG to download torrents. It has a large number of floods with active seeders. It’s also the greatest alternative for folks who wish to download high-resolution videos. People who want to download movies from pirate sites should use RARBG. The website contains a large online library of movies, games, television series, and software programs. In addition, you can learn about the top torrent options for 2021 in the section below.

9.  Extra Torrents

Extra Torrents was one of the most popular torrent websites when it was created in 2006. You may download the most recent movies and games and watch and play online shows and competitions. You can also get music and software for free. The popularity stems from the fact that sites contain a lot of advanced features and are simple to use. ExtraTorrent allows users to watch, download, and share content for free. It is a platform that accomplishes this for everyone. Because there are so many various types of users, almost any internet file can be found using Extra Torrent’s powerful search engine.

10.  EZTV

The best is EZTV. Alternatives to YTS ag are that it offers a diverse selection of network programs. When it rains, this is one of the best sites to film TV series and movies. When you go to the home page, all current movies and TV shows have an official IMDB rating. Users can then select which movies and TV shows have the highest rating. Each film and television show includes a trailer that allows viewers to decide whether or not to continue viewing based on a brief excerpt from the film or television show.

11.  Torlock 

Torlock offers a wide range of fresh and popular torrents, such as movie torrents, TV show torrents, music torrents, game torrents, software torrents, anime torrents, and e-books torrents. Users can browse through them all—a selection of the top movies to download and start enjoying themselves. There are numerous websites yts youtube downloader where you may find the greatest venues to watch anime. You should utilize VPN services to view the sites that the site warns you about when you visit them. You don’t have to think about where to look for a torrent as a user. Torlock’s home page only displays the most popular torrents, allowing visitors to find the content they seek rapidly.

12.  TorrentDownloads

My favorite aspect of the client impedance is simple and to the point. This is one of the greatest YIFY alternatives because it also contains a lot of movies, anime, novels, TV series, music, books, and other stuff. If your main yts torrents.com websites go down, this can be one of many backups. One of them may be this torrent site.

13.  Lime Torrents

This website offers a wide range of services, including TV shows, movies, popular music, apps, anime, and software. It is currently yts tv shows one of the best yify YTS proxies substitutes available. If the YIFY movies tv alternative does not operate properly, LimeTorrents is the greatest option for watching them.

14.  Zooqle

Zooqle is another massive torrent site that is ideal for downloading torrents because it contains many movies, software, music, books, and games. The Torrent site provides information about old movies, TV series, PDFs, entire games, software, and other items. A user can see what fresh content has been made available by navigating to the main page and checking what shows are “on-air today” or have new episodes. They can also keep track of when their favorite shows are released yts,am. The films also where is yts feature a “new releases” section that allows users to browse new releases.

15.  Movie4k

The third most popular torrent download site is Movie4k. There are several movies to pick from. This YIFY alternative is so popular that it is available in multiple languages to fulfill the needs of movie fans all around the world. Every day, new videos are added to the website. It’s a great destination for folks who want yts subtitles to see European films and films that aren’t made in Hollywood. There are certainly many US movies that moviegoers enjoy. Movie4k’s homepage is updated daily with new, up-to-date content, so visitors don’t have to. Visitors may easily browse their favorite movies thanks to the user interface. They have included all of the information from IMDb, making this the greatest YIFY alternative.

16.  Torrentz2

Torrentz2eu is a fast, simple, and powerful torrent site search engine that allows you to download all of the latest movies, games, and downloads for free. Users may believe that while this search engine appears basic, it is not difficult. However, the search engine has a massive library of content delivered directly to the consumers’ brains. Torrentz2 is a one-stop torrent site that provides all the yts com information and screenshots consumers require before downloading anything. Users can download the files directly from the website or via a ” magnet ” service. Torrentz2 movies are another wonderful option for getting and watching free movies in high-quality Ultra-HD 4k, 3D, 1080p, and 720p. The website is safe, and users can remain anonymous thanks to privacy-protected features that make it simple to stay anonymous.

17.  9xMovies

A diverse selection of films from around the world, many of which are bilingual. If you want to watch Asian and Yifi movies in one spot, 9xmovies is the place to go. It includes thousands of dual audio and dub Pakistani, Hindi, and Bollywood films. It is a fantastic entry point into the world of Asian cinema. Other items you’d expect from a Wifi movies download site include American and European TV series and movies. Nobody will be bothered by pop-ups or advertisements on this website. Instead, there are numerous links to Blu-ray and standard-definition movies. Because of these fantastic yts subtitle features, we believe this website should be added to your list of Wifi alternatives. You should save this page.

18.  ISOHunt

ISOHUNT is number four on our list, and it has been around since the beginning of the torrent world, so we are familiar with it. It had existed since the beginning when torrenting was not a huge deal. Since its public release, ISOHunt has not had to cope with copyright regulations that are more stringent than they used to be. It is one of the oldest torrent websites, with movies, animes, TV episodes, games, software, books, and other content. ISOHunt has a lot of content you won’t find anywhere else on the internet.

The interface is beautifully designed for the users yts yify who would utilize it. There are categories on the left sidebar. The most recent content can be seen on the home page. You can use the search box to find old movies or TV series. It is a good option for the Yify streaming app and one of the best because it offers a broad choice of movies, TV shows, and other sorts of software.

19.  Housemovie

If Housemovie continues on its current path, we believe it will become a household name. It provides a fantastic online movie theater with some of the greatest Yifi substitutes we’ve found. All the movies are displayed with full box cover and metadata, the links are easily accessible, and plenty of options! There are links yts rs in this tutorial to stream the videos, and they function well. There are no bothersome pop-ups, overlay advertising, quizzes, or surveys to complete. It’s simply a more convenient option to utilize Wifi instead. There are no Wifi torrents on this site, but there are plenty of amazing Yifi streams to keep you entertained.

20.  CmoviesHD

Cmovies.HD features a large selection of movies to choose from and numerous useful browsing options, such as IMDb metadata and browsing by nation. This makes it a perfect substitute for Wifi. The site has many features and is incredibly fast and simple to use. The website has a great black style that is simple yts tv to see at night. The yify stream loaded rapidly, giving the impression that you were simultaneously accessing a high-end streaming service. Cmovies should be added to many people’s bookmarks as an alternative to Wifi movies. As demonstrated in the screenshot, several third-party issues did not load while browsing at Cmovies. In other words, they ensure that these issues do not impede the ability of others to utilize the site and do not interfere with its operation.

What to do if these YTS Alternates are Inaccessible?

Although these websites will be available in most parts of the world, geo-restrictions may apply in some areas. This is primarily due to worries about privacy and security. As a result, governments prohibit access to certain yts subs websites they deem dangerous. Fortunately, you may circumvent these geo-restrictions by using a VPN for torrenting. A VPN masks your real IP address and replaces it with one from a different geographical location. As a result, the website you’re browsing believes you’re in another region.

Are VPNs for torrenting legal?

Using a VPN for torrenting is entirely legal in the majority of nations yts 247 throughout the world. However, using a VPN for torrenting is still prohibited in a few countries. And if you try to overcome these constraints, you may face terrible consequences. To be safe, we recommend that you consult with a legal professional regarding the legality of using a VPN for torrenting in your region. Then and only then should you utilize a torrent VPN.

Can You Use a Free VPN for Torrenting?

While you might utilize a free VPN service to download torrents, we recommend you avoid doing so. This is partly because free VPNs frequently sell users’ personal information to third parties to generate cash. And this is entirely in violation of a subscriber’s privacy rights. Furthermore, free VPNs frequently fail to unlock geo-restricted content, wasting doctor strange in the multiverse of madness yts your time and resources. A commercial VPN service, such as Ivacy VPN, on the other hand, is far more reliable due to powerful military-grade encryption and a stringent no-logs policy. They work together to ensure that none of your personal information falls into the wrong hands.

Kodi  – A viable YTS Alternate:

If you are concerned about the risks of utilizing torrents, you can also use Kodi as a YTS alternative. The reason for this is that Kodi does not download or upload anything. It merely streams the data and never downloads yts learning the entire streaming file, exploiting a legal gap when it comes to copy-protected content such as Kodi movies and TV series, making it a great YTS Alternate.


Is YTS Torrent Down Right Now?

Yes, the official website was taken down a long time ago, and its official domain is currently unavailable. However, there are several yts series mirror sites that are operational, such as YTS.mx, YTS.ms, and Yiffy-torrents.net. If you want to use official YTS, you must use working proxy and mirror websites. That is the only way to gain access to the official YTS database.

What is different between YTS Torrent?

The terms Yify torrent and YTS refer to the same torrent service. There is no distinction between these two websites. You can treat yts movie download it as if it were a human with two separate names.

Why was YTS shut down?

YTS or Yify Torrent, like any other torrent site yamaha yts 62iii, hosted unlicensed content on its platform. After the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) filed complaints, Yify’s official website was taken down in 2015. Following that, we saw a slew of clones and proxy sites offering similar services. However, the official website is still unavailable, and the ban was indefinite.

What is the Yts meaning?

For a long time, though, this remained a mystery. Finally, we discovered that it is owned by Yiftach Swery, who started this website yamaha yts 23 in 2010. Overall, its owner’s name is to blame for the name YIFY.

Is it safe to use YTS Torrent?

As previously stated, the original Yify Torrent website is no longer operational. The majority of the sites use the Yify brand to entice new visitors. Some are mirror sites, while others use the brand name. Proxy/mirror sites and other areas with a similar name scheme all use intrusive pop advertising to generate cash. As a result, it is always recommended to install an adblocker to avoid yts proxy sites any potential malware attack and to improve the user experience.

Is it illegal to use YTS Torrent?

Most countries make yts xm it unlawful to download copyrighted material. So, yes, you are breaking the law by utilizing this website. Before using torrent sites, make sure that it is legal in your country. It is completely unlawful in Europe and the United States to download any unlicensed content. So, be cautious when visiting this type of website. It is better to be cautious and protect your privacy by utilizing a VPN or another proxy service.

What is YTS Torrent Magnet?

The phrase magnet torrent refers to links that the client can copy, paste, send, and use to download torrent files. .torrent files must often be given unique names or “hashes” to protect against corrupt or dummy files yts it. However, the magnet torrent provides an additional level of protection because you can copy those links in plain text, and YIFY Torrent is no exception. Yify torrent is also available on yts ms torrent sites. As a result, we call it YIFY Torrent Magnet.

How to download files using YTS Torrent Magnet links?

The Yify Torrent Magnet links, like any other Magnet torrent, give the same functionality as a “.torrent” file. To use magnet URIs, make sure your BitTorrent client is configured to accept them. Then, click the magnet link and let the BitTorrent client handle the rest. That’s a very simple operation. To complete this mission, you must locate torrent magnet links. Which are freely available yts stream on the internet, and torrent enthusiasts know exactly where to look for them.

What are the proxy sites to unblock YTS or YIFY Torrent?

There are various sites that claim to be YTS clones, however the most of them are deceiving people. YTS.mx, Yify-movies.net, and YTS.ms are three prominent proxy sites that can unblock the YTS or Yify Torrent. We don’t sure if these platforms are built by official sources, and we can’t confirm it. But, at the very least, they provide high-quality content that most people will find valuable. So, if you want to yts streaming unblock YTS utilizing a proxy site, you can check into these possibilities.

Final Words:

You can easily browse any of the YTS websites mentioned above to satiate your craving for enjoyable movies or television series. Hopefully, none of the websites on the list will fail. Ensure you have a YTS VPN for torrenting on hand to keep you safe from the hazards lurking on the internet.


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