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How to Watch Twitch Streams on PS5

The most widely used live-streaming website in the world is Twitch. For gamers, it is the best streaming service. Dota 2, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Clash Royale, Valiant, and many other games are accessible for you to play. Moreover, you may stream videos from various categories, including cooking, talk shows, movies, and TV episodes. On smartphones, smart TVs, streaming devices, and game consoles like the PS5, you may install and activate Twitch.

Twitch Subscriptions

You must provide $4.99 for Subscriptions as a viewer to support a channel on Twitch (Recurring or One-time payment). For advantages, you can pay anywhere between $9.99 and $24.99 a month. There are further subscriptions available in addition to these.

1. Subscriptions to Gifter

2. Gaming Twitch Prime

3. Sub-Only Benefits

How to Install Twitch on PS5

[1] Link your PlayStation 5 to a regular internet connection

[2] Move to the Media area with the PS5 controller.

[3] Click the Search icon after selecting the All apps icon.

[4] Enter “Twitch app” into the search bar.

[5] To install the Twitch app on a PS5, choose it from the search results and click                      Download.

[6] After that, select Open to launch the app.

[7] Log into your account and begin streaming your video game to Twitch.

How to Link and Activate Twitch on PS5

[1] Select the Settings icon from your PS5 home screen’s top bar.

[2] Tap on Link with Other Services after selecting User & Accounts.

[3] Next, locate Twitch and click on it. You will now see instructions for linking your                 account  on the screen.

[4] Select Link Account in

[5] The QR Code and Passphrase will be visible on the screen.

[6] Go to the Twitch Activation website on your computer or mobile device browser, and then enter the provided code in the appropriate field.

[7] On your smartphone, select the Activate or Authorize option. This will link your Twitch account to your PS5 game console.

How to Stream PS5 Games on Twitch

[1] Select and launch any selected games on your PlayStation 5 first.

[2] Press the Create button on your PS5 controller. After that

[3] The Broadcast icon will be shown at the bottom of your TV screen.

[4] enter the Broadcast icon, then click your broadcast name in the box.

[5] The three dots icon will appear next to the Go Live option. Select it. You can click on Change service to change the streaming service.

[6] Select the Broadcast option, then edit your settings as needed.

[7] After completion, click Go live.

How to Stop or Pause PS5 Games on Twitch

[1] Use your PS5 controller to press the Create button.

[2] select the Broadcast option after choosing the Broadcast icon.

[3] There are two choices available to you: pause the broadcast and stop the broadcast.

[4] Select an option of action as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why won’t the Twitch app run on the PS5?

If Twitch isn’t working, try first emptying the cache. You should uninstall it from your PS5 and reinstall it if it doesn’t fix the problem.

2. Does Twitch enable PS4 streaming?

Yes. You can download and install the Twitch app on your PS4 device from the PlayStation shop and begin streaming your favorite content.

3. How can I change the broadcast settings while watching a stream?

During a Twitch stream, the broadcast settings may be changed relatively easily. You must restart the Twitch app, select fresh scenes, and start the game.


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