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Top 26 Best TorrentRover Alternatives Softwares

TorrentRover Windows 11 App – A torrent downloader and search manager that allows you to download torrentrover not working music, movies, TV shows, software, and more. TorrentRover has released this File Sharing & P2P program for PC today. TorrentRover’s current version is available for free.

Download TorrentRover for PC:

It would be a good idea to read torrentrover portable phone the information about this software before downloading the installation file. So you have the option of installing TorrentRover on your PC or not.

App Name TorrentRover App
Version Latest
File Size 10 Mb
License Freeware
Developer TorrentRover
Update 2019-08-24
Requirement Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1

TorrentRover Alternative Apps for Windows:

TorrentRover Features:

  • TorrentRover Simple & Fast Download!
  • Works with All Windows (64/32 bit) versions!
  • TorrentRover Latest Version!
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10

How To Install TorrentRover on Windows 10?

There are numerous options for integrating this program into our are there any other programs like torrentrover Windows operating system. So, please select one of the simple methods listed below.

Method 1: Installing App Manually

Please note: you should download and install programs only from trusted publishers and retail websites.

  1. First, open your favorite Web browser, you can use UC Browser or any other Browser that you have
  2. Download the TorrentRover installation file from the trusted link on above of this page
  3. Or you can download via this link: Download TorrentRover
  4. Select Save or Save as to download the program. Most antivirus programs like Windows Defender will scan the program for viruses during download.
    • If you select Save, the program file is saved in your Downloads folder.
    • Or, if you select Save as, you can choose where to save it, like your desktop.
  5. After the downloading TorrentRover completed, click the .exe file twice to running the Installation process
  6. Then follow the windows installation instruction that appear until finished
  7. Now, the TorrentRover icon will appear on your Desktop
  8. Click on the icon to running the Application into your windows 10 pc/laptop.

Method 2: Installing App using Windows Store

Step 1: Open the Windows Store App

The Windows Store can be found as a desktop widget or at the bottom of the Taskbar. It resembles a tiny shopping bag with the Windows logo on it.

Step 2: Finding the apps on Windows Store

  • TorrentRover may be found on the Windows Store by utilizing the search box in the upper right corner.
  • You can also select Apps if you want to explore additional apps based on popularity and featured apps.

Step 3: Installing the app from Windows Store

  • When you find TorrentRover on the Windows Store, you’ll see the name and logo, followed by a button. If the app is free, the button will say Free, else it will say the price.
  • The installation will begin after you click the button. When it’s finished, you can click Open.

How To Uninstall TorrentRover App?

Method 1: Unintall app Manually

  1. Hover your mouse to taskbar at the bottom of your Windows desktop
  2. Then click the “Start” button / Windows logo
  3. Select the “Control Panel” option
  4. Click the Add or Remove Programs icon.
  5. Select “TorrentRover” from apps that displayed, then click “Remove/Uninstall.”
  6. Complete the Uninstall process by clicking on “YES” button.
  7. Finished! Now, your Windows operating system is clean from TorrentRover app.

Method 2: Uninstalling apps From Windows Store

Step 1: Find the TorrentRover app

  • For any apps you don’t want or need, you can remove them to save a bit of space on your PC. To get to the app, click on the Start Button.
  • Next, find the app you wish to remove.

Step 2: Removing TorrentRover from Windows Store

  • Right click on the app and click Uninstall.
  • One last box will appear – click Uninstall again.

Top 26 Best TorrentRover Alternatives Softwares:

1.  BTDigg

BitTorrent search engine BTDigg DHT Search Engine It was created to correlate the magnet connections and attributes that are indexed and added to the database’s best torrent rover alternative. It is a component of the BTDigg DHT network that assists i. The search engine offers full-text database searches through a web free download ken tamplin vocal academy torrentrover interface that supports English, Russian, and Portuguese. Users can modify each outcome by selecting the appropriate short order online. The search engine allows you to look for APIs, API popularity, a BitTorrent and TorrentRover client plugin, and more.

2.  iDope

IDope, a torrent web index, provides magnet links that connect directly to torrents. It includes an easy-to-use interface, plenty unlimeted torrentrover crack of information about over 18 million torrents, and a mobile app that makes accessing torrents on a smartphone simple. iDope is one of the greatest alternatives to TorrentRover.

3.  Treetorrent

Treetorrent, one of the most popular TorrentRover meta-search engines, indexes well-known torrent sites, including The Pirate Bay, Kickass, Torrentz, and ISOHunt. With this service, you can easily locate and download torrent files such as movies, audio tracks, videos, software, and games. You can torrentrover torrent file download loc enter any text into the Treetorrent search field to obtain detailed results immediately. The user interface is easy to use. It is primarily intended for those who want to locate torrent files across all major platforms easily.

4.  ThePirateBay

The Pirate Bay is a website where you can search for, download, and upload torrents. Download software, movies, music, and torrentrover stop startup more from “the world’s most reliable BitTorrent site,” which may be accessed simply by typing its search into a search engine.

5.  YTS.mx

Welcome to the torrent rover’s evaluation of the official YTS.MX (.LT) website. You may browse and torrentrover unlimited hack download high-definition YIFY movies in the smallest file sizes available, including 720p, 1080p, 2160p, 4K, and 3D. Use YTS torrents for movies torrent rover customer service. Important: The only recently registered official domain for YIFY Movies is YTS.MX.

6.  1337X

1337x is always available while Pirate Bay, Torrent Rover, and KickassTorrent are down. The best TV shows and movies can torrentrover portable be used on phone from Hollywood are accessible on 1337X. In addition to being a mobile torrent explorer, 1337X has a simple User Interface that makes it easy to search for new torrents and forthcoming movies. Furthermore, the torrent rover file download is not restricted to TV series and films. Users may also find software, video games, and other items on it. Other websites, such as TorrentRover, rely on advertisements to keep operational. 1337X, on the other hand, has no advertising. Isn’t it true that it has more goods than the others? Despite not having everything you need, it provides more than enough.

7.  Zooqle

Downloads from the best internet source! We are unconcerned about your online activity. We only keep the information you gave us when you signed up. For security reasons, access records are kept for 24 hours before destruction. Zooqle, a non-profit internet indexing service, collects and automatically indexes all data. Customers may watch movies in high definition on it, providing torrentrover not getting results peer-to-peer torrent search with direct P2P Sync, Meta, and P2P description. It’s a great alternative to TorrentRover.

8.  BitLove

But love torrentrover was unable to retrieve connection information is a peer-to-peer (P2P) podcast download service. We build torrents and continuously seed each media item crack torrentrover 1.2.3 in an RSS feed, making it the greatest option for TorrentRover.

9.  Skytorrents

Skytorrent. It provides a unique torrent search that you may perform on the devices of your choice, with no monitoring, advertising, or cookies. Skytorrents is available. Using any device, at any time, and from any location. This TorrentRover site is well-known and popular among users. With the help download torrents anonymously torrentrover of this unique tool, you may intuitively search for your most likely movies, TV series, ebooks, software, and other data. There are over 12 different categories featured, and each has a superb collection of features that will show you all of the most recent trends in torrents over good. One of the most exclusive programs, Skytorrents In, has simple searching, a complicated search box, several choices, and the opportunity to use it in multiple languages.

10.  BTJunkie

One of the top TorrentRover web search engines is BTJunkie, which uses a web crawler to search its database for torrent files from other torrent shops and websites. It gives thorough and up-to-date stats for over 4 million active torrents and adds 4200 new torrents daily. Although it functions similarly does torrentrover work on windows 10 to all other BitTorrent search engines, it is preferable since it delivers more results, has an easy-to-use interface and includes specific capabilities for torrent rover download. This allows you to instantly download any torrent for software, movies, or videos.

11.  Torrentking

Torrentking, the most popular alternative to TorrentRover and a well-known Meta movie search engine, will assist you in finding torrents from all over the internet and compiling them onto a single page. This platform instantly allows you to locate all files related to a certain movie. It is a free service that can be accessed from anywhere worldwide. It has a large selection of movies separated into best alternative for torrentrover several categories, similar to the number of websites that offer movie streaming. Everyone has movies they can download torrent rover issues. You can also create filters to locate exactly what you’re looking for.

12.  NowTorrents

NowTorrent is a cutting-edge, real-time search engine for TorrentRover that can search for and present the most popular torrent websites online. It can detect and remove fake and inactive torrents. Because we do torrentrover torrent file dowload not connect directly to torrent files, NowTorrents is a lawful website. The search engine functions similarly to other BitTorrent search engines. Nonetheless, it has various amusing features and tools to help you quickly locate what you’re looking for. It has a sophisticated suggestion engine provides the most popular, trending, and latest torrent files for free download. It, like other platforms of a similar sort, provides a search bar where you can type the title to find your material.

13.  ScrapeTorrent

Because the most well-known TorrentRover search engine, ScrapeTorrent, has complete control over the torrent search results from the most famous torrent indexes, it is simple to obtain the desired content as quickly as possible. You may browse torrent categories, tracker lists, and other features that distinguish the website from competitors due to its extensive and user-friendly style, where you can locate all of the most popular content. ScrapeTorrent has various proxy options to make it a full solution, allowing you to download anyone quickly and without restriction. Using this strategy, you may search and download any torrent file for music, games, software, movies, and other media. To use its service, enter the file name into the search bar, and all relevant torrent files will display immediately. ScrapeTorrent, unlike others, has several notable characteristics that set it apart from its competitors.

14.  RARBG

Rarbg, a TorrentRover search and indexing service, was founded in 2008. Using the torrent rover portable BitTorrent protocol, it provides users with peer-to-peer torrent files and magnet connections for file sharing and data transmission. Although this site is well-known among its users for providing favorite torrents, it has an overwhelming quantity of adverts. RARBG, a great site, provides practically all of the main torrent download URLs. This platform’s user interface offers a range of topics to explore. Use this area to obtain your links rapidly.

15.  Demonoid

One of the greatest TorrentRover trackers is Demonoid, which has a searchable tracker index and forums for discussing file-sharing. It required extended downtime regularly since the server needed to be moved; this was frequently caused by the ISP service being terminated owing to political pressure from the area. The website has been carefully built for all types of torrent users, with all the essential facilities and features to provide a full-service torrent and torrent file download. It emphasizes RSS with many calls to action for each of its torrent categories and all of its subcategories. Invite Scene is the best place to find free torrent rover app invites. It is a platform that incorporates a wide range of features and all of the greatest products and services to provide everyone with a comprehensive response.

Before using the service, you must register with a valid email address, name, and other information. After successfully checking in, you have access to all features, including the ability to start new conversations and reply to those already created. It is preferable to others because it requires using your messenger.

16.  Library Genesis

The greatest torrent rover alternative is LibGen, also known as Library Genesis, a simple search engine that allows you to mobile torrent rover ebooks and articles on various topics. Online customers sought a comprehensive search engine with millions of ebooks, often updated with free material. This platform’s articles and ebooks are organized into numerous categories. The reports and ebooks in each category are free to download. Choose one of these. You may also use the search box to enter the title of the book you want to find.

17.  TorrentProject

TorrentProject is a torrent search engine that allows you to find any TorrentRover file, such as software, games, and movies. In addition to the BitTorrent Distributed Hash Table network, it collects and verifies torrent data from up to 300 other torrents. One of the best features of this search engine is that it provides torrent rover with endless hack collections from numerous trackers that aren’t normally contained in the original torrent file. The website’s user interface, which resembles a Google search engine, allows you to input the title of your torrent file and press the search button.

18.  Eztv

EZTV.ag is a torrent website that provides users access to recent television shows, series, and other content in addition to movies and games torrent rover apk. People who want to share content with others can do so by uploading it, which is accessible via the browse menu. You can look through recently posted files using the browse button at the top. The management creates everything; there is no way for a common person to join, making torrent rover halt startup safer for individuals to download these files. The user interface obtains high grades because, despite lacking several important features for a current website, it compensates for the absence of some individuals by prominently presenting popular downloads on the homepage, for example torrentrover 64. Although it is difficult to name them all, EZTV has grown in the last year. A fantastic site for TorrentRover and online content sharing.

19.  TorrentDownloads

People have had access to the most recent TV series, movies, music, games, software, animation, books, and many other things for a long time, thanks to the items on the site torrent downloads. This website makes it simple to find new series and TV episodes. It has a lot of information. Even though less popular torrent rover file download loc products are available, many individuals use our website to get free stuff. Users of Gush Downloads’ proxy sites may notice that their site, https://torrentdownloads.me, has a similar user experience as the torrent rover. They will, however, be unable to use it. This domain will demonstrate how it mimics the previous torrentrover “not working” search features and appearance. Use the proxy websites listed below to circumvent the inability to download torrents.

20.  SumoTorrent

There will always be access to actual gush files on SumoTorrent. TorrentRover claims to be the finest gush provider since it has the best torrentrover 1.0.12 + portable – crackingpatching seeds and leeches for gush files. SumoTorrent is popular since it allows users to get the information they require. Regardless matter how awful the files are, they will be fixed by an automated approach first. People can then download and install it independently in the following step.

21.  ExtraTorrents

ExtraTorrents was created in 2006, although they were already well-known. They put in a lot of time and effort to become, until recently, the second-largest TorrentRover site after Pirate Bay. As a result, tens of thousands of people visit it every day. Because of its popularity, many people view movies what is a good torrentrover app for windows 10 and TV series on the internet. The site was taken down after many complaints from hosting companies and domain name service providers. It is unknown whether torrent rover opened torrent files. BitTorrent succumbed to legal pressure. However, it probably did.

22.  LimeTorrents

Enter the file’s name into LimeTorrents’ search bar, and press Enter to see a list of all available torrent links. Following that, clicking the file will take you to a torrent. View and save the torrent notification. After logging onto your LimeTorrents account on your smartphone or tablet, you can torrentrover downloads torrentroversetup accomplish this. The size, upload date, lecher, and seed counts for each torrent link are displayed on the right side of the screen.

23.  Bit Che

Bit Che makes torrent searching easier. It swiftly searches and organizes the results from many free download ken Tamplin vocal torrentrover not working for first time academies torrent rover websites. Bit Che lets you quickly preview torrent details by reading the torrent file directly.

24.  Nyaa

There is no longer a website at Nyaa.se. This was a popular anime TorrentRover service in Japan. The site had the greatest selection of animated movies in all categories. Nyaa has a large selection of anime movies. They can also buy adult anime movies here. On TorrentRover, Nyaa is regarded as having one of the largest collections of anime movies available for free download. Torrent files for movies, music, software, photos, books, action movies, and animation movies are also getting unlimited torrentrover downloads available. This is not the animation data ratio; it is far higher. Users can send torrent files to torrent over not working after creating an account on Nyaa.se. The site was a notable hotspot for online piracy in 2014.

25.  FilesLoop.com

FilesLoop.com is a service that organizes papers and downloads related information. It is commonly used as a large data metasearch engine and a tool for torrent rover file download loc. It works well on both desktop torrentrover скачать PCs and mobile web pages. However, it is preferable to use your computer to view this site for its considerably superior quality and service. Customers can also use the cloud storage capacity of the organization. As a result, you can submit your data here for safekeeping.

26.  IsoHunt

IsoHunt might be your best bet if you’re looking for a source to download Linux ISOs or rescue CDs. Even though it is not a stable torrent rover crack, the site torrentrover not a valid win32 application contains much entertaining information. Every day, tens of thousands of users download various files from IsoHunt.

TorrentRover FAQ:

Q: Is TorrentRover Free? Just how much does it cost to download ?

A: Nothing at all! This Portal Site provides open torrent file torrentrover a free download of this program from official sites. Any additional information regarding the license can be found on the owners’ websites.

Q: How do I access the free TorrentRover download for Windows Laptop?

A: It’s easy! Simply click the free TorrentRover download button located at the top of this post. By clicking this link, you will launch the installer to download TorrentRover for free on your computer.

Q: Is this TorrentRover will running normally on any Windows?

A: Yes! TorrentRover for PC will run normally on the majority of current Windows operating systems (10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP), both 64 bit and 32 bit.


This TorrentRover App installation file is not hosted on our server in any way. When you click the “Download” button on this page, files will be downloaded directly from the owner’s sources (Official sites/Mirror Website). TorrentRover is a Windows application created by TorrentRover Inc. We have no direct relationship with them. All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names, and business names or logos mentioned in this article are the property of their respective owners. We are DMCA-compliant and look forward to working with you.


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