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Top 34 Best TorrentKing Alternatives Proxy Sites

Torrentking is a meta-movie engine that searches the web for torrents and aggregates them on a single website for each movie and other content. You may easily select all the associated files for that specific type of content you are looking for. Those files will be sorted into different rip sources, allowing you to find what you are looking for easily. It does not simply allow you to search using a search bar. You can also apply custom filters to locate exactly what you want.

But what if this website is no longer available? Because of copyright regulations! Since the spiderman homecoming torrentking site is unavailable, you don’t want to wait for your torrent files to download. Here are the greatest torrent alternatives that you will enjoy.

What is TorrentKing?

Files that are part of a torrent file can be found on black panther TorrentKing. It is a search engine that can be accessed via the internet. Every day, Torrent King eu updates its daddy’s home 2 torrentking database. With the help of DHT, it may discover new goods and compare them to comparable items on other websites. Torrentking offers a large selection of TV episodes and movies to its consumers. Their movie download contains 500k movies available for download and 70k+ films available for free online streaming.

Many people prefer to use their live Torrent King review over Piratebay and Kickass Torrent, two of the most famous torrent search engines on the internet. However, this website will soon be shut down because torrenting is synonymous with infringement. “404 not found” errors can occur at any time.

However, guardians of the galaxy 2 TorrentKing may be unavailable before that happens. Don’t worry if this happens and you don’t know how to use the wonder woman 2017 TorrentKing proxy servers of Torrent King org. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of torrent search engines where you can watch and download movies. All of this is available for free and in high-definition HD.

It is illegal to stream, share, or download pirated content in the United States and the captain america civil war torrentking European Union, as well as in a few other nations. If someone is discovered stealing content, they may face fines and a lengthy legal battle. It would help if you didn’t start downloading copyrighted stuff because this guide aims to inform you about TorrentKing alternatives.

Top 34 Best TorrentKing Alternatives Proxy Sites:

1.  KickassTorrents

KAT.cr is a popular TorrentKing alternative. It is also known as Kickass Torrents at times. It is the second-largest torrent search engine behind the Pirate Bay. When it works, it’s a great replacement for la la land TorrentKing when it doesn’t. Numerous hacks aimed at shutting down Kickass Torrent, like its cousin PirateBay, were also successful. After a valid sale, the owner and author were even traced down online and imprisoned. It allows you to torrentking review watch videos, movies, and TV series. You may also watch tutorials on how to create content or play games while playing games.

It outperforms PirateBay because it creates a meta link. Users can download whichever Torrent files they want. This is another feature that distinguishes Kicka$$Torrents from other torrent search engines. Its torrents, as well as those from other torrent search engines, are not shared.

Every day, new online content was added to the website, causing Kickass Torrent’s database to increase substantially. Kickass Torrent provides the option of online file posting for anyone willing to help this site torrent download. In terms of accessibility, Kickass Torrent’s content is available for free and is only minimally supported by adverts. But that is not the case—there is no reason to be concerned about intrusive pop-up ads. The main disadvantage is that countless replicas of Kickass Torrent make it difficult to identify between genuine and phony versions, and this site regularly goes down.

2.  LimeTorrents

Although LimeTorrents is incredibly user-friendly, it contains much content that other torrent services do not include HTTPS torrenting. LimeTorrents allows users to search for popular TV series, movies, anime, and games. Users can spider man homecoming torrentking explore popular topics like fresh torrents, well-known films, the alphabet, and more when looking for files. This site has proxy alternatives, so you can still use it if it goes down.

Users can sign in and then sign out to change BitTorrent clients, which is important to understand. Even though you are not forced to use it to download TV series and movies torrenting eu, it is vital to know that it does not support or encourage the search for adult movies. In that scenario, they’ll have to look elsewhere for 18+ content wonder woman torrentking. LimeTorrents has been offered since 2009 and is a free source.

You do not need to provide your payment card information or register for the torrenting website. Advertising is the only thing that keeps the website running. The website admits that it has the potential to be misleading, unpleasant, and even destructive. They are usually pop-ups, and LimeTorrent advises users not to watch them. The vast majority of these ads are for the website. They help keep it operational and functional. They’re bad for a reason.

3.  EZTV

TV show fans commonly use internet torrent sites such as EZTV. If you want to improve your TorrenKing skills, this software has a lot of alternatives. You may use them. The best websites have a calendar that lists the debut dates for various series. The website has a plethora of information about how to use it and how to get help if you need it. Because clicking on menu links opens clean pop-ups, it is best to use a pop-up blocker when browsing the EZTV website.

Is EZTV restricted? You might want to look for ETTV alternatives to eliminate EZTV and resume viewing TV. You have several options for accessing EZTV. TorrentKing Proxy Mirror ready player one torrentking and Unblocked Sites are the most effective solutions for viewing TV. Unblocked Sites, on the other hand, are the finest way to watch TV. Then it’s difficult to find available EZTV proxy servers and mirrors.

4.  TorrentDownloads

For a long time, people have had access to the most recent TV series, movies, music, games, software, animation, books, and many other things, owing to the items on the TorrentDownloads website deadpool 2 torrentking. New programs and TV shows can be found on this website in a matter of seconds. It has a lot of information. Regardless of the finding dory torrentking fact that there are fewer popular torrent items, many individuals continue to use our site to download free products.

The user interface of Gush Downloads’ proxy sites will be similar to that of their main site, https://torrentdownloads.me. However, they will be unable to use it. This domain will appear and be comparable to the previous characteristics. Use the proxy sites provided below to circumvent the inability to download torrents.

5.  Thepiratebay

ThePirateBay is a torrent search engine that people contribute to. It is one of the most well-known torrent storage sites, and despite multiple lawsuits and closures, it has persisted in providing new, comprehensive, and continuously updated online content. It has provided amazing content for over ten years, including TV episodes, movies, music, games, tutorials, documentaries, anime, and more. The Pirate Bay has some features that may discourage people from utilizing it. One of its flaws is that when users try to download a torrent, it does not give them meta links:

Because BitTorrent users cannot save torrent files directly to their computers, they must be downloaded to computers using BitTorrent clients. Another common occurrence is the site being shut down due to repeated attacks by security forces star wars the force awakens torrentking. Furthermore, cops entered the PirateBay office and apprehended staff members performing website maintenance. In contrast to the other websites on our list, the site does not display pop-up advertising and has a low total ad count.

6.  1337x

1337x is always available when Pirate Bay, Torrent King, and KickassTorrent are down. The best TV series and movies from Hollywood are accessible on 1337X. Furthermore, 1337X has a straightforward User Interface that makes it easy to find new torrents and forthcoming films. Moreover, this website westworld season 1 torrentking isn’t just for TV episodes and movies. Users may also find software, video games, and other items on it. Other websites, such as TorrentKing, use adverts to fund their operations. 1337X, on the other hand, has no advertisements. Doesn’t it have more items than the others? Despite not having everything you need, it provides more than enough.

7.  Torrents.me

Torrents. It is one of the finest good alternatives to TorrentKing. Several TV shows, films, anime, documentaries, games, manga, and other forms of media are available. Unlike other torrent streaming services, it doesn’t care about having a futuristic design or a distinct user experience. Finding movies or television shows, on the other hand, is simple.

Suppose other services do not work coco torrentking or are slow torrents. It is a wonderful alternative. People can utilize its services for free because it is supported by advertising. Users must search for goods with people who want to share them to obtain a reliable and fast download speed. You can create a page that lists all torrent sites if the site is unavailable. It is simple to choose one of these options as a decent alternative for you. There is a list of TorrentKing proxy servers to back it up.


RARBG is a retro website. TorrentKing alternatives are all ineffective. As a result, if you need to download a TV episode or movie quickly, this is a good solution. RARBG is a viable choice. RARBG has a large selection of anime, movies, manga, TV series, music, documentaries, and other media. It should be noted that this website is not frequently updated. As a result, many of the posts are quite old. It is also possible that the site will go down from time to time. Furthermore, game of thrones season 7 torrentking its retro appearance is not to everyone’s liking. Don’t worry; the website has many positive aspects as well. Because torrent sites have numerous users that exchange content, it should not take long for someone to get the Torrent they desire.

RARBG also has a blog where you can learn about new movies, TV series, and other material. Since 2008, people have been able to download torrents using RARBG. As a result, it is correct to say that it was the first torrent search engine website.

9.  Zooqle

Google is a user-accessible version of Google. Google, on the other hand, prefers TV shows to movies. The last season of the popular medieval fantasy drama Game of Thrones and HBO’s upcoming miniseries Chernobyl, which portrays a true story of a disaster, is expected to be placed on the list. Users can also download movies from many genres such as comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and more.

As previously indicated, it is not centralized. When you join Zooqle, you will be asked for information. It includes a strong password-security encryption method and a function that deletes used data 24 hours after its last use. If you use this network, no one can track you. Of course, adverts contribute to its funding. There will be annoying pop-ups, so be prepared.

10.  ExtraTorrent

Although ExtraTorrent was already well-known, they made their debut in 2006 despite their presence. What happened was that ExtraTorrents worked hard to become the second-largest torrent site behind Pirate Bay till a few years ago. This happened: tens of thousands of people visit it every day. Many people use the website to view movies and TV series because of its popularity. Due to several complaints from hosting companies and domain name service providers, the site was taken offline. BitTorrent may have buckled under legal pressure, but it is uncertain whether this was the cause of its demise.

11.  YTS.am

On YTS.am, you can watch movies from the YIFI content. Even if it does not operate with the YIFI group, YTS.am is still operational. However, it has a huge movie collection that includes many 720p, 1080p, and 3D movies and TV series. Action, fantasy, comedy, horror, drama, and more can be found in films. The basic goals of YTS.am are to restore the original YIFI film and to produce perfect-quality, high-quality film. Various advertisements are displayed to help pay for the site’s work. Users must deal with them before they can download the movies they want. Users can also register for an account and rate movies. The accessible films also have a synopsis and an IMDB rating. The steps are as follows:

12.  Torrentz2

You cannot use Torrentz2.eu because it does not function for you. It’s not only you in this situation. Many people worldwide no longer have access to the best torrent meta-search engines. Website owners were notified that a user had voiced worry about them: EURid, the computer registry administrator. Eu domain informed them of this. According to this paragraph, the Public Prosecutor’s order resulted in deleting the domain names for Torrentz2.eu. According to some, the decree will be the subject of a lengthy judicial battle.

Many decent bookstores sell books, music, movies, and video games. The greatest was available at torrentz2.eu. Furthermore, some Internet users discovered it to be rather popular. The search engine looked for torrents on major websites such as The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, RARBG, and others.

13.  Utorrent

It was already known to uTorrent users who downloaded files. Before BitTorrent, Inc. bought it, it was a well-known TorrentKing tool. A few years ago, a basic, open-source client was not popular with BitTorrent. When they pulled it down, they made it with advertisements and junk mail offerings. Because so many people still use uTorrent, some people who despise how it operates look for another app. The good news is that various torrent applications are available, both for free and for a fee. As you can see, many of them look and function similarly to the uTorrent program. However, some of them may include functionality that uTorrent does not. Because many alternative uTorrent clients contain viruses and infestations that might harm your computer, choosing the best one can be difficult. To help you in your quest, we’ve produced a list of intriguing ETTV alternatives that aren’t as awful as some of the others. While some still do, if you’re careful, you may avoid it because some still have Adware. We can tell you more about them.

14.  ETTV

ETTV is the most suitable option for TorrentKing in terms of gush websites. I thought the site was wonderful at first. Because COVID-19 is approaching, everyone should tune in to ETTV on quarantine day to see fascinating and attractive films. This database of trustworthy torrent trackers has a wealth of information on meta torrent files. Thousands of users can use it to upload and share 100% certified gush files. No, I’m afraid. Perhaps it is out of your reach. You do not need to be concerned. The torrents and proxy services listed below can be used. ETTV features a section dedicated to torrent uploaders and seeders. After they became successful, the government shut down popular torrent sites. These proxies and mirror sites are the best thing ever for users. You can go to these torrent sites using the methods listed below.

15.  BitSnoop

When you download a file, it sends it to other people so they can get it. What it does is meaningless if the gush data is untrue. It is jam-packed with Gush-related material. The fact that BitSnoop can only display user data from a torrent file is its most important feature. It secures torrent King, ensuring that consumers receive the right downloads and installation files as fast as possible. More articles can be found on this page. Around 24 million documents have been discovered, and the site is constantly updated with new gush documents. Because they collect their data from other prominent gush service providers, gush files account for a sizable component of their database. On the other hand, it is based on approximately 300 Gush-powered websites.

16.  Torlock

Many believe Gush is a terrific place to get the software and other items. People continue to visit gush locations. It’s also true that many of the websites mentioned above are used to inspire individuals to try new things. This includes 1337x, TorLock, The Pirate Bay, and many other programs. TorLock used to be the most popular TorrentKing site. However, that is no longer the case. Because the website has always been known for its healthy food choices, it is easier to download. A torrent ban was implemented in 2016, although it had little effect on the website. The website’s reputation suffered as a result. TorLock has some flaws, one of which is that it is not particularly stable. TorLock isn’t one of the best places for acquiring Gush because it constantly goes down.

17.  SumoTorrent

If SumoTorrent has genuine gush files, they will always be available. BitTorrent claims to be the finest gush provider blade runner 2049 torrentking since it has the best gush seeds and leeches. SumoTorrent is popular with users since it allows them to get their personal information. An automatic system will fix the files first, no matter how awful they are. In the following stage, anybody can download and install it independently.

18.  YifyTorrents

YTS is a website that is also known as YifyTorrents. People frequently utilize this site to download torrents. It contains a large number of torrent files. As a result, YifyTorrents should not be used to download legally acquired software, games, music, TV series, or other products. Use it exclusively to purchase movies and nothing else. In terms of film, only Yify Torrents has the best movies and even the most recent videos in real-time. Most individuals utilize the YTS because it contains current and updated stuff.

19.  Mininova

Mininova is the best TorrentKing alternative search engine for anyone wishing to purchase or sell products online. It also serves as a resource for people looking to buy or sell products online. Because of a directory website and search engine, users will locate gush materials easily. This means that Mininova users can submit torrents to the BitTorrent tracker-free service. Gush files exist for other items people like reading and enjoying, such as anime, periodicals, and games. Mininova also offers files for gush songs and movies. There are also gush files for TV publications. Mininova’s torrent catalog isn’t as extensive as that of some other distributors. You may be disappointed if you do not find the declaration you were looking for.

20.  Library Genesis

Library Genesis, often known as LibGen, is an internet search engine that allows you to download and install books and articles on various themes. It is simple to understand and utilize. Among its numerous advantages are free internet search engines. It also has many ebooks and frequent updates with new information to give you a full, thorough experience. The content and ebooks on this website are divided into several categories john wick 2 torrentking. There are both short articles and ebooks in each area. You can download them right away without having to think about it. There is a search bar where you can input a book’s title to locate its title.

21.  Nyaa

The service provided by Nyaa.se is no longer available. It was a Japanese service that provided anime movie movies via BitTorrent. If you appreciate animated films of various genres, go to the website TorrentKing. While visiting the Nyaa, they will be able to watch a variety of anime films. Adult-themed anime flicks will also reclaim the top spot. The existence of Nyaa was significant for fans of anime films. Documents, sound, software, photos, and other media based on animation can be checked.

22.  BTDigg

Examine the DHT network for digital BitTorrent content that you may be looking for. A full-text search center is available. It also offers torrents in both Eastern and Western languages that are still operational and unblocked. BTDigg is a legal system because it possesses two fundamental components: decentralization and unicity. The Torrentking hub allows users to search within and outside the Torrentking realm and trackers. Unicity says there are no “likes” because each person has distinct characteristics.

23.  Toorgle

Google powers Google’s search engine. It allows users to search for information relevant to their content and shows torrent files for download. The site examines over 450 isoHunt-related websites simultaneously, paying for the best results for each search. Toorgle presently contains more than 55,000 000 gush indexes. There is also a search bar for the firebox and a Facebook app. It is one of the most popular places to look for Gush. Unlike Google, it has a search bar that looks like one. It can search for and download movies, videos, games, and many other things.

24.  Qtorrent.in

Utorrent is the online TorrentKing system that allows users to download many video clips, music files, software, books, and other content. You will not be charged anything to utilize the system to download torrent files. Users merely need to search. They must write something down, download it, and then search for it. When a system is completed, both the name of the data and its size are presented. This is also what happens. Clients can also choose how they want to download the video and select the proper method. This makes it easy for anyone to attach the torrent file to uTorrent software on their own.

25.  BTscene.eu

Individuals could download, install, and utilize any torrent from BTscene.eu, a source of torrent data. Torrentking was one of the top data firms since it held a large amount of data, similar to a torrent. There are movies, TV shows, songs in mp3 format, and much more. Each site category has its area, such as movies, software, anime, and so on. People can see which new files have been added to the torrenting down category. There are more ways to access the data than clicking on the primary class.

26.  Picktorrent

Picktorrent users can download and install any songs, movies, TV shows, or software they choose. It also allows for file sharing. Users must enter the exact piece of film or music that they want to download and install a torrentking safe. The software then displays a full list of all songs or movies in that genre. People can download and install documents from a list it 2017 torrentking of other people’s records. On one side of Picktorrent’s simple interface, the documents you search for are displayed alongside seeds and leeches. As a result, locating what you’re looking for is an easier torrenting review. Users can choose the files with the most sources to acquire the finest download files. When users access uploaded files, they can see what type of file it is and how much space it requires. The people also identify as visible.

27.  SCI-HUB

It’s called SCI-HUB, and it allows anyone to access articles and research papers for free wonder lady 2017 jurassic world torrentking. When using a system, scientists can search for relevant documents without regard for copyright. Users can also download and read the research paper before saving a copy. You can look pirates of the caribbean 5 torrentking for research papers by their authors, the year they were written, the magazine they were published in, or their participation in one or more groups of people. With this search tool, people can quickly find the best paper.

28.  IsoHunts

SCI-HUB users benefit from peer-to-peer services as well as end-to-end data encryption. It is sufficient for one of the best sites, such as TorrentKing. IsoHunt is updated daily with new stuff. It is organized using various content categories such as TV shows, movies, music, and games. When other areas are unavailable a quiet place torrentking, the torrent king legal site provides a reliable connection for guardians of the galaxy two torrenting. Compared to Kickass Torrents and the Pirate Bay, it is extremely aggressive with advertisements. This is a major turnoff.

29.  TorrentRover

TorrentRover is the final option on our list that is superior to TorrentKing. People can also find movies by using the desktop app TorrentRover. When using TorrentRover, there are no advertisements. This distinguishes it from its competitors. To compensate, the website has developed a contribution page to continue operating moana torrentking and hosting its visitors’ online material. Users can use TorrentRover to search for music, movies, video games, TV series, and other content. The sole disadvantage of TorrentRover is that it periodically goes down. Even if TorrentKing returns online, it remains a viable alternative.

30.  Skytorrents

Skytorrent, a clean and privacy-focused torrent search engine launched in 2018, is still in the development of black panther despicable me 3 torrentking. The intelligence linkage keeps this unique project current, and manual intervention is minimal but accessible westworld torrentking. Every day, thousands of new torrents are found and made available for everyone to investigate. Skytorrents offers a free service as well as limitless access and privacy.

31.  Torrent Reactor

TorrentReactor is supposedly one of the most active TorrentKing replacement torrent distributors online, with millions of legal torrents. They frequently offer new torrents from around the world to their users. Torrent files can be found for various media, such as adult, anime, music, movies, TV shows, seasons, and episodes. On the Torrent Reactor website, you can search for torrents by using deadpool torrentking the most popular and most recent floods. The most appealing feature of Torrent Reactor is its cutting-edge TorrentKing search engine free download technology, which ensures customers obtain the exact Torrent they are searching for. Torrent Reactor allows users to share their torrent files, making it superior to other sites in this regard. Torrent Reactor, as a torrent search platform, provides a system that encourages users to contribute to it. Because it relies on other torrent providers to complete the work, Torrentreactor is already indexing millions of torrent files from the best torrent provider.

32.  Bit Che

This torrent service, like TorrentKing, is well-known for providing torrent files for various documentaries in several languages. This could be a great guardians of the galaxy torrentking replacement for the TorrentKing website or another excellent option.

33.  TreeTorrent

This unblocked TorrentKing alternative website is a large platform TreeTorrent of torrent files, now indexing over ten major torrent websites such as 1337X, The Pirate Bay, and BitTorrent. This feature distinguishes this website from others. Furthermore, you may rapidly browse your favorite torrent files mary and the witch’s flower torrentking on this website by simply typing a single file into the search box.

34.  BitLove

The name of this website implies that it is intended for people who only browse every form of a file using torrent files. Most of the torrent files on this website are active and in good working order. As a result, this is a unique, extremely useful option provided as an alternative to the TorrentKing website.

How to Unblock TorrentKing?

There are several ways to use Torrent King to unblock while your ISP is blocking john wick torrentking government orders. Those listed below are the most highly recommended.

TOR Browser:

TOR is a private network of connected computers that allows for anonymous internet browsing. You may utilize the TOR Browser to instantly unblock pitch perfect 3 torrentking some geo-restricted websites, such as Desitorrents. To unblock Desitorrents, simply type the URL into the browser’s address box and click Enter.

Web Proxy:

The third web proxy and baby driver torrentking VPN software are the first things that come to mind while browsing any banned site. Proxy pages, on the other hand, do not provide encryption and might occasionally slow down your Internet connection. They could even contain harmful code.

Via VPN Unblock:

A VPN is a more reliable approach to search torrent sites. The VPN not only unblocks valerian and the city of a thousand planets torrentking prohibited pages, but it also provides additional security when browsing these sites.


That concludes How to Unblock TorrentKing Using Torrent King Proxy and Mirror Websites. I hope you found it useful. So, here are some of the best working Torrent King proxy and mirror sites. Because the official website has been decommissioned, you should rely on super troopers 2 torrentking these resources. Otherwise, you can still use TorrentKing torrents or similar pages that are still prominent in the torrent realm to receive most of the torrent information.


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