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How to Subway Line 14 Guide In Soul Hackers 2

The sheer number of puzzle-like labyrinth levels in Soul Hackers 2 is a big hassle, and navigating them can take hours. You don’t have hours to work your way through a stage like Soul Hackers 2’s q Subway Line 14 region, where obstacles will impede your progress. This guide will help you get through e Subway Line 14 in Soul Hackers 2 in your quest to kill Mangetsu.

How to Get through Subway Line 14 Barrier in Soul Hackers 2:

f Subway Line 14 is not as complicated, but many barriers on the level will close as you pass through them. These obstructions require you to take particular turns at each location to negotiate the long corridors. You can also check How To Unlock New Fleeces In Cult of the Lamb.

  • Although you have a demon guiding you through the maze, you must still exercise caution before passing past any of the barriers on 1 Subway Line 14.
  • You should know that anytime you utilize one barrier, it closes all the open and impenetrable walls.

Subway Line 14 Path:

After entering the area, proceed 7 subway line straight and take the second right. After you clear the first barrier, loop through this section by taking all rights turns; though this will return you to your starting point, the border at the end of the corridor will have vanished d subway line.

  1. Take the first left after passing past the freshly opened barrier. Then, take a right and continue to the left to loop around this part.
  2. Back at the intersection where you started, follow the corridor to the finish, ignoring any other paths you come across, and cross the barrier at the end.
  3. After the barrier, turn right and left at the end of the corridor 2 subway line. Take the first right and follow that path across the wall before returning to the crossroads.
  4. Continue straight, past the now-open barrier, and enter the room on the right. Kill the opponent inside, speak with the demon, and turn right as soon as you leave.
  5. Continue straight from the barrier until you reach the second barrier, then turn left to return to the crossroads. Take a right at the corners and continue straight.

Finally, take the first left, then after crossing the barrier, turn right, and the portal you’re looking for will be straight ahead. Crossing the portal will transport you to the fight with the Vile Goat-Headed Demon. Also review How To Guide & Tips Farthest Frontier Farming.


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