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How To Get Stray Camera Locations Cassette

When touring Midtown in Chapter 10, you’ll have to deal with some privacy issues in Stray kıds. The Sentinels have put security cameras in the Residential Area to keep an eye on everyone, something the resident robots despise. Your mission will be to locate and remove the cameras. Three cameras may be found in the vicinity. The following instructions will show you how and where to do so.

Where To Find The Residential Area Cameras In Stray

When you enter Midtown in Chapter 10, you will receive the mission to discover the Residential Area cameras stray game. Completing the objective is critical because the robots will reward you with a cassette tape in exchange for destroying the surveillance cameras. This could be crucial in locating Clementine.

  • To begin the camera mission stray cats, find Simon, a robot, in the residential complex. You can’t miss him because he’s wearing a white hooded hoodie.
  • It is important to note that in order to destroy bungou stray dogs a security camera, you must jump on it several times.

First Camera:

The first camera is located stray ps5 on the second floor. Get to the window near the third-floor stairwell. There should be potted plants bungo stray dogs at the window to indicate that you are looking through the correct window. The first camera will be nearby.

Second Camera:

The second camera will necessitate a trip to the third story. You must move towards the handrails and then jump stray video game onto the screen frame. The camera stray kids is located right below the railings. Pay close attention to the place.

Third Camera:

Return to the second story and grab the handrails. There will be an air conditioner put on the wall nearby. Jump from the handrails to the top dazai bungou stray dogs of the AC to find the third and final camera. You may also find out where the third camera is by seeing where Mileo, the robot, is looking up felix stray kids.

Where To Find Cassette Tape:

  1. Return to Simon, who will be waiting for you in the apartment complex stray cat game lobby once you have destroyed all three surveillance cameras.
  2. Speak with him to ensure that you have finished bungou stray dogs characters his duty. He will thank you and offer you the cassette tape bungo stray dogs characters in exchange for your efforts.
  3. You’ll need a tape player to play music to distract the proprietor of a clothing business. This will allow you to take a worker jacket and a worker helmet and enter the Midtown Factory in disguise to collect stray release date an Atomic Battery.

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