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How To Reset Google Chromecast [2 Easy Ways]


A streaming media device called Chromecast enables you to watch online content on your TV. If there are any issues, factory reset Chromecast is simple and easy. When Chromecast refreshes itself online, it returns to the original factory settings. When the Chromecast regularly hangs or freezes, it must be manually reset. You must reset your Google Chromecast if you wish to change your wireless router, WiFi network, and sound equipment.

Methods to Reset Google Chromecast

Restarting Google Chromecast only takes a few minutes. The Chromecast device can be reset using one of two methods.

1. Reset the device directly

2. Google Home App reset

Method 1: Factory Reset Chromecast directly from the Device

1: Take a handle of a Chromecast (still plugged into TV and Power)

2: For 25 seconds, hold down the button (there is just one button on Chromecast). While you are holding the controller, the indicator light will flash orange. The indicator light for the very first Chromecast will blink red.

3. Release the button when the indicator light turns white.

4: The factory reset of your Chromecast device will now be finished with a restart.

Any Chromecast device, including Chromecast Ultra, Chromecast 3rd Gen, Chromecast 2nd Gen, and Chromecast 1st Gen, can be reset using this method.

Method 2: Factory Reset Chromecast from Google Home App

1: Download and open the Google Home app for iOS or Android on your smartphone or tablet.

2: click the Device icon in the top right corner. Tap the Settings icon in the updated Google Home app.

3: Select the Chromecast device you want to factory reset.

4: On your chosen device, click the Settings icon in the top right corner. It will then open the Device settings.

5: Click the three dots icon in the top right corner of the device settings.

6: Choose Factory Reset using one of the choices above.

7: To confirm Chromecast reset, click OK.

How to Reset the Chromecast WiFi?

You must reset the saved network to change the Chromecast connect WiFi network. To achieve this,

1: connect the same WiFi network with your mobile device and Chromecast.

2: On your mobile, open the Google Home app.

3: Click the Settings icon after selecting the Chromecast device.

4: From the device settings, click General Settings.

5: After that, click WiFi to get a list of available WiFi connections.

6: Click the WiFi network that is currently connected and choose to Forget WiFi network. Return to the home screen and connect your device to the new network at this point.

How to Reset Google Chromecast Audio?

The same method used for other Chromecast devices can be used to factory reset the Chromecast Audio device.

The Chromecast Audio can be reset using one of two methods.

1. Reset the Chromecast audio device
2. From the Google Home app, reset

Method 1: Reset from Chromecast Audio Device

1: Install the Chromecast Audio device first.

2: Touch and hold the Chromecast audio’s side button. A yellow warning light will appear.

3: Release the button when the indicator light turns white in step three.

Method 2: Reset Chromecast Audio from Google Home App

1: open your phone’s Google Home app.

2: In the top right corner, click the Device button.

3: select the Chromecast device.

4: On your chosen device, click the Settings icon. It will open the device settings.

5: From the device settings, click the multiple menu icons.

6: Click Factory Reset on step 6 to select changes.

7: To confirm the Chromecast audio reset, click OK.

All previous settings will be erased after the Chromecast reset is complete. However, all hanging or other issues will be fixed once you connect to a new wireless router. Then you reset your Chromecast, any PINs or passwords you may have specified for Guest mode will be erased. Only when both devices are connected to the same WiFi network can the Google Home app be used to reset the device. You need to set the Chromecast device after the reset.


1. How is Google Chromecast reset?

The Chromecast device can be factory reset in two different methods.

2. What is the Chromecast device reboot operation?

On Chromecast devices, reboot and reset are not the same thing. You must follow a different instructions to reboot a Chromecast device.



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