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Hideo Kojima Playfully Rebukes Norman Reedus


Another Norman Reedus video game with Hideo Kojima is now a possibility. daughter of diane kruger and revealed in a recent video that his collaboration with Kojima will continue. This implies that he will appear in either Death Stranding 2 or a new Kojima Productions video game.

Wired has just released a video on YouTube in which Norman Reedus ghost rider answers the most frequently asked questions about him. The Walking Dead actor was questioned about his involvement in Death Stranding. He added that Hideo Kojima called him and that he became acquainted with him. norman reedus net worth continued saying.

NormanReedus video game:

Fans hoped that Hideo Kojima will restore norman reedus wife Silent Hills as soon as Norman Reedus said these comments. A Norman Reedus video game based on the survival-horror or horror genre would undoubtedly be profitable. Especially since it will be supported by Hideo Kojima, a video game genius. In 2014, Hideo Kojima released P.T, a playable teaser. The teaser went viral almost ride with immediately, with some calling it the best horror game of all time.


Despite being a preview for Silent Hills, the teaser included enough material to be deemed a minigame. Silent Hills, starring norman reedus young as the protagonist, was intended to be innovative. Unfortunately, Kojima and Konami had a falling out son, and Silent Hills never saw the light of day.

Even if Hideo Kojima does not return to Silent Hills boondock saints 3, a Norman Reedus horror video game would undoubtedly be the next best thing. However, “other stuff” could very well be a reference to a Death Standing sequel. You can also check DualShock 5 To Correct Haptic Feedback Levels.

Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima’s collaboration:

In any event, we’re delighted that norman reedus game and Hideo Kojima’s collaboration is continuing. Their union has the potential to produce something spectacular. Kojima Productions is currently working on a Death Stranding X Half-Life crossover. Furthermore, Hideo Kojima just teased Death Stranding’s photo option for the PlayStation 4. We’re still hoping that Guillermo del Toro will work with Reedus and Kojima on a horror game. It would undoubtedly be something new, similar to Death Stranding.



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