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LinkedIn Dark Mode – How to Enable it on Mobile 2023

One of the most popular jobs search websites is LinkedIn, which helps users find their desired jobs. Businesses, however, greatly rely on this platform to find the ideal applicant. Enabling the Dark mode function is not a big problem considering LinkedIn is a healthy social site. Using the LinkedIn site in Dark mode lessens eye fatigue. Fortunately, LinkedIn’s application and version both support dark themes properly.

How to Enable LinkedIn Dark Mode on Android & iOS

1. launch the LinkedIn app on your iPhone or Android device.

2. Click on the settings icon next to your profile photo in the top left corner.

3. On the following screen, tap the Account preferences options.

4. tap the Dark mode radio option under the Display section.

5. The app background will switch from white to a dark color when you select the Dark Mode option.

Alternate Way!

In addition to the built-in dark mode, you can set the app to obey system settings. Your smartphone must run Android 10 or later for this method to work (iPhone – iOS 14 & after).

#1. Head to Settings Account preferences Dark mode Device Settings on the LinkedIn mobile app.

#2. Go to your device’s settings and turn on the dark mode.

#3. Launch the LinkedIn app after enabling the system-wide dark theme, which will launch with a dark background.

How to Enable LinkedIn Dark Mode on Desktop

Unlike other services, the LinkedIn website’s dark mode can be enabled without installing any dark mode extensions. You can find the dark way setting, much like the smartphone version.

1. To start, go to https://www.linkedin.com.

2. After logging in to your account, tap Me in the top right corner of the option.

3. Select Settings and privacy.

4. It will open by default on the Account preferences page. Select Account preferences on the left side window if you want to.

5. Under the Display section, select the Dark mode option.

6. Choose the Dark mode option

You can use the Device settings option if you want your system to display settings for the LinkedIn website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I activate LinkedIn’s private mode?

For your LinkedIn profile, turn on private mode.

Run the LinkedIn app.

Click on the Settings link.

Select Visibility from the option.

Now, choose the Private mode option.

2. How do I solve the LinkedIn Dark mode issue?

Using an outdated version of the LinkedIn app could be the single and only likely cause of the problem. To enable the dark mode setting, update the app to the most recent version.


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