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Top 24 Best Kodi Addons Alternative Streaming Free Online

This post will go over the finest Kodi addons. Kodi has been around for a while, and Kodi addons july 2019 come and go. However, only a few are helpful and worth your effort. Most addons are designed for experimentation and have little purpose other than wasting your time. You’ll need 5-10 addons to cover all of your bases.

Best Kodi Addons Alternative For Movies, Sports, Live TV Streaming and Kids:

This article will teach you about planet MMA alternatives and the finest Kodi addons. If you’re new to Kodi, you should know that it’s available for PC, Android, and Amazon Fire Stick. However, simply installing Kodi does not complete the setup; you must also install the addons for the functions you desire to utilize with Kodi. There are addons for movies, TV shows, animations, sports, and children. As a result, you must determine which addons are best kodi addons 2021 for you.

This post will teach you about the finest 2019 Kodi addons for your needs. Please select the category of your choice, and then select the addon, as we have currently chosen the most excellent Kodi addons. Check out how to install kodi addons to install Fusion on Kodi 17.6 Krypton as well.


An addon may come and go over time, but the most respected addons are challenging to find. There are numerous Kodi addons june 2021 available online, and you may analyze each one, so we have carefully selected the best kodi addons 2022 ones for you. If your country has a law against pirated content, do not use Kodi Addon without a VPN. That law exists in several countries. So, if you watch pirated movies online, you are committing a crime and may face the consequences. You can hide your IP address and location by utilizing the finest VPN. As a result, your ISP will never learn more about what you are seeing.

Top 24 Best Kodi Addons Alternative Streaming Free Online:

Addons are challenging to locate since so many of them, and it can be even more difficult to find an addition that works flawlessly. Kodi addons not working kodi addons aren’t always totally reliable, and they may be removed if they violate the law. This occurred with well-known addons such as Neptune Rising, Placenta, Uranus, and others. These addons are no longer available, but the good news is that many additions work in practically every category.

1. Exodus 8.0

Exodus is an excellent pick for movie and television buffs like us. Despite being abandoned, this program has been resurrected by a developer named Kodi Bae. The default interface remains unchanged from the previous version. Exodus provides many movie options; you can always view the most recent and popular films. This great Kodi Krypton add-on includes an extensive media library constantly updated and beautifully arranged into categories. Filters, search tools, and media organized by genre make it easier for consumers to find what they’re looking for. You may even leverage the actors’ content to find material.

2. Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux is the most OK addon to utilize if you want to watch high-quality movies and TV shows. It works flawlessly, and we can confidently state that it is the best kodi addons may 2022 add-on available right now. The popular Lambdascraper was utilized to create the add-on, which is now scraping many high-quality links. Finally, because it is excellent and stable, Exodus Redux should be the last add-on you look for.

3. Exodus

Another important aspect of this plugin is that it integrates with Trakt, which allows you to keep track of the shows you watch. Exodus also integrates with AllDebrid, Real Debrid, IMDB, and popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, STAR, and HBO. This Kodi add-on is one of your favorites since it has many beautiful features. It was now one of the most excellent Kodi addons in June 2021.

4. The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon is a new Kodi addon, but it appears to work well compared to other addons. Magic Dragon offers a wide range of entertainment, including movies, TV series, sports, radio Kodi addons, 1channels, and more. The add-on scrapes media from third-party sources, so new links are constantly added to the massive collection, ensuring that users never run out of stuff to view. This add-on is available in the Supremacy repository. It offers a clean website design with simple navigation and categories to help you find videos. Overall, this add-on is undoubtedly one of the best Kodi addons and a one-stop shop for a diverse range of content on a single platform.

5. Taz

Taz is another popular Kodi addon. It is a relatively new Octopus Repo addon with many media assets. Installing this add addon allows you to watch many free movies, TV shows, series, and other content. Taz on Kodi makes it simple to find entertainment with categories such as “New TV Shows,” “New Movies,” “New Series,” and many more.

While utilizing the Taz add-on, I registered into my Trakt account and received many high-quality links to the best kodi addons june 2018 stream for free Kodi addons. You can also combine your existing account to have access to more, or you can sign up and give it a shot at least to see my point of view. I couldn’t have made my list without this addition.

6. IT

It is a Kodi addon from a third party that allows you to view a variety of excellent streams like Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Kids Area, Tools, Status, Monthly Spotlight, YouTube Videos, New Movies, Search, My Movies, New Episodes, and My TV Shows. The add-on evolved from the original 13 Clowns, which is no longer functional.

This plugin allows you to access high-quality broadcasts rapidly. Many people consider it one of the best Kodi addons; to get the most out of it, you should add a Real-Debrid account. The add-on also includes torrenting options, allowing you to stream quickly without waiting. It has the same UI and features as 13 Clowns. Trakt users are not left out because they may join their account to IT to access extra feeds. Check it out and spend less money on more pleasure.

7. Seren

This Kodi addon made an excellent first impression, and its new doesn’t deter people from using it because it has so many applications. It is still being worked on, but the work done thus far demonstrates this add-on’s promise. Seren currently does not have any free streaming links. You must set it up using one of the two premium hosts, Premiumize or Real Debrid. Of course, Real Debrid is the favorite of many people, which is a fantastic performance because it works well and provides superior service.

Seren currently exclusively uses sponsored links, so you get better playback. Your streams load and play swiftly, and you have various HD streaming options. With the Seren add-on constantly being updated and improved, it may soon offer free streaming, but even with the paid links, the add-on is fantastic and deserves a spot on our list. Consider how you don’t have to sift through broken links to locate one that works.

8. Venom

You can add some fantastic addons to Kodi to watch more streams. However, as time passed, many of these once-popular addons ceased operating, and Venom gained popularity. Venom is a Kodi addon with many TV episodes and movies to keep you engaged. It is trendy, and the developers frequently add new streams to Venom to keep it exciting. Venom receives a lot of great streams, and when combined with a Real Debrid account, you get even more. It features a simple, uncomplicated appearance, and there are no other categories to pick from.

As a result, Venom is a super-lightweight add-on that works well with high-resolution streams up to 1080 pixels. So, Venom is a fantastic add-on for streaming all your favorite movies and TV shows. It’s a great idea, in my opinion.

9. Theater Butter Movie

The best kodi addons april 2022 Diamond Wizard repository, a fork of the Exodus add-on, contains a video add-on called Movie Theater Butter. The program claims to have excellent scrapers and a “one-click” feature. This means that when you click on a piece of material, the add-on will discover the best kodi addons for kodi 19 streaming sources and stream it for you.

The structure and sections of the site are similar to those of Exodus, and this edition includes integration options for Real-Debrid and Trakt for those who choose to use those services. So, with this plugin, you must search for the content you want to watch and click on it. Movie Theater Butter will take care of the rest.

10. Apocalypse 720

Apocalypse 720 is a Kodi addon found in the Nole Dynasty repository, which contains a wide range of popular movies and TV episodes. One of the most significant differences between this add-on and others is that it only has working links for 720p broadcasts. The add-on is compatible with the Firestick, Android TV Box, and Fire TV. It will provide you with endless amusement.

With a good Kodi addon, you can watch various entertaining videos in many categories and styles. So, if all you’re looking for is a Kodi addon that contains popular movies, TV episodes, and other content, you’ve come to the correct spot. This addon provides many functions, including search and a simple user interface. This add-on allows you to stream various popular videos. However, it does not support Trakt or Real-Debrid. This implies you can’t add more streams and can only get what comes with it. It’s a good Kodi add-on that works well on other streaming devices.

11. Leviathan

This is yet another excellent Kodi addon with a plethora of additional functions. Leviathan is a Team Falcon Repository plugin that may be used to stream a variety of videos online. It includes numerous valuable add-ons such as movies and TV series. This is why it is one of my list’s finest Kodi addons for streaming videos. This add-on connects Trakt with Real-Debrid, providing more content and improving streaming.

Add Leviathan to your Kodi device’s list of addons. You will be able to watch an infinite amount of high-resolution videos from a variety of categories without interruption. You also get Video Search, Scraper Settings, and more features. So, give Leviathan a shot and see how great it is now.

12. Alvin

Alvin Kodi addon is a Kodi addon that guarantees a high-quality assortment of on-demand videos. This add-on appears to be a fork of the Exodus V8 addon. However, it performs far better. The Alvin Kodi addon contains many movies and TV shows that will keep you entertained for hours. This Kodi addon has unlimited content. The makers are constantly adding new stuff to the media library, so you’ll never run out of the original, amusing video to watch.

Because it searches the internet for high-quality streaming links, this Kodi add-on excels at scraping. Many of these streaming connections are in high definition, and the add-on also enables Torrent streaming for an even better experience. The Alvin add-on is one of the top Kodi addons.

13. Grease Lightning

Grease Lightning is a video addon for Kodi created by the same team who created Movie Theater Butter. This add-on has an extensive library of TV series and movies and an auto-play feature that generally improves and speeds up streaming. Grease Lightning is compatible with FireStick, Android TV, FireStick 4K, mobile phones, PCs, and other Kodi-compatible devices. This collection of scrapers searches for functioning links, and the Auto-play feature allows it to begin streaming immediately.

Users can stream content from the Grease Lightning Addon’s enormous collection. This function, combined with the rapid playback capability, distinguishes it. This supplement includes more than simply TV series and movies. It features a lot of specialties, and users can stream content from over two dozen categories only on the main screen. If you’re still undecided about which Kodi addon to get, we recommend Grease Lightning.

14. I Am Ego

This new TV show and kodi addons repository movie add-on is currently doing well. It contains some excellent links. The I am Ego add-on includes movies, TV series, documentaries, family content, fresh entertainment content, tools, search, and other features. The addon is compatible with Kodi 17.6 Krypton and Kodi 18 Leia. It also works with Real Debrid, which provides access to a large number of high-quality links. It also works with Trakt. The I Am Ego addition allows access to the 720p and 1080p HD movies. This add-on is performing exceptionally well for a new release, and you should get it for your Kodi player to view high-quality premium material.

15. Numbers

This is yet another brand-new Kodi Addon with a wealth of material, including movies and television shows. It’s in the Cosmic Saints repository, and the user interface is lovely and straightforward. This add-on has seven categories: TV shows, Movies, New Movies, New Episodes, My TV Shows, My Movies, and 2018 best kodi addons Channels.

Users can find movies in the movies category using subcategories such as Genres, Most Popular, Oscar Winners, Most Voted, New, and so on. Users can also use the “Search” and “People Search” search capabilities to find information. There are numerous TV program classifications, such as “Airing Today,” “Highly Rated,” “New Episodes,” “New TV Shoes,” and so on. It would help if you were signed in with an IMDB account to access the My TV Shows and My Movies categories. The most recent films are always available in the “New Movies” section.

16. The Crew

The Crew Kodi Addon from The Crew Repository is a multi-source add-on for Kodi. The menu, which includes options such as TV shows, movies, sports, kids, find-up comedy, fitness, Kodi addons IPTV, search, one click, and tools, is one of its primary characteristics. This Kodi addon includes sections for Box Sets, Latest 4K, 24/7 movies, Latest 4K, Trakt list, Academy Award, International, and a wide range of additional content.

The sports area contains information about the world’s most prominent sporting events, such as the EPL, MLS, PPV, Boxing, and many others. In many aspects, the Crew Kodi addon is similar to the Venom and Exodus addons, except its playlists were hand-picked by users. This add-on is currently operational and will allow you to watch anything you want on the internet in the highest quality possible.

17. Deathstar

This Exodus fork includes over 40 addons in one package. Movies, TV Shows, Kids Content, Deathstar, best Kodi addons for live tv USA, Last Played, Search, My Rating, and Trakt compatibility are all available in this Kodi addon. Destiny Deathstar is a comprehensive Kodi add-on. It not only includes movies and TV series, but also M3U8, Acestreams, and Kids, all of which are in high demand. This add-on’s “Series Tracker” function automatically tracks the series you’re watching. You don’t need a Trakt account to track what you’re watching, even though it works with Trakt.

This add-on also makes it simple to watch the next episode because it loads in the background while you watch the current one. It also allows you to add M3U playlists for live IPTV stations. Acestream channel lists can also be added. This plugin will automatically update any links that change. When you search for a link, you have more alternatives, such as seeing a trailer for a forthcoming movie, viewing media details, receiving movie recommendations, watching a random trailer, and learning more about the media content. You can access torrent files and links without a Real Debrid or Premimize account. This addon allows you to import any Kodi scraper and comes pre-installed with some of the most excellent and trustworthy scrapers.

18. Mirror Addon

A mirror is a new Kodi video add-on from the Cy4Root Repository. It features everything a Kodi add-on should have and more. There are categories for movies, TV shows, YouTube Channels, New material, My Movies, VIP-Box, IMDB List, Tools, and so on. Mirror Kodi add-on uses auto-play to ensure that streaming is fast and high-quality.

Right now, it works fine with many links, and you should have no issue streaming from any URL. You should utilize a real-debrid account to get the most out of the Mirror Kodi add-on. This will allow you to browse more high-quality streaming links without experiencing buffering. Despite being a relatively new add-on, it performs admirably and quickly becomes one of the most popular new Kodi add-ons.

19. Phoenix Rises

Phoenix Rises and other addons such as Leviathan can be found at the Team Falcon Repository. It contains numerous links to high-quality streams that you should be able to view without difficulty. If you want to watch popular movies and TV shows, this add-on will not disappoint. The user interface’s design makes it simple to learn.

You can connect your Real-Debrid account to receive more high-quality streams from watching and elevating your experience. Many believe this Kodi addon is ideal for all streaming devices, including Android, MacBook, Firestick, NVIDIA Shield, and Windows PC. We’ve all heard the story about how the Phoenix rose from the ashes, and this add-on does precisely that.

You will never be bored if you add Pheonix to your list of addons. It includes many features, such as an “Adult” section for those who enjoy becoming odd. Everyone who streams on Kodi is talking about this add-on right now. It is feasible to state that it has premium streams, which is correct. Try it now, and you’ll never again miss your favorite streams.

20. Voodoo

Voodoo is a Kodi addon that can only be obtained through third-party sources. It is not an official add-on and is unavailable in the Kodi Addon Repository. The Hell Hound add-on can be found in the Golden Gun Repository. It offers a lot of exciting features. You’ll have access to many high-quality streaming links with this Kodi add-on.

Voodoo is distinguished from other add-ons because it allows Open Scrappers to find streaming connections. You may also connect your Real Debrid and Trakt accounts to have even more fun. TV Shows, Voodoo IPTV Kodi addons, All For Kids, Movies, Movie-TV 24/7, Anime, and Search & Settings are some of the video genres available on Voodoo.

Voodoo is suitable for all ages, including children. However, it is primarily used for streaming movies and TV episodes. It has Ghost IPTV and the most excellent Kodi addons for live TV channels from several nations, including the United States and the United Kingdom. There is also anime for adults, dubbed “anime adult,” with 1080p broadcasts.

21. Popcornflix

You may stream videos from the Popcornflix website using the Popcornflix Kodi Addons. Popcornflix is a free streaming service that focuses on lesser-known movies and TV episodes. There are numerous genres to choose from, including drama, action, horror, mystery, family, and many more. Popcornflix also includes exclusive originals and a large selection of classic films.

22. Scrubs V2

If you want to watch whatever you want, whenever you want, Scrubs is the Kodi addon for you. It is still relatively new, but its excellent offerings show it is here to stay. It is based on the popular Exodus add-on. Thus it functions and looks similar to its predecessors. The Scrubs Kodi Addon includes an extensive media library that gives you access to various content genres. This add-on lets you find practically any TV show or movie you want. The developers also ensured that the library is continuously updated so that all of your favorite shows and best Kodi addons for movies 2021 are updated as soon as a new episode or release is released.

Scrubs, like many Kodi addons, does not host its content. It functions as an aggregator, pulling material from many sources and allowing you to watch it whenever you choose. It’s a valuable add-on that provides high-quality functional streams of any video or other content you desire. Scrubs has done exceptionally well for a relatively new addition.

23. Gaia

Gaia is another excellent Kodi addon that allows you to stream movies and TV shows. It is a fork of the original Bubbles add-on and can be found in the Gaia repository. The add-on contains an extensive media library with sections for Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Kids, Shorts, and Tools to help you find what you’re looking for. The add-on has been continually updated since a few months ago to provide users with the most outstanding performance possible. It offers many valuable features, such as integration with Real-Debrid and Premiumize for users of these accounts. It also integrates seamlessly with Trakt TV, making it simple to keep track of what you view.

Users may customize everything in Gaia, from the layout to the features to the audio and video quality. Everything can be customized to meet the demands of the user. This add-on works amazingly fast with the update and bug fixes of the current Kodi addons. There is no other add-on like Gaia regarding services and customization of Spanish Kodi addons.

24. FEN

The FEN Kodi addon is the way to go if you want an addition that provides high-quality on-demand TV series and movies. This new and exciting add-on includes sophisticated scrapers for obtaining high-quality streaming links. FEN is a simple add-on that works swiftly and does not cause any buffering or other issues.

It appears to be a duplicate of the popular Exodus extension. However, the add-on’s producers have stated that it is not. This add-on includes fantastic features that will enhance your streaming experiences, such as support for Real-Debrid and Trakt integration for more streams.

I’d instead use this add-on with Real-Debrid to obtain premium streaming links for your favorite movies and TV series. Because it includes HD streams, supports Furk, and is an EasynewsUsenet provider, it may be used as a replacement for Exodus anytime and on any day. It combines resolvers and providers to deliver links to specific queries as an extension with numerous streaming sources.

Some of its more intriguing features and categories include free ResolveURL and Fen Scrapper support, the ability to download torrents, instant access to Kodi’s streaming library, search, and much more. FEN offers hundreds of high-quality streams of new movies in 1080p and greater resolutions. Make sure you watch it for your amusement.


Because of its large community, Kodi has a plethora of addons . As a result, selecting the best kodi addons for movies and tv shows one is tricky. However, with this advice, you can quickly like the finest addon for the most excellent Kodi experience. We have carefully selected the finest Kodi addons  in each category. Finally, please remember that no one knows which of your favorite addons will disappear at any time, which is why you should always have backup  addons in your Kodi.


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