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Top 21 Best KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Free Cartoons

It isn’t easy to imagine a childhood without cartoons. We were all raised on cartoons. Their choices can rapidly reveal a child’s obsession with comics. Everything from Doraemon-printed bedsheets, Mickey Mouse-shaped pillows, Miffy-shaped water bottles, and Pikachu-shaped school bags to their favorite cartoon personalized crockery demonstrates their enthusiasm for comics. But, do cartoons exclusively appeal to children.

This is not correct. There is no minimum or maximum age for watching and appreciating cartoons or anime. This article is for adults who still enjoy comics or anime. This article will list the top ten Best KissCartoon Alternative in 2022. As a result, you may not want to skip this article.

Are you familiar with KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is a free website to watch your favorite cartoon programs online. And everything without the need for registration or the creation of an account. young justice season 3 KissCartoon app is a one-stop shop for cartoon fans looking to enjoy their favorite shows in HD resolution. Furthermore, the site is adequately created with a user interface that allows you to navigate to your preferred material easily. Anyone can use the place to find their favorite cartoon or anime stuff.

KissCartoon, unlike other streaming services, does not host any content on its servers. Its true strength is in offering its consumers a well-organized and straightforward categorization and arrangement of a massive anime collection. As a result, any user can find their preferred content. As a result, smiling friends KissCartoon ducktales  is one of the top anime streaming websites since it is fast and dependable.

Whether the anime is a smash hit or a flop, you can discover everything on the ducktales KissCartoon website. The variety of free cartoon content offered here is remarkable, and almost no other website can provide such exceptional services. KissCartoon was formerly known as KissAnime, but it has since vanished. Then it was reborn as KissCartoon. Meanwhile, many mirrors or proxy services have appeared with the same anime streaming premise as KissCartoon. However, it is difficult to say whether or not KissCartoon still exists. And even if it does exist, finding it is nearly impossible due to the hundreds of mirrors or proxies available.

Are KissCartoon Alternatives Still in Demand?

Without question, cartoon stuff will always be popular. However, cartoon fans increasingly resort to peer-to-peer file sharing options such as BitTorrent. They no longer go to Cartoon streaming websites to get their anime fix. This can be tough because users may encounter issues while looking for an excellent KissCartoon nz replacement to meet their needs. We have compiled a list of the top ten Best KissCartoon to Alternatives to address this issue in 2022. We will only reveal the list in this article, so keep reading.

Beware of Fake KissCartoon Websites:

With the growing popularity of the KissCartoon Website, various imitations have developed. The clones were such a perfect replica that distinguishing the original from the phony became difficult. As a result, demand for KissCartoon xyz fell as other phony websites began to benefit handsomely off its domain name and popularity.

Many people are duped by fake websites, which spread viruses and cause other problems. Such websites continue to frustrate visitors with continuous pop-ups and redirects. Every month, the clone websites serve millions of cartoon fans. Furthermore, KissCartoon’s mirror websites will not disappear from the internet anytime soon. Only a diehard rick and morty season 5 KissCartoon love fan can tell the difference between the real and fraudulent ones.

Top 21 Best KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Free Cartoons:

All of the KissCartoon Alternative Websites listed below are currently operational. Most of the websites we have chosen are free and do not charge users anything. We examined them based on the eight characteristics that we outlined earlier.

1.  KissAnime

KissAnime is another excellent KissCartoon uk alternative that focuses on animation content. This is well-structured and provides a wealth of content, ranging from the well-known Naruto series to Star Wars and many others. KissAnime is mostly a sister site to KissCartoon, and the interface is nearly identical because the style and design of both sites are almost identical. Its anime is mainly in Japanese. However, it also has dubbed and subbed content.

Not only can you watch cartoons online, but you can also download anime, movies, and cartoons for free. The video quality on this Cartoon website is rather good, and the content is routinely updated with the most recent releases and recommendations. The sole disadvantage of its online streaming site is that it has a lot of advertisements and requires registration to watch or download content.

2.  KissCartoon.info

Kisscartoon.Info is one of the greatest KissCartoon reddit substitute sites for watching your favorite cartoons for free. It has a lot of classic stuff, such as the Transformers series, Dragon Ball, The Simpsons, and many others. It is an interactive and user-friendly website. This includes anything from classic cartoons to current series. Not only that, but you can also find Anime Dub and cartoon movies here.

The most excellent part about the website is that by hovering over the thumbnail, you can acquire information such as the year of publication, genres, and overview of the particular cartoon. The video quality on this site, like KissCartoon, is good, and an Android app is also available for convenient access.

3.  AnimeToon

AnimeToon is also one of the most excellent KissCartoon alternatives because it provides complete childhood material such as Pokemon, Ben10, Tom and Jerry, American Dad, Looney Tunes, and many more. Despite this, it also provides the most recent cartoon shows.

This site offers an extensive database, a section for dubbed anime, and a movie section. The programming is highly entertaining, and practically all shows are available in HD resolution. The site’s layout is simple and attractive, and an Android app is accessible to watch it from anywhere at any time.

4.  Toonova

Toonova, like KissCartoon rick and morty, is the best cartoon site; it has an extensive database, and all types of cartoon episodes are available. The site’s design is simple to use. You will find new cartoon episodes as soon as they are released and a wide choice of animated movies. At the top of the website, you can see several categories, such as Cartoons, Korean drama, dubbed anime, and popular series, so you can quickly choose which one you want to watch. Despite this, a search function is offered to help you quickly find the one you want to watch online.

5.  KimCartoon.biz

Kimcartoon.biz is KissCartoon’s sibling site and the most OK place to watch cartoons online. It has a massive library of comics and animated movies. This is a one-stop shop for cartoon fans and appears similar to the rick and morty KissCartoon website. The content is well-organized and simple to use. The site’s best feature is that you may view the specifics of a particular cartoon episode simply by hovering over the thumbnail. Furthermore, the video quality of the never-ending content is immaculate. Furthermore, like most free online streaming sites, this has advertisements that may annoy you while viewing your favorite cartoons.

6.  9Anime

To watch anime, 9Anime is the most excellent KissCartoon alternative site. This also features a large selection of information, and the website’s UI appears to be a premium website but is free to access. The site’s UI is smooth and well organized, and the several categorized sections make it simple. Furthermore, the site’s material is continuously updated and available across multiple platforms. Action, comedy, horror, adventure, school, and many other anime genres are offered. You can also request anime movies from the main banner’s request option.

7.  CartoonExtra

This is another excellent KissCartoon alternative that has complete cartoons you’ve heard. The site’s interface is highly unique and user pleasant. This site is worth visiting if you enjoy watching vintage cartoons such as Dora the Explorer, Loony Toons, and many others. The whole collection is available in HD quality and is available on all platforms. You can watch not only old cartoons but also newly released shows. You can also watch full animated movies, daily episodes and read comics on this site. Regardless, you can receive the most recently released, recently added, ongoing, and completed cartoons.

8.  Cartoons On

Cartoons On the website, as the name suggests, is another excellent cartoon website similar to KissCartoon. This has everything that the best cartoon website should have. The content database is massive and freely available in HD resolution. Its UI is highly user-friendly and engaging. The Popular Character category, which contains all-time favorite characters, is one of my favorites. This is a unique feature that none of the KissCartoon sh equivalents have.

Selecting any of the characters from the list will also bring up a massive album of cartoon series featuring that character. You may entirely rely on this website whether you are looking for old classic shows or the most recent new series. You will also not be required to join up to watch cartoons online.

9.  Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is a popular TV channel for watching various cartoons, and we have all grown up watching Cartoon Network shows on television. So, if you want to relive all of your childhood memories, this KissCartoon option is ideal. All Cartoon shows are available here, along with amusing moments, music, trailers, and mashups of famous characters. The video resolution The content is perfect and straightforward to navigate. The website’s UI is user-friendly and well-organized.

10.  AniWatch

AniWatch is the next best KissCartoon replacement, with an extensive library of free anime shows. You can also watch online cartoons for free and HD quality without commercials. The content is updated and expanded on a regular website to provide the optimum user experience. The website has a professional appearance, and the anime is available in the most satisfactory possible resolution at 1080p, but if your internet connection is slow, 720p, 480p, and 360p streams are available.

The anime is divided into three categories: seasonal, airing, and random, and everything is available daily. You can also access the FAQ area to answer all your questions and concerns. To stream any episodes, however, you must first join the website and provide numerous details such as genre, release date, kind, and summary. And is available on a variety of platforms.

11.  KissCartoon.pro

KissCartoon.pro is a mirror website of KissCartoon smiling friends and one of the best places to watch cartoons and anime. This KissCartoon alternative features a massive database containing practically every episode streamed on the website. The UI is highly engaging and straightforward. The video quality of the never-ending content in HD. Furthermore, its database is frequently updated, allowing you to stream the most recently published episodes. This is also available on other platforms and provides comprehensive show details simply hovering over it.

12.  AnimeLab

AnimeLab, like KissCartoon, is one of the best cartoon websites. Its interface is very interactive and appears like a wealthy premium website. The database is massive, and you may watch hundreds of popular anime and cartoons. This is available on various devices, including PlayStation, XboxOne, Samsung TV, Chromecast, Telstra TV, iOS & Android, PCs, and others. The homepage includes recently added episodes, a new dub, Retro Classics, Dragon Ball Collection, the latest movies, and much more. It is free to use. However, you may need to join up to browse the material.

13.  CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy is another excellent website for watching cartoons and anime in high definition online. This KissCartoon alternative is the finest site to watch free episodes of your favorite series. However, the interface is not particularly interactive, but it is simple to use and navigate. The website’s content is continuously updated, and you can search for specific cartoon episodes by genre or utilize the search function. The animation library contains all episodes from A to Z alphabets and is simply accessible without requiring registration.

14.  Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a standout among the finest KissCartoon sites. This is quite popular and highly recommended among cartoon fans. The content database is massive but easily navigable. Furthermore, the interface is highly engaging, and you may view the most recent news about cartoons. The site is devoted entirely to Japanese comics. It has a primary interface that is great for watching cartoons, anime, and Manga. The video quality is also smooth and accessible across all platforms.

15.  Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is a popular free anime streaming platform that is an excellent alternative to KissCartoon. It has a large selection of anime episodes and movies. This does not only stream anime but also numerous cartoon series in alphabetical order. You can also locate and read a Manga list online. You may view its extensive library of HD content without registering. The top area contains many categories such as anime movies, soundtracks, English subbed anime, manga lists, etc. The style of this cartoon site, such as KissCartoon re, is simple but user-friendly. And if you enjoy watching anime, this is the most excellent option.

16.  ToonGet

Another excellent free cartoon streaming website is ToonGet. This site is an excellent KissCartoon alternative with an extensive database of content. You can find practically every anime and cartoon here, including Loony Toons, Ben10, LEGO Star Wars, and many others. The website’s interface is straightforward and user-friendly. For easier navigation, several categories such as dubbed anime, cartoons, full movies, popular series, and daily episodes may be found at the top of the website. The video quality of the content is perfect, and their database is routinely updated. You can use your Android device to stream various videos by downloading the app.

17.  AnimePlanet

AnimePlanet is the last site on our list, but it is also the best place to watch free cartoons and anime online. Not only that, but it also has a fantastic Manga collection. This KissCartoon rick and morty season 5 alternative has a massive old and modern anime database. You may watch around 45000 legal industries-sponsored anime episodes here. The site’s design is simple and easy to navigate.

You can create your list of favorite anime by signing up, but you can also watch your favorite show without signing up. The website’s content is routinely updated, and the video quality is excellent. Hovering over the thumbnail may get more information about the specific episodes. It is readily available across multiple platforms.

18.  WatchCartoonOnline

WatchCartoonOnline is teeming with fantastic cartoons and anime. The site is straightforward, but its vast content library elevates it to the ranks of the most critical areas like star vs the forces of evil season 2 KissCartoon. The most excellent feature of the website is the genre list, which has an infinite number of topics to choose from. Furthermore, the video quality is imposing, and the full content is available for free in HD resolution. You may watch dubbed and subbed anime and the Ova series regardless of your favorite cartoon. It is simple to navigate, and you can even use the search tool to find specific cartoon episodes.

19.  Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon is another free streaming site where you can watch cartoons and play games online. The site’s design is very excellent, although it is free. This cartoon site, like KissCartoon, contains various other enjoyable features, such as online games and events. The information on the website is mainly factual, and another great feature of the cartoon streaming site is that you can dress up as your favorite characters in the Game section. The site’s design and information are well-structured and straightforward to navigate; even your children can utilize it. Furthermore, the Events area allows you to interact with other players while playing.

20.  Disney Now

The Disney Now website is backed by Disney and appears to be a premium website. This is one of the most anticipated Kisscartoon Alternatives and the most excellent platform to watch the classic Disney cartoons. The content is accessible in two styles for all ages and younger children. To view its content, you must first sign up. This also includes the most recently released free stuff. Its UI is user-friendly, and even children can navigate it easily. Moreover, despite its extensive content collection, the site has many games for children.

21.  AnimePahe

AnimePahe is another excellent free online streaming website ideal for anime fans. This has a large amount of anime stuff, from new releases to old favorites. This section also includes both subtitled and dubbed anime. This site’s design is simple to use. The most excellent part of the website is that it is entirely ad-free and allows you to play different episodes easily.

Is Streaming on KissCartoon Safe?

No way, no how. Even the KissCartoon Website itself may contain viruses. So, what are your options? It would be beneficial to have decent antivirus software and a reliable VPN installed to ensure your online safety when web streaming. With this protection, you can access the world of anime streaming and have a safe anime experience.

Is KissCartoon Legal?

The legality of the content is an essential factor to consider before watching any cartoon or anime series. However, there is no simple answer to it. However, there are other factors to consider in this scenario.

1. To lawfully provide copyrighted content, the website must pay a certain sum to the copyright owners. A formal agreement should be drafted for this reason as well. But, given that KissCartoon io is a free website, HOW CAN IT BE LEGAL? According to some, the website makes money by showing adverts to its viewers. But is that money enough to get the rights to distribute such massive amounts of content for free?

2. KissCartoon has users in practically every country on the planet. Does this imply that it has a licensing arrangement in discussion with every copyright holder worldwide? Is the anime website paying the licensing fee to all copyright holders worldwide?

3. That is a nearly arduous task to do. This could lead us to believe that all or portion of the anime content on KissCartoon is PIRATED. However, this is not an official decision.

4. The KissCartoon Website was forced to close due to DMCA violations. Any safe and lawful website should not have to deal with this. This raises the question,


1. All of the bullets described above raise questions about KissCartoon’s legality. Users will      now wonder: Is everything on the anime website illegal?

2. No, not entirely. The cartoon video content in the public domain or approved to be              shown by the copyright holder is safe and legal.


4. As a result, it’s your obligation. You are accountable for the repercussions if you use a        free website that contains all your desired anime content to watch pirated stuff.

5. We are unable to determine KissCartoon’s legal status. Furthermore, there are                    numerous signs that KissCartoon is providing pirated content. Consequently, watch            anime on KissCartoon at your own risk.

What if you Get Caught using KissCartoon or Similar Websites?

There are two possibilities here:

1. You were caught watching legally approved anime or public domain content.

There’s no harm in trying. You are safe while viewing the content in the public domain.

2. You were caught watching copyrighted or pirated stuff for free.

When you are found streaming copyrighted content, you may face harsh consequences, although this is not always the case. The implications vary depending on where you live. Every country has its own rules governing copyright concerns. Piracy is permitted in several nations if done for personal use alone. At the same time, several countries have laws against copyright infringement, but they are not well enforced.

Countries feel that rather than punishing users, they should shut down websites that disseminate pirated content, as was the case with the KissCartoon Website. While in some countries, free streaming of stolen or copyrighted information is a significant felony. This might result in a severe fine or even time in jail.


Anime and cartoons take us back to our wonderful and memorable childhood days. They serve as a quick and comfortable getaway from the actual world of tension and anxiety to a beautiful realm of stories and fantasy. Following the demise of the well-known KissCartoon website, it became difficult to trust and locate a suitable replacement. To assist all cartoon and anime fans, we have compiled a well-researched list of the 10 top KissCartoon alternatives available and operational in 2022. We hope that this post has been helpful to you.


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