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Top 20 Best KickassTorrents Alternatives Proxy

KickAssTorrents, or KAT for short, grew from being simply another torrent site to a million visitors per day at its height in 2015. It surpassed Pirate Bay to become the most popular torrent site in 2008. KAT has been banned in several countries, delisted from Google, and finally taken offline by the FBI in 2016, who also arrested the putative proprietor, Artem Vaulin.KAT continues to exist through a network of mirrors and proxies maintained by a global staff.

A torrent is a file type that has the extension. torrent, the file itself is devoid of information. When combined with BitTorrent software such as uTorrent or BitTorrent to commence the download of actual content from a remote server. BitTorrent is the P2P (Peer to Peer) file sharing protocol. When sending massive volumes of data online, this term is frequently used. To download kickasstorrents date launched or upload data, the software employs a “swarm” of hosts. Because of these scattered networks of home computers, the larger the swarm and the healthier the content to download, the more people download it.

The BitTorrent program uses the.torrent file to discover the matching location of the seeder (a seeder is a person who downloaded or submitted the seed/file). In a nutshell, torrents are a rapid and easy way to distribute files. This is especially beneficial for huge media files. Peers and leeches are two other popular terms kickasstorrents available in. Peers are individuals who are simultaneously downloading and uploading many files, whereas leeches are those who just have a portion of a file. When you download the entirety of a file, you also become a seeder.

Are They Legal?

Yes. Torrents are completely legal. When someone uses a torrent to download or upload copyrighted material, they are breaking the law. Torrents are frequently used for media files because they are huge, frequently exceeding 100MB. Which takes time to download. Torrents have become notorious as a method kickasstorrents url of sharing the most recent films, TV episodes, and music videos, which users have to live record or copy and then upload for others to download for free.

How to Stay Private Using Torrents?

When utilizing torrents, always utilize a VPN. Your ISP will keep a record of all the websites you visit and will be able to monitor your internet activity, which is not unlawful. They can observe increases in your data usage and that you may be surfing sites where illicit torrents are happening if you do not use a VPN. If you are caught torrenting, you may receive a warning letter, have your internet throttled (the speed is lowered), or possibly face a fine or criminal prosecution in extreme situations.

Using a VPN will help to:

  • Obscure your IP
  • Encrypt your data
  • Hide your data usage from your ISP

This is due to the fact that a VPN reroutes your traffic through a server of your choice. You can increase your anonymity by changing your IP address. Furthermore, all traffic between your VPN client and their server is encrypted. This means kickasstorrents movies 2014 that no one can see what you’re doing. An ISP can detect traffic but has no knowledge where it is going, thus network monitoring will not detect it.

Why You Should Use an Ad Blocker When Torrenting?

Torrent sites make money through advertisements. An ad will appear every time you navigate to a new website or attempt to download a torrent. Some websites will also request money. Sites are increasingly restricting content if an ad blocker is detected. However, if you prefer a more seamless experience with fewer pop-ups, consider using an ad blocker.

Top 20 Best KickassTorrents Alternatives Proxy:

If for any reason you are unable to access KAT or the website goes down, here is our list of the top 15 torrent sites. Do not panic if torrent sites go online; simply cycle through the list. Fortunately, proxies and mirrors provide torrent sites with an unlimited number of URLs to redirect users to.

1. The Pirate Bay

Before the rise of KickassTorrents, most internet users relied on The Pirate Bay, which debuted in 2003. The site www-kickasstorrents has been subjected to several domain seizures and DMCA notices. Its founders have also been imprisoned several times, but the website has persevered, therefore we feel it is here to stay. Previously, the site displayed X-rated advertisements to drive views, but this is no longer the case.

2.  YTS.AG

Users may confuse this with the now-defunct torrenting site YTS or YIFY, which was highly popular. This is the ideal place to visit if you need HD stuff such as TV episodes and kickasstorrents telugu movies. Since its inception, the site has been able to weather torrenting site crackdowns. When you download a movie, it includes subtitles in a variety of languages. You can search for content by year of production and IMDb ranking.

3. RarBG

Although the site does not have a slick current look, it is one of the top Kickass alternatives due to its clean design and being extremely thorough in terms of the torrents it delivers. You can sign up for the site and become a part of its community by receiving updates kickasstorrents com on torrent-related news or contributing new torrents. It also lists the top ten torrents in each category.

4. 1337X

It surpassed The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents to become the third most popular free downloading site in 2018. It has also endured for a decade without getting shut down, which is unusual for torrenting sites. Games, music, movies, television, anime, apps, documentaries, and X-rated content are among the torrent categories kickasstorrents walking dead. The list also includes a list of currently popular torrents. The site’s interface is quite straightforward, despite its slick look.

5. KATcr.co

This is a tremendous relief for KickassTorrents fans because it is just like the original site. The original Kickass Torrent site admins and members collaborated in July 2016 to develop a portal under the name KATcr.co, however, it did not currently offer any torrent links. Later that year, the group released the updated URL, which included working torrent links.

6. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents, with its lime green and simple layout, is one of the greatest Kickass alternative sites for downloading movies quickly and for free. The site not only has a large database, but it is also frequently updated. The UI is simple to use, with a search bar in the center of the page kickasstorrents movies 2015 and icons at the bottom of the page depicting TV shows, movies, anime, music, apps, and so on.

7.  TorrentDownloads

This is one of the most well-organized torrenting sites. Despite having one of the largest databases, the site is unavailable in most regions, including the United Kingdom. It offers a very responsive search option that allows you to locate some of the best and most kickasstorrents yify recent torrents. The torrents are divided into categories such as music, movies, TV shows, games, and so on.

8. SeedPeer

SeedPeer began in 2005 as Meganova and was rebranded in 2007. The site’s content is divided into several categories, including music and albums, animes, books, apps, TV series, movies, video games, videos and photographs with explicit content, and others. Although registration on the service is not required, it does give users additional privileges such as uploading and managing personal torrents, bookmarking, and commenting on current torrents. You can also access torrents kickasstorrents users that have been verified by other users. Green ticks are typically found on them.

9. Zooqle

Although it has an a.com domain name, the site is rapidly gaining popularity among movie fans. It has around 3,500,000 verified torrents that are updated every day. Although the site offers bot magnet links kickasstorrents game of thrones and torrent files, individuals who prefer not to torrent can get direct downloads. To keep the site running, advertising and donations are displayed. The user interface is among the best on the web.

10. Torrents.me

Torrents. me, like Torrentz2, searches torrents on other websites; the main difference is that Torrents. I leverage data from other websites that search torrents. It operates by listing a large number of torrenting kickasstorrents block sites and categorizing them. For example, by entering the music category on Torrents. me, a user can simply identify the greatest music torrent sites.


Despite going through some difficult periods, the site remains one of the top TV show torrent sites. The site was temporarily taken down in 2015 after a new set of owners kickasstorrents browse claimed ownership of the trademark. Although popular torrent sites prohibit EZTV releases due to their past, most netizens perceive their torrents to be of exceptional quality.

12.  TorLock

Looking for a torrenting platform that would compensate you if you discover a bogus torrent? Visit TorLock, which offers $1 for each unconfirmed torrent. TorLock has a large number of visits due to its reputation for providing kickasstorrents real site verified content. Nonetheless, you may download big files at breakneck speeds. Registered users can vote on the ‘health’ of torrents they’ve accessed, but you don’t have to be a registered user to utilize torrents.

13. Torrents9.cc

The French torrent site is constantly threatened with closure. In November 2018, the site was unable to display download links kickasstorrents books, prompting a frenzy among French torrent fans. However, things returned to normal after a few days.

14. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent, like other prominent torrenting services, closes and reopens via domain variants on occasion. Finding information on the site kickasstorrents kat.cr is simply because of the user-friendly layout, and users can report any dangerous content. This keeps the site secure and tidy, which is especially important for first-time visitors. According to rumors, the site is home to the well-known ETRG and EETV release groups, which offer torrents for TV series and HD movies of different quality.

15.  iDope

The fact that iDope was developed as a compliment to Kickass Torrents accounts for its popularity. Although the site is young, it has been shut down kickasstorrents website several times but is now back up and operating. Magnetic links are used by iDope to deliver its users’ favorite content. We discovered that iDope has a more diverse library than KickassTorrents.

16.  Torrentfunk

Despite its lack of popularity, the site bills itself as one of the “largest up and coming torrent search kickasstorrents star wars engines and directories on the net.” You do not need to register to view their content, but you will have to deal with a few pop-ups and porn advertisements. When accessing the site, we recommend that you use an ad-blocker.

17.  IsoHunt

After a lengthy legal struggle with the MPAA, the original website was shut down in 2013. An identical website with the domain name IsoHunt.to appeared two weeks after it was kickasstorrents proxy sites shut down. The UI is a little complex, but it provides access to some of the most unusual torrents. Users can obtain some of the most recent torrents in many categories from the homepage.

18. BitLord

Unlike most torrent sites, this one does not place restrictions on the amount of data you can use to upload or download files. It includes a top list function that allows you to quickly access some of the most popular torrents kickasstorrents?trackid=sp-006. You can sort torrents before downloading them by their size, upload and download speeds, the name and date the torrent was added, and the number of peers and seeders.

19.  Yourbittorrent

The history of the place is somewhat contentious. Although it was founded in 2009, it began operations as a partnership in 2003. It was then known as BitTorrent. One of the partners planned to eventually shut down the website kickasstorrents free movie downloads, while the other wanted it to grow, resulting in a split and the formation of YourBitorrent.

20. TorrentHound

TorrentHound has been pursued by authorities multiple times owing to copyright violations but has always survived. Since its launch in 2007, the site has drawn millions of visitors looking to download movies, games, music, and software. The website claims to include over 80 million torrent files in a variety of categories. We recommend that users first install an ad-blocker and then visit the site kickasstorrents uk after installing a VPN on their computer.

Three Ways to Stay Safe While Using Kickass Alternatives:

If you’re not careful, browse kickasstorrents torrenting can be dangerous. Here’s how to make it more secure:

Use a VPN:

VPNs are services that disguise your IP address and encrypt your data. Here’s how they make tkickasstorrents video more secure:

  • Copyright agencies, copyright trolls, and lawyers can’t find your IP address kickasstorrents nikki benz if they use torrenting poisoning.
  • Your ISP won’t know you’re using torrent sites and downloading torrents. They can’t see what websites you connect to or your kickasstorrents kat ph traffic.
  • ISPs can’t throttle your torrent speeds because the VPN encrypts your torrent traffic.
  • VPNs can block kickasstorrents-com connections to malicious torrent sites through ad blockers.

There are many of good torrenting VPNs on the market, however NordVPN outperforms them all (in our experience). It supports torrenting kickasstorrents ph on thousands of servers, has high speeds, an audited no-logs policy, is compatible with all torrent clients, and provides excellent security (full leak protection, AES-256 encryption, a kill switch, and RAM-only servers).

Use Antivirus Protection:

VPNs cannot prevent malware from infecting your device directly if you download dangerous torrents. Only antivirus software is capable. Make certain that it is kickasstorrents back always running. Furthermore, antivirus software can prevent unscrupulous websites. This is useful if the VPN’s ad blocker misses a malicious Kickass alternative domain.

Use an Ad and Script Blocker

VPNs do include ad blockers, but they aren’t flawless. Some kickasstorrents free movies download advertisements continue to slip through the cracks and appear on pirate sites. We recommend that you use uBlock Origin. It’s open-source, free, and prevents almost all advertisements. You should additionally employ uMatrix, a script blocker. It has the ability to prevent harmful scripts from loading on torrent sites (like cryptojacking scripts).

How to Access KickassTorrents (and Other Torrent Sites) Safely?

Here’s a quick guide you can use:

1. Sign up for a VPN service (we recommend NordVPN).

2. Install the VPN service provider’s app.

3. Purchase an antivirus application (we recommend Malwarebytes).

4. Install the antivirus application.

5. Start the antivirus software you must create a free account to access kickasstorrents.

6. Connect to a server using the VPN (make sure it allows P2P traffic).

7. Visit this alternate site to KickassTorrents (or any other torrent site you want to use).

8. You can download whatever torrents you want.


Here are some of the most often asked questions about Kickass alternatives:

Is KickassTorrents Still Safe to Use?

That depends on whether you’re utilizing a safe or unsafe alternative. This is the one we use and can attest to its safety. However, to avoid unpleasant invisible advertising, you should still use kickasstorrents unblocked site an ad blocker. The simplest approach to determine whether a Kickass Torrents URL is safe is to browse it while using the uBlock Origin + uMatrix combo, a VPN with an ad blocker, and an antivirus program. If the site is harmful, those programs will automatically prevent your access to it.

What Is a Kickass Alternative?

It’s a torrent site kickasstorrents net similar to KickassTorrents in that it allows you to rapidly and simply download the latest torrents. A Kickass alternative can also be a mirror site, which appears and works the same as Kickass Torrents but has a different URL. Alternative versions are available on sites comparable to Kickass, such as EliteTorrent or RARBG.

Why Can’t I Download from KickassTorrents?

Here’s what could be causing it:

1. Your internet service provider kat-kickasstorrents is banning torrent traffic. The solution is to use a VPN (such as NordVPN) to encrypt your traffic and hide it. Your ISP will be unaware that you are downloading torrents. They’ll only notice nonsense like “HG56=LifdkFH6.”

2. You’re downloading kickasstorrents kat cr torrents with no seeders. Find a torrent with a sufficient number of seeders. There should be more seeders than leechers for excellent download speeds.

3. Your torrent client is acting strangely. Reddit torrent users frequently complain about torrent downloads slowing for no apparent reason. The remedy is to either update to a newer version or downgrade to a previous version. If that doesn’t work, try another torrent client.

Can I Use KickassTorrents With a Free VPN?

Yes, however it is not recommended. Free VPNs frequently have sluggish speeds and data limits (up to 2GB per month is the standard). You can’t download anything from kickasstorrents reviews (or other sites) since you’ll quickly exceed your bandwidth limit. Furthermore, free torrenting VPNs are dangerous because they may log your data (some even sell it to advertisers). That, and you’ll see a lot of advertisements (as if torrent sites don’t have enough). Finally, using random free kickasstorrents download movie VPNs may infect your device with viruses.


Kickass survived many threats since its inception and provided the best free stuff for us to download, but it was eventually shut down by US government authorities in 2016. Although Kickass was the most popular torrenting service for many users, there are several Kickasstorrents alternatives you may use to download your favorite content. We’ve listed the greatest KickassTorrents alternatives for you to consider. Showbox is another another excellent option for streaming movies and TV shows. However, to prevent DMCAs and to pirate your favorite content anonymously, utilize a Kickass VPN. So, grab yourself a Kickass VPN and begin torrenting anonymously.


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