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Top 30 Best JustDubs Alternatives To Watch In Live 2023

Anyone knowledgeable about and passionate about anime is familiar with JustDubs. Anime fans can watch anime for free on the justdubs anime website Just Dubs. For justdubs anime fans, JustDubs contains a ton of content, including episodes, movies, and other media. On JustDubs, you could also stream these anime in HD. Unfortunately, most viewers can no longer access their content due to geographical limitations and governmental prohibitions. But don’t worry; we’ve got a fix for you. You can choose from our list of the top JustDubs alternatives and watch anime without issues, exactly like you did before JustDubs nety.

Where is JustDubs?

JustDubs org has been having technical issues in some places. Even the government banned Just Dubs, so most people can’t get to it. But don’t worry, we have a way for you to get to it.

JustDubs Not Working?

Yes, in the majority of places. Unfortunately, Just Dubs is experiencing a technical issue, and the government boycott has rendered JustDubs illegal in several regions. Although most anime fans used to like JustDubs, there are always other alternatives.

Top 30 Best JustDubs Alternatives To Watch In Live 2023:

This article lists the top JustDubs alternatives that still function well for streaming free anime.

1. Cartoon Crazy

It is among the top Justdubs me substitutes. Well, Cartoon Crazy is a website for which online extroverts will thank their lucky stars because, in addition to offering a pleasant chat room where people from all over the world can converse and share ideas, it also provides a good streaming service. Isn’t this a fantastic option for people who enjoy discussing their favorite anime?

 2. Kissanime

It is one of the best alternatives to only dubs. For years, Kissanime has dominated and been the most well-known anime website for free streaming all anime series and films. Because it has been in use for so long, it has developed stability, which increases its speed and optimization. This justdubs anime site is entirely devoted to anime programming and is updated frequently. As a result, you can enjoy watching all the most recent shows on this website. The video quality is excellent, and HD movies and series are available.


The greatest in its area and a great alternative to justdubsonline.net is dubbed Crunchyroll. Its unique feature is that it gives users access to a library of anime. However, to use this function, you must have a premium subscription, which costs about $8 per month and gives the user an ad-free experience and simulcasts. All the ww2 justdubs me that have ever been broadcast and the most recent, well-liked, and vintage shows are readily available on this website (Premium subscription). Users may also access the limited library contents of this justdubs website for free in 720p streaming quality. This website’s user interface (UI) is passable and primarily graphical, which appeals to a younger demographic.


Gogoanime is the most widely used website for streaming anime. The platform is user-friendly and well-designed for new users. It includes both older and more modern manga collections. Depending on the user’s selections, it offers dubbed and subtitled anime. 

GogoAnime offers 1080p streaming and downloads quality for those with high-speed internet, while those who want to save data can go as low as 360p. Users can download the mobile app from the Google Play Store for a better experience, and the website is mobile-friendly. The user interface of the app is attractive and well-structured. It doesn’t drain the phone’s battery much. Alternatives to just dubs are recommended.

5. AnimeHeaven

I’ll explain why I like this anime streaming service. A vast library of all presently showing animes is one of this website’s many features for anime fans. Customers can access all of the most recent movies, justdubs TV shows, anime, and other entertainment. Users can watch English dubbed or subbed episodes whenever they choose. It is the most excellent substitute for justdubsonline.net.

6. Anime Show

Anime Show TV website offers a user-friendly interface, free anime content, an intuitive layout, an excellent and current anime collection, and more. This website has conversation parts where anyone can engage, which is peculiar. The website has many features: most popular, trending, and most-watched. This makes it simple for you to select what you want to see. The only downside is that eventually, you will be cut off by adverts, which may or may not be hidden. The best Justdubs alternatives are this.


You may access subtitled stuff in addition to dubbed content right here! It’s as if you could obtain a comprehensive service from a single source. It should be no surprise that it’s one of the most widely used free JustDubs substitutes. There are several helpful and exciting features on the website. To begin with, watching the videos is simple and hassle-free. Finding a fun website to keep them occupied is not a concern for anime enthusiasts. Use these Justdubs alternatives or sites like Justdubs to view many anime episodes without spending a fortune.


Although Sidereel doesn’t have an anime focus explicitly, it does cover a variety of topics. It covers a broad spectrum of movies, cartoons, dramas, TV shows, and other genres. Just recently, anime movies and series have been included. Consequently, we have included it in our list of choices. On this website, you can view previous Anime series even if you won’t find the most recent material. This website is the place to go if you’re looking for older episodes or something other than anime. The best Justdubs alternatives are this.


The ability to stream every episode of the most recent anime in HD resolution is provided by this additional simple dubs watch anime movies online option. This website’s only shortcoming is its user interface. It has a user interface similar to Windows 98. Although not the most visually beautiful website, it does its purpose. The simple and user-friendly interface of this website appeals to some users. This is the website to visit if you’re seeking a free English-dubbed anime resource.


An illustration of an aesthetically pleasing anime is justdubsAnimestreams. The site looks better because of the graphic user interface. It is the best Justdubs replacement because it offers content similar to Justdubs. The website provides neatly arranged anime episodes. This website will load for you quite rapidly. This is due to its high level of optimization. High-definition videos are available.

11. Anime Lab

This website is committed to offering its users a comprehensive collection of HD-quality anime information resources. You can know that Anime Lab has everything that JustDubs does by looking at the layout and texture of the site! The graphical user interface of Anime Lab is simple and intuitive. One of the most well-known websites for downloading anime is Animes Lab. Accessing your anime articles is comparatively easy because of the safety of the user interface. All of the famous music programs are gathered on one page. Thanks to its efficiency, customers can quickly join and enjoy their own incredible pace within this site. The best Justdubs alternatives are this.

12. AnimePlanet 

In contrast to many other websites of a similar nature, even the Blog contains much-animated content. As its name suggests, Anime Earth is a top blog for watching videos and streaming movies whenever you want. This website justdubs forum offers high-quality inbound hyperlinks for music streaming together with the most recent anime content available online. Customers can access it whenever they like using the internet. This website connects to numerous other music-loading websites and has an excellent graphical user interface.

Each consumer can choose which anime they want to watch at the beginning of the indicator’s drop because the alternatives are incredibly user-friendly. Additionally, the buyer can view the assessment themselves and choose which online series to watch. It is the perfect substitute for simple dubs online.

13. AnimeUltima 

The best place to dub watch anime movies online is Anime Ultima because its anime content is simultaneously available there. Users of this website have access to an almost infinite number of online possibilities. Consequently, everyone who likes anime will enjoy reading various English-language articles about anime. This website has a built-in media player, and as a result of site visits, that section is of standard Anime Ultima quality.

14. Chia-Anime

It is yet another Justdubs substitute. Even the website Chia-Anime, which compiles all of the funniest anime articles available online, is generally known as a website well suited for anime articles. The website Chia-Anime is well renowned for its simple accessibility and the extra feature of quick article downloads in HD quality. Its most valuable features are the website’s ability to view articles in 3D and 360 degrees and its straightforward and user-friendly layout. Everyone else is welcome to view the whole catalog for free and utilize the specialized features to safeguard the most well-liked Asian dramas and programs. As a result, Chia-Anime anime is the place to go if you enjoy Asian animation!

15. Animania App

This excellent anime streaming app is Animania and is available for justdubs com Android users. All the most recent anime that is now airing can be streamed, downloaded, and stored on a user’s mobile device. The only flaw in this Justdubs substitute’s otherwise excellent and convenient user interface is that it only works on mobile devices. Although there isn’t a website for this, it is still a perfect option for those who prefer to watch their favorite anime on their smartphones.

16. Flixter

Flixter is an excellent option if you want to maximize your free time. The user-review-based, community-based website justdubs no subs justdubs lets you look up movies and watch TV shows for free. Additionally, you can provide feedback on the film and TV shows you’ve previously watched. You can find out about movies on the website, including their release date and a trailer. Movies are available for purchase or rent. The videos are of outstanding quality.

17. EPix

EpixEPix is a different provider of on-demand video through the internet. You can watch high-quality movies and justdubs sign up TV series on ePix to pass the time when you’re not working. The website focuses on comedy movies, original documentaries, music, and a wide range of other genres. With sections including top-rated, laugh-out-loud, new, staff picked, certified, and more, the Epix app offers movies in various genres like thriller, mystery, sci-fi, romance, comedy, and more. One of the best and most reputable websites for providing consumers the most suitable options for watching the most recent blockbuster movies. Additionally, there are three tiers of premium TV channels available on Epix.

18. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a free full-length movie streaming justdubs anime english service that can be accessible on mobile devices and the company’s official website. It is a free, full-length movie portal that enables users to quickly search for new releases and watch independently produced movies and ones released in theaters. Family and children’s movies, drama and documentary movies, horror movies, Spanish-language movies, and many other new releases are available. The user-friendly internet interface makes finding what you’re looking for easy. The movies accessible here feature numerous Hollywood A-listers, like Angelina Jolie, Kristian Stewarts, Daniel Craig, and more. Additionally, there are no limits on how many movies you may view, so you are free to watch as many as you like.

19. MovieRill

You don’t have to enroll or give your credit card information unless you must. It regularly updates its video and justdubs anime down movie library with new titles and enhances existing titles when they become available to maximize your experience. All internet-connected devices, including tablets, iPhones, and Windows phones, can use MovieRill. A movie-sharing service called MovieRill gives users access to the most recent online recordings. There is no content at all on its servers. You may watch free movies and TV shows in excellent quality at MovieRill, and the library is regularly updated. Start watching in the section for new releases.

20. SnagFilms

For individuals seeking a seamless video streaming justdubs series platform for on-demand movies, SnagFilms is a well-known entertainment option. With the Snag Films app, you can keep the best entertainment close at hand. Independent filmmakers can share hundreds of movies and TV episodes on SnagFilms, a sizable online marketplace. The software allows all filmmakers to share their favorite content with others. You can always discover full-length movies and TV episodes here because it regularly updates its movie catalog.

21. GoWatch

It is twenty-one on the list. One of the easiest-to-use apps for locating and watching movies directly from your phone or tablet is GoWatchIt. Users can look up movies on GoWatchIt and check what is currently available to watch.In addition to on-demand movies, GoWatchIt also sells and rents DVD, Blu-ray, and HD CDs.

The app can be used to discover more about movies that are now playing in theaters. GoWatchIt offers more than just streaming movies. You may also download movies and create a list of your favorite movies to watch later with this feature.

22. BoxTV

One of the best dubs alternatives is BoxTV, an online platform that lets you watch Bollywood movies and TV shows on your mobile device. You can watch entire movies on this website and download the seasons of your favorite TV shows and motion pictures. It also offers Hollywood movies. However, the most exciting content is available in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Oriya, Kannada, Punjabi, and other languages. You must first join BoxTV’s online entertainment package to view movies here, after which you will have unrestricted access to streaming dramas and films.

23. Stan

When customers sign up for Stan’s services, they have access to an unlimited number of movies and TV shows, making Stan a Justdubs substitute. It’s one of the top streaming and video-on-demand services available, and it works with any operating system, video game console, or smartphone. On the other side, jailbroken iOS devices are not supported by Stan. Full-length films and television shows on the site are freely accessible to viewers. Stan is a fantastic site that offers premium and unique materials like Flesh and Bone, iZombie, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and many other programs. The app includes episodes of Breaking Bad, Sherlock, The Good Wife, and many other highly regarded TV shows and programs.

24. Netflix

It is a web-based entertainment service that offers a vast selection of entertaining content, including dramas, documentaries, action movies, comedies, television episodes, and much more. The best thing about Netflix is that there aren’t any commercials or adverts; viewers may anticipate seeing a teaser of any TV show. Netflix has three different payment options: basic, standard, and premium. A free trial of thirty days is also available to viewers, albeit this is only for a brief period.

25. Wuaki.tv

An on-demand video platform called Wuaki. Tv offers both indie and freshly released Hollywood blockbusters. You can watch anything on your phone because the software includes all of the well-known TV shows. Wuaki. Tv is a famous entertainment website that provides visitors with hours of entertainment and full-length movies. You can use the website to access all its services on your laptops, PCs, tablets, and gaming consoles.

Additionally, the app offers a subscription option to access the best content. You can always locate the late is the most excellent part. It is one of the top Justdubs alternatives, along with new releases, classic movies, well-liked TV series, seasons, and episodes.

26. Snaptube

The term Snaptube always appears first when searching for a potent dubs app substitute. With only one swipe, you may browse movies from around the world with this straightforward multimedia program. Type the phrase into the search bar in the top-right corner to see the most recent anime episodes. Enter the URL of a website that offers online streaming if YouTube doesn’t have it. You may watch it anytime you have free time, even if you don’t have internet access, by simply saving it to your phone’s memory.

27. CyberFlix

A unique alternative to Popcorn Time and Tubi TV for streaming videos is CyberFlix. On the CyberFlix platform, users can watch various programs without charge. Users may access a wide range of genres without paying a monthly fee and can manage with only one click. The platform provides exciting, high-caliber movies and television shows. The portal’s great effort provides subtitles for almost all fronts in more than 200 languages.

28. 123 Anime

123 Anime is another website that functions as a Justdubs substitute and offers free access to a ton of anime material. It’s lovely that you can view the episodes without registering or paying a monthly charge. The platform’s only drawback is the abundance of intrusive pop-ups and adverts. However, every free website has the same ad issue, so 123 Anime is a great location to watch movies and TV shows if you don’t mind them. It is one of the top Justdubs substitutes.

29. Prosieben Maxx

An excellent substitute for Justdubs, which provides free streaming of anime and manga, is Prosieben Maxx.The portal shows anime in German, which is difficult for most viewers to understand. On the other side, the website offers subtitles, making it more straightforward for viewers to take in their favorite anime movies. Visit the Prosieben Maxx website and use the Google translation feature to understand the webpage entirely. You may watch a ton of anime films on the website for nothing. It is one of the top Justdubs substitutes.

30.  Viewster

Viewster is an excellent just dubs apk substitute for Crunchyroll because it offers a variety of exciting features. You don’t have to register or subscribe to any plan to use the services. The anime section of this app is constantly growing, and most of the titles are offered in high definition. In addition, it encompasses animation entertainment like video games and science fiction movies. It’s a sophisticated tool that monitors your activities and adjusts the news streams to reflect them. Once you begin using it, the app will only display anime that you are interested in.


What Is JustDubs?

Before, one of the top challengers for uploading the most recent anime/manga episodes on their websites was JustDubs, similar to Cartoon Crazy. They received support from recent anime industry gatherings as well.

What Happened To JustDubs?

Just Dubs used to be a leading anime streaming site, which is now unavailable in most countries due to piracy-related problems.

What Are The Best Alternatives To JustDubs?

There are many sites that offer high-quality content in addition to JustDubs online, like KissAnime, AnimeHeaven, Anime Rebel, GoGoAnime, and many others. Every site has a different set of features and site support, but the service you get is always first-rate.

How To Avoid Advertisements and Malware?

Avoiding malware is a necessity when you are surfing through these sites as these are a den for hackers to steal sensitive user data. Keep your ad blockers and firewalls switched on to prevent phishing and any other miscreants.

Are All The Content On These Sites Legal?

Nearly all of the content on these websites is legitimate. However, certain locations might not have content that is authorized. Still, if you have a top-notch VPN at your disposal, you might not run into many issues.


Thanks to the listicle above, you have several excellent options for watching animated or cartoon-based stuff. They genuinely make perfect JustDubs substitutes, and most of them have legally obtained content. They don’t provide a risk of digital piracy, which is illegal in several nations.

Always keep your Justdubs VPN turned on to prevent any privacy breaches or site access restrictions. Additionally, you must enable your firewall and maintain an internet-based antivirus program ready to defend against any malware or phishing attempts.


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