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iTunes Dark Mode: How to Enable it on Windows

You must have iTunes software installed on your Windows or Mac computer if you use Apple devices. It is used to set up iPhone/iPad and play and manage the Apple Music song library. You can also locate and watch movies and series you have bought or rented on the Apple TV app. You can enable dark mode while using iTunes in low light to make it more pleasing and easy for the eyes. The following query is: Is it possible to enable dark mode on iTunes? Let’s try to figure it out.

Does iTunes Support Dark Mode?

Sadly, Apple has not yet made the iTunes software’s built-in dark mode available. The system-wide dark method, however, can be used to enable it. With this, the background on iTunes will turn dark, and the characters on the platform will be white. According to experts, enabling dark mode will somewhat extend battery life.

How to Get iTunes Dark Mode on Mac

Make sure to update your Mac’s firmware to the most recent version before starting the steps.

(1) On the Mac home screen, click the Apple icon.

(2) From the list of choices, choose System Preferences.

(3) In the System Preferences window, select General.

(4) In the General window’s Appearance section, select Dark.

(5) Open iTunes on your Mac, and a dark background will display.

How to Get iTunes Dark Mode on Windows 10

To access iTunes dark mode on a Windows 10 PC, you must enable dark mode, just like on a Mac.

(1) To launch Settings from Start, use the Windows search bar.

(2) select Personalization.

(3) On the following screen, select Colors.

(4) select the Dark radio button next to Choose your default app mode.

(5) Open iTunes on your Windows computer now, and the dark theme will be available.

How to Get iTunes Dark Mode on Windows 11

On Windows 11 PCs and laptops, there are a few minor differences in the steps to enable dark mode.

(1) Press the + keys to begin.

(2) In the left side pane, select Personalization.

(3) Select the Colors menu item.

(4) Set the theme to Dark under the Choose your mode section.

(5) Launch the iTunes program now and automatically go to dark mode.

How to Fix iTunes Dark Mode Not Working

If you have any difficulties enabling iTunes’ dark mode, try these fixes:

#1. I have to see if iTunes has any software. Install any updates to the program on your computer.

#2. Restart Windows or Mac, and then attempt to enable Dark Mode.

#3. update the most recent version of Windows or Mac software.

#4. Installing and installing the

iTunes Alternatives

The signal the presence might not have succeeded in bringing the dark theme to some users. They can attempt any of the iTunes alternatives, which offer similar functionality, under certain instances. Applications having a built-in dark theme include SynciOS, Clementine, and Dr.Fone.


The greatest third-party iPhone management tool is SynciOS. There are numerous features and customization choices available. The best feature of SynciOS is the availability of specialized apps for specific uses. For data recovery, iOS & Android manager, data transfer, and other functions, there are different SynciOS tools. You will find how-to articles and video lessons on how to use the app successfully. But there is a price to pay. The starting price for each of SynciOS’s utilities is $34.95. (one-time payment).


Although Clementine is a suitable substitute for iTunes, SynciOS is more powerful. It is a potent music player with iOS (iPhone and iPad) syncing abilities. Since Clementine is an open-source platform, you can download and install plugins and add-ons from GitHub. With that, getting the dark theme plugin and adding it to Clementine’s music player will be simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable dark mode on Apple Music?

1. On an Android device, open Apple Music, hit the three dots, select Settings, select Theme, and then choose the dark theme.

2.On an iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app, choose Display & Brightness, choose the Dark theme, and then launch Apple Music to activate the dark mode.


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