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Top 18 Best IsoHunt Alternatives Torrent Sites


IsoHunt is a well-known online torrent website for sharing and downloading multimedia files and software applications. Gary Fung founded IsoHunt in 2003, which operates on the peer-to-peer sharing mechanism via the Bittorrent Protocol. IsoHunt,to was the best of the top five torrent search engines until it was banned in 2013 by the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) for breaking copyright laws. IsoHunt kickass is considered as the most popular public torrent website for offering content such as the most recent movies, music, web series, TV shows, games, software applications, and so on.

Popularity Of The IsoHunt Website:

The IsoHunt website is a popular and compelling online index for unique content such as the latest movies, soothing and exciting music, current games, useful software applications, and so on. The complete isohunt tagalog movies collection of premium data is free to download and share. IsoHunt can be accessible from anywhere in the world with no registration required. To get to the homepage directly, open the IsoHunt website or its proxy in a web browser.

About IsoHunt Website:

The IsoHunt website is a standard torrent site that torrent enthusiasts enjoy because of its advanced features such as flexible content and search capabilities. Its distinct and user-friendly interface, as well as the availability of numerous files in the form of magnet links www isohunt com, made it the most frequented website transformers 3 isohunt among its contemporaries. The IsoHunt team or the community of uploaders review and update the content on a regular basis.

All you need to access the content on the IsoHunt website is a suitable device and a strong data connection. It is common knowledge that when a torrent site reaches peak popularity, government agencies and Internet Service Providers decide to block it or completely delete it from the internet. Similarly, the IsoHunt website is not exempt from the authorities’ prohibition. In 2013, the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) prohibited it for violating copyrights restrictions.

Working Proxy & Mirror Sites Of Isohunt:

The fact that the IsoHunt website is prohibited in all major countries is devastating news for loyal fans. However, there is no need to be concerned because many proxy and mirror sites of the IsoHunt Website have emerged. Proxy and mirror sites are simply clones of the original IsoHunt website. They are thepiratebay isohunt maintained by webmasters, members of various internet communities, and the administrators of the IsoHunt website. The content of the proxy and mirror sites is identical to that of the original website, as is the interface. The only distinction is that the proxy sites use different servers.

The existence of torrent sites has been unprotected in these days of advanced technology, as the network is constantly monitored for these sites by cyber divisions in order to shut them entirely. The dependable solution mirror isohunt to this problem is to connect to proxy or mirror sites. We conducted extensive research on the internet to identify working IsoHunt proxy sites. We tested the proxy sites listed below for functionality among the countless clone sites, which was not simple.

Proxy or Mirror Sites Of IsoHunt Website:

Proxy or Mirror Sites of IsoHunt Website Speed Status
https://isohunt.unlockproj.pro Fast Online
https://isohunt.torrentfeed.pw Very Fast Online
https://isohunt-to.pbproxy2.co N/A Offline
https://isohunt.unlockproject.download Very Fast Online
https://isohunt.unlockpro.bid Very Fast Online
https://isohunt.unblocked.lol Fast Online
https://isohunt.unlockpro.host Slow Online

These are some of the most powerful and well-known proxy services, which are regularly updated with all of the original torrent files from the IsoHunt website. The proxy sites are frequently examined and updated. The content on these websites isohunt forum is available for free. All you need to have a satisfactory user experience is a Bit Torrent application and a good internet connection to download anything quickly.

How To Unblock The IsoHunt Website By Using VPN Service?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the most secure and convenient method of unblocking the IsoHunt website. Users can simply access the content without risk of being blocked by installing a VPN service (Virtual Private Network) before viewing the website. A VPN can provide you with a separate geolocation where the original website is not yet restricted. As a result, users can safely surf the website www isohunt com torrents and its proxy sites from their location without fear of being compromised. However, not all VPN services are reliable and effective in unblocking websites, as they all have flaws.

Among the numerous VPNs available on the internet, VPNs such as Cyber Ghost VPN, Nord VPN, and IP VPN are regarded as the best authentic VPN services for properly unblocking the Extra Torrent Website. You may easily install VPNs by clicking on the links provided below.

Why Would The ISPs Block Torrent Sites Like IsoHunt Websites?

In general, torrent sites like IsoHunt offer free copyright-protected content obtained through unlawful means. Otherwise, the creative content offered on the torrent site is priceless. The administrators of torrent sites make the information available isohunt kickass proxy for free by exploiting specific weaknesses. Because this violates the rules of a few nations, torrent sites are prohibited and blocked in certain countries. The owners of torrent sites make money from pop-up adverts and donations made to their website.

Global Alexa Rank Of IsoHunt Website:

Isohunt has a global Alexa rank of 616,561. Its international ranking has risen by 355,700 places in the last three months. Isohunt. is projected to be valued US$ 27,920 based on its Ads income. Every day, roughly 5,099 unique visitors visit Isohunt. Its web server, with the isohunt news IP address, is located in Iasi, Iasi, Romania.

Top 18 Best IsoHunt Alternatives Torrent Sites:

Here are the specifics of the top isohunts alternatives in this article. However, not everyone is comfortable using it. Some people like what it has to offer but would rather go with another Torrent provider. Do you want to collaborate with companies other than IsoHunt that provide isohunt tracker gush services? You should be aware of its alternatives.

1. Zooqle

This is yet another IsoHunts substitute. Google is currently one of the most popular gush sites. This is because practically all of the files available on this gush platform have been validated. This means you have a very low possibility of obtaining an infection on your computer or mobile device. However, following several attempts to shut it down, there has been a change in its user-friendliness. At the time of writing, creating an account or logging in to this website is practically impossible. Given that logging in is required to connect to the website, here are some more Zooqle alternatives that are equally beneficial.

2. Utorrent

uTorrent was recognized by every torrent downloader until BitTorrent, Inc. purchased it. It was an open-source and lightweight client before BitTorrent locked it down and loaded isohunt safe it with adverts and spammy deals. Although many continue to use people, some people who are unhappy with the current status of uTorrent look for alternatives.

Fortunately, there is numerous Torrent clients available, both open and closed source. Some are very similar to uTorrent, while others may include unique features that uTorrent does not. However, choosing the best uTorrent might be difficult because many other gush clients contain viruses and infections that can harm your computer. To assist you with your quest, we have compiled a list of intriguing Utorrent Alternatives with the least suspicious activities. Although some of them still offer Adware, you can easily deny it if you are cautious (don’t worry, we will warn you about those).

3. 1337x

The legendary Pirate Bay is the #1 torrent site on our list. A prominent torrent site, such as 1337x, allows you to download your chosen movie online. Pirate Bay has now been taken down for its sponsorship of piracy. Nonetheless, there are other mirror sites to back up the material. If 1337x isn’t working for you, you can always go to Pirate Bay and download any movie or TV show.

4. TorrentReactor

It is difficult to find a torrent website that remains online and is not blocked by authorities. It all started a few years ago when the creator of KickAss Torrent was arrested for sharing and hosting copyrighted content. Following that, the police shut down nearly every major torrent site. A few websites, such as The Pirate Bay, Limetorrent, TorrentReactor, and others, managed to avoid the mass gush ban. TorrentReactor was the most popular, hosting millions of legal torrent files. TorrentReactor quickly fell under the radar of mass torrent regulation, ultimately resulting in its demise. Before its death, the site attracted many dedicated visitors who still looked for TorrentReactor.


RARBG Proxy was created in 2008, and since then, it has been one of the greatest sites for downloading any form of stuff, such as movies, series, video games, music, and much more. However, there is currently an issue that we must strictly avoid. Yes, we cannot use this because our ISP has blocked it. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten RARBG proxy, RARBG mirrors, and IsoHunts alternatives. Are you looking for RARBG Proxy List and IsoHunts Alternative that is routinely updated and propose trackers that work? If you answered yes, you are in the right place. We have the top list for you after conducting numerous searches on each well-known website. As we all know, preparing a plan like this is not a simple task, as any of these websites can vanish overnight; hence, there is no promise of presence.

6. Torrents.io

It has been too long since Torrentz. Eu, one of the world’s largest torrent websites, said “goodbye” to its innumerable users and shut down. Torrentz search was not a pirate website in the purest sense; rather, it was a meta-search engine that connected to other popular BitTorrent websites such as Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrentsa, and RARBG, as well as KickassTorrents, and so on. Millions of people use torrents to download movies, video games, series, and other big files. However, following its demise, people began looking for mirrors, proxies, and gush sites like torrents.

7. Torlock

Many people now regard gush as an excellent site for downloading software, music, movies, games, etc. There are only a few gush sites available today. Nonetheless, a handful of the websites listed above, such as The Pirate Bay, TorLock, 1337x, and others, serve as an appeal. TorLock was the best torrent website out of all the ones accessible. The website has always been recognized for its healthy nutritional content, which provided a substantially faster download speed. The website also managed to avoid the mass torrent prohibition imposed in 2016. Despite this, the site was never able to maintain its reputation. TorLock does have numerous drawbacks, one of which is its lack of stability. TorLock is not one of the most consistent gush sites because it frequently goes unavailable.

8. LimeTorrents

Limetorrents is one of the top torrent websites for downloading movies, TV shows, software, Android apps, music, and more. The site makes use of the peer-to-peer BitTorrent data transfer mechanism. As we all know, no gush website will ever run properly because of legal or piracy concerns. Nonetheless, you do not need to be concerned because new torrent websites with improved features appear daily. Fortunately, Lime gushes operators and other Torrent fans help us with the most recent Limetorrents proxy & Lime gushes mirror sites, containing similar information, indexes, and updates with new material. The only difference is that they run under a different name.

9. YTS

YTS is one of the greatest sites and is nearly an essential part of every user’s everyday life worldwide. Throughout the years, this website has maintained a considerable lead over other gush sites. The YTS torrent website is popular due to its excellent graphic design and downloading compatibility. There is a diverse selection of movies, television shows, and web series in various languages and genres. This website makes it simple to download web series from the United States, India, Korea, Japan, and China.

The YTS gush motion picture website mostly focuses on giving free Hollywood and Bollywood films. However, according to Google Trends, the website’s popularity has dropped significantly in recent months, owing mostly to the limited accessibility of resources on this torrent site. Users are severely dissatisfied with the functioning of this website, but we will not let you down any longer.

10. EZTV

EZTV is one of the most active gush websites for TELEVISION present fans. It’s packed with options to help you improve your torrenting skills, from an integrated anonymity checker on the main websites to a calendar that lists episode release dates for a slew of shows. The website is simple to use, but if you have any issues, there is a comprehensive FAQ and help section and an active discussion board. While browsing EZTV’s website, it’s best to use a popup blocker because clicking on menu links generates clean popup windows. Is EZTV restricted? Are you looking for alternate methods to unclog EZTV? There are numerous ways to enter EZTV when it is obstructed. Nonetheless, EZTV Proxy & Mirror sites are the most effective solution. However, finding functioning EZTV Proxies and Mirrors is far from simple.

11. TorrentDownloads

For many decades, the site torrentdownloads products have provided access to the most recent TV Shows, Movies, Music, Games, Software, Anime, Books, and many others. The site’s content is numerous, and you’ll acquire brand-new releases of flicks and programs in seconds. Even though the number of the finest torrent websites is reducing, many visitors use this website regularly to get stuff for free. Gush Downloads proxy sites will be clones of their original site, https://torrentdownloads.me. They have the same layout, gushes, and enhancements as the previous domain. As a result, if you are unable to obtain Torrent Downloads for any reason, you can utilize the Proxy sites given below to bypass it.

12. KickassTorrents.to

Kickass, also known as KAT gushes, is similar to Silk Road 2.0. They went through a series of ups and downs. It was released in 2008 and has been around for around eight years. The US Department of Justice seized its domain in 2016, and its owner and founder, a isohunt tu Ukrainian citizen, was jailed in Poland. Even after eight years, KickAssTorrents will change its domain name to avoid seizures by police. This website was largely used for downloading games and movies. Following that, multiple bogus websites similar to the real one appeared, each loaded with a large amount of Malware and Phishing Pages.

13. Torrentz2

Is Torrentz2.eu unavailable for you? You are not by yourself. The top-rated torrent meta-search engines. The Eu domain has stopped operating for consumers worldwide. EURid, the computer registry manager for the. Eu domain notified the site’s operator of public concern. While the order’s details are unknown, suspicions of a lengthy court battle are what happened to isohunt circulating. Torrentz2.eu was a popular destination for video games, movies, books, music, and many Internet users. It was a torrent search engine that offered results from well-known torrent websites such as The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, and RARBG, among many others.

14. LimeTorrents

Limetorrents is one of the top torrent websites for downloading movies, TV shows, software, Android apps, music, and more. The site makes use of the peer-to-peer BitTorrent data transfer mechanism. As we all know, no gush website will ever run properly because of legal or piracy concerns. Nonetheless, you do not need to be concerned because new torrent websites with improved features appear daily. Fortunately, Lime gushes operators and other Torrent fans help us with the most www isohunt to recent Limetorrents proxy & Lime gushes mirror sites, containing similar information, indexes, and updates with new material. The only difference is that they run under a different name.

15. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent made its presence known in 2006 when torrent websites such as Mininova and TorrentSpy ruled the land. ExtraTorrents fought hard, and until a few years ago, it was the second-largest torrent website after Pirate Bay, with tens of thousands of visitors every day. The website was well-known for hosting films and television shows. As a result, various issues were raised with hosting companies and domain name service providers, causing the site to go offline. Nonetheless, it is unclear whether the torrent giant’s demise was triggered by legal pressure.

16. Thepiratebays3

Usage In 2021, Thepiratebays3 will be the newest and quickest proxy. TPB is an abbreviation for The Pirate Bay, established in 2003. Pirated magnetic links and torrent files are available on this torrent website. It has a user-friendly interface that employs peer-to-peer file-sharing methods through the BitTorrent protocol. The inventor of the pirate bay was sentenced to one year in prison in 2009. ISPs have blocked this site in numerous countries. However, multiple proxy websites are still easily accessible via the internet. The website contained a lot of popup adverts and was the third most popular torrent site in the world in 2019.

17. ETTV

ETTV is the best gush website on the internet. When I first discovered this website, it was fantastic; during the quarantine day due to COVID-19, everyone should log in to ETTV to watch interesting and wonderful motion movies. It is a trustworthy network of torrent trackers with a large meta torrent database. It provides isohunt piratebay customers with thousands of seeders and uploaders with 100% certified gush files. Is it impeded in your country? Or you are unable to access it. Don’t worry; we’ve covered the top torrent options and proxy services. ETTV has a neighborhood dedicated to torrent uploaders and seeders. For users, these proxies and mirror sites are the greatest solution. These are the methods for gaining access to torrent websites.

18. TorrentFunk

torrentfunk debuted in 2011. It contains various gush declaration downloading Movies, Music, TV Series, Ebooks, Anime, Software, and other gush stuff. To begin torrenting at Torrentfunk, you only need a working computer isohunt kat and a high-speed internet connection. But what if this website is no longer operational? Because of copyright concerns! If the site is temporarily unavailable, but you do not want to wait to download your chosen torrent files, then here are a few alternatives to Torrentfunk that you will appreciate. So, don’t be concerned if Torrentfunk is no longer available. Alternatively, you could try other sites like Torrentfunk.

Is it possible to unblock Isohunt content?

Isohunt is prohibited in many countries, and yours could be one of them! If you are unable to access Iso Hunt in your region, you should consider utilizing a VPN service. You can effortlessly unblock and enjoy isoHunt material by using isoHunt Proxy and isoHunt Mirror Sites. You can ask your internet service provider to provide you access to the server where these sites get all of their information from. The homepage currently features a variety of information, including movies, television series, and other products.

Why use Isohunt?

IsoHunt’s webpage is well-organized. The main file search box is at the top of the page and includes sophisticated search options such as Boolean search. When you search for torrents on isoHunt, you’re looking for links to torrent files available elsewhere on the internet. To download torrents, torrent files are necessary. A location in the torrent file instructs the torrent program where to seek for the tracker, website, or search engine that handles torrent file upload and download. A competent torrent application will handle the entire process with ease.

IsoHunt’s search options:

  • IsoHunt has a very active member community, one of its most appealing aspects. News, disputes, and discussions regarding the latest torrent technologies are common forum topics.
  • Users may see the most recent torrent sites that Iso Hunt has indexed, as well as the number of torrents, trackers, seed, and leechers that are currently being tracked on each page.
  • It provides a variety of utilities and toolbars, such as a free search engine toolbar, buttons, and Firefox plugins.
  • ISOHunt has several features that make using this torrent search engine intuitive and straightforward, even for novices.
  • Simple Boolean search operators, as well as wildcards, are available in this website.

Benefits of using IsoHunt Website:

It is simple to download:

The process of downloading any torrent from isoHunt is simple. To download a torrent file, click the “Download.torrent” link. The isoHunt torrent materials can then be downloaded by connecting them to a specific location where everything will be saved. Individual files in the torrent can be downloaded or skipped simply clicking on them one at a time.

Downloading is easy:

Depending on how busy it is or the type of membership you have, the method for downloading the file will differ. Regular isoHunt torrents can occasionally be downloaded at 1000 KB per second isohunt]. However, depending on the content, the Pro edition of isoHunt can download at speeds of up to 7000 KB per second. The download tool will surely make your file sharing life easier, whether you use the ordinary iso Hunt or the Pro edition.

Installing it is simple:

One of the most crucial components of getting Iso Hunt to work is how simple it is. You can obtain it by clicking on the relevant link above. A suitable installation client will be isohunt,com downloaded at this moment. As a result, the user will be able to download the most recent version of the isoHunt torrent search system. This is isohunt down method works by having someone search the internet for torrents and then linking them to the isoHunt application. The website iso Hunt will make it simple to find numerous torrents. If you’re already familiar with the system, you may control http isohunt com torrents and switch to quicker performance by using the download application.

Adding Torrents:

Adding torrents is equally straightforward. A user can go to the Post New Release part of the isoHunt program and submit a torrent’s description as well as details on the individual files that will be included in the torrent. This can isohunt inc. founder make adding new resources to the isoHunt software easier. The file can then be uploaded utilizing the downloader’s easy prompt. If the user is logged in and the file is available on the current machine or server, the user’s material should be made available for download.

It all works well:

Overall, the process of using isoHunt should be straightforward. This program offers an easy-to-use interface that is straightforward to use and install. Anyone can use this tool to find a variety of free documents and downloads. Individuals can also submit their products for consideration. The large amount isohunt org of information offered shows that consumers can get practically everything they want from the website.

What services does Iso Hunt provide?

IsoHunt’s services are incredibly useful for everyone who wants to go online and get free kickass isohunt items. The application offers an easy-to-use search interface that allows anyone to rapidly identify files of any type. A number of criteria can be used to find files. There are movies, music, games, and other forms of media available.

It can have at least five million torrents active at any given time. These include torrents, which can be many gigabytes in size and contain a variety of file formats. Because of the enormous number, everyone should be able to easily locate different files. The best part is that there is no cost to utilize the isoHunt application. There is no monthly fee for torrents isohunt downloading or utilizing the service. Everything is shared among site visitors.

Final Thoughts:

Iso Hunt Proxy enables you to access isoHunt, a popular online torrent file index and repository, even if it is restricted in your region. The curated list has been thoroughly vetted, and the isoHunt mirror sites are up and running. In a secure environment, you can browse, download, search, and post torrents of various entertainment items appropriate to your interests.

You can use Iso Hunt at any time and download your preferred stuff. IsoHunt.com, the original Iso Hunt website, was a major changer in the online world. It received a massive amount of attention. This was due to the substance as well as the user-friendly design. However, several new isoHunt mirror proxy sites have sprung up after it was taken down. People can use the isoHunt proxy mentioned above to unblock isoHunt sites, even though many are blocked in various locations.



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