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How to Remove Yahoo Search From Safari

Yahoo Search is a reputable search engine that is well-liked by users, as we already know. Furthermore, a wide variety of browser hijackers, including SearchModule, Search Protection, Yahoo SearchProtect, and many others, are accessible. The users will be redirected by these hijackers to use search.yahoo.com rather than the search engine that we have set up. Despite the fact that Yahoo Search is a safe website, occasionally other viruses will tamper with the browser’s settings and end up on the Yahoo site. Cybercriminals do this in order to profit from the searches we make. In order to prevent data leaks or hacks, you must uninstall Yahoo search from Safari and other Mac browsers.

Reasons to Get Yahoo Redirect Virus on MAC

Here are some possible reasons for the MAC to become infected with the Yahoo redirect malware.

Bundling is what users might encounter if they went to a website to download free software. The necessary software is bundled with other software by the download manager, which may contain malware or other harmful items.

Malvertising: The bulk of malicious websites that show deceptive pop-up adverts utilise this approach frequently. A pop-up message informing the users that their system needs to be updated may appear. The system instals malicious software from the website when the user clicks and continues.

How to Remove Yahoo Search From Mac

On the Mac, the Yahoo redirect cannot be installed directly. Therefore, the browsers are the only avenue via which the malware might possibly get into the Mac. The redirect must now be deleted from the browser in order to be removed. But, there are various ways to get rid of the Yahoo Search engine in each browser.

Remove Yahoo Search from Safari

1. Open the Safari browser and select “Preference” from the list of options.

2. The users can input the URL of their favourite start page in the site option under the General tab.

3. Select a “Search Engine” from the drop-down list under the “Search” tab.

4. Next, check to see if there are any suspicious additions by selecting the Extension option from the menu.

5. Remove or uninstall any harmful extensions that are discovered.

6. Select the “Manage Website Data” option under the “Privacy” settings.

7. The “Remove All” option will be available for customers to completely uninstall the “Yahoo Search Engine” from Mac.

8. Next, delete your cookies and browsing history before continuing.

Remove Yahoo Search from Firefox

1. Launch Firefox and type “about: addons” into the address bar.

2. Select the suspicious-looking extension from the list.

3. Select the “Remove” option from the list by clicking on the three dots next to the name.

4. Enter “about: preferences” as the URL in the address bar.

5. To reset the homepage and search engine, choose the “Home and Search” category from the list.

6. Users can now delete their data history by selecting the “Privacy & Settings” option.

Remove Yahoo Search from Chrome

1. To access Chrome’s settings pages, use the Chrome browser and type “chrome:/settings”.

2. Users can configure the required homepage by choosing the On startup option from the left side of the screen.

3. From a list, they can choose the desired “Search Engine.”

4. Users can also wipe their browser’s history by selecting the “Privacy and Security” option.

5. Enter the URL to access the “chrome:/extensions” tab.

6. Check to see whether any suspicious additions have been installed, and if not, uninstall them.

Install the Blocksite plugin on Chrome to prevent undesirable websites while browsing.

The search.yahoo.com website is a browser hijacker rather than a virus. Although it uses the Yahoo search engine, the malware’s developers, who profit from redirection, are unrelated to Yahoo. The risk is great since by just overtaxing the CPU, they might take any personal data from the Mac device. In order to protect personal information and have a secure browsing experience, users should uninstall any suspicious apps or extensions from their device. On the other hand, using a reliable antivirus on a Mac is advised to stop viruses from getting onto the computer.

Questions and Answers

How can I get Safari to stop using Yahoo Safe Search?

The user must log in to their account on the Yahoo search page in order to do this. Select the Settings option by clicking on the app’s icon on the result page. Select SafeSearch preference from the drop-down menu by clicking the Preference option now. The user will finally have the chance to successfully disable the Yahoo safe search option in Safari.


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