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How to Hide Messages on Messenger in 2023


You may stay in touch with coworkers and friends using Messenger’s instant messaging program. People frequently sneak onto our screens while using them, especially when speaking with someone. Think it’s upsetting and a violation of your privacy. You might not always want to identify the person you are talking to. You can delete their profile and hide it appear invisible in your chat list. There is an option to hide messages in Facebook Messenger. The necessary person’s chat box is removed, but the conversation remains intact.

How to Hide Messages on Messenger

There is no built-in option to hide messages in Messenger. To stop others from reading the chat, you can instead archive it.

Android & iPhone:

1. Start the Messenger app, then find the conversation you wish to keep private.

2. Hold down the conversation for a long option and tap Archive. Instead, select Archive by swiping the chat from right to left.

3. And that’s it, and The main screen will be hidden during the conversation.

Messenger Web Version:

1. select Messenger and choose the conversation you wish to have.

2. click your mouse over the three lines icon next to the friend’s Facebook name.

3. select the Archive Chat radio option.

How to Unhide Messages on Messenger

By unarchiving the conversation on Messenger, you can read the hidden messages whenever you like.

Android & iPhone:

1. On the Messenger app, tap the profile image.

2. select Archived chats.

3. Facebook Messenger is where you can access all of your hidden or archived messages.

4. To unarchive a conversation, swipe it from right to left.

Messenger Web Version:

1.  Click on your profile image on the Messenger web app.

2. Pick Archived Chats

3. tap on the three dots next to the proper person’s name.

4. Select the Unarchive chat

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you hide birthday wishes on Facebook fade away?

Go to the birthday greeting post on your timeline by opening Facebook.

Tap the three-dot icon in the thread for birthday wishes in the top right corner.

Click the option marked Hide from profile.

How many spam messages be deleted from Messenger without responding?

Start the necessary conversation in the Messenger program.

Tap the profile image, then select Support and Privacy.

Decide to ignore messages.



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