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Horizon Zero Dawn PC Upset To Guerilla Games

Guerrilla Games’ developers recently responded to fans disappointed that aloy Horizon Zero Dawn 2 was coming to PC. According to the developers, other individuals enjoying Horizon Zero Dawn forbidden west do not detract from the delight of PS4 users.

Sam Sharma, a former Guerrilla Games developer, responded to a Horizon Zero Dawn power cell locations fan’s tweet. This supposed admirer posted a video of this individual trashing his equipment. He supposedly had a fit because Horizon Zero Dawn pc was coming to PC.

PlayStation and Guerrilla Games:

This guy praised PlayStation and Guerrilla Games sarcastically and remarked that “decades were squandered away, and it was all for nothing.” In response, the Guerrilla Games lego horizon zero dawn creator stated

Clearly, the developer was frustrated and couldn’t understand this person’s logic. Other Guerrilla Games developers responded on the page, expressing their annoyance and perplexity. Other PlayStation console owners expressed their displeasure in the post’s comments section. These folks horizon zero dawn free felt deceived since the game’s exclusivity was taken away from them. Also review Frictional Games Teases New Title I Am Still Tasi.

Some folks preferred:

Who would have guessed some folks preferred to keep their games to themselves? These self-proclaimed fans believe that since they are dedicated to a platform, others should not be able to enjoy its exclusives. Horizon Zero Dawn walkthrough has been available for the PlayStation 4 for three years.

This should give console horizon zero dawn ancient armory fans plenty of time to play the game to their hearts’ content. However, other people believe that exclusivity has aided the growth of console gaming. According to these individuals, the value of the PS4 is lessened when its exclusive games are made available on other platforms ps5 upgrade. Here you can also check Cancellation Gamescom Disease Covid19 2021.

Sony Entertainment:

The Sony Interactive Entertainment even assured fans that Horizon Zero Dawn’s PC release is not indicative of a trend. Sony appears to have anticipated a backlash from PS loyalists in response to its PC port. Finally, the developers of Guerrilla Games summed it up correctly. Instead of getting possessive about a game aloy, devoted fans can encourage others to play it.


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