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Frictional Games Teases New Title I Am Still Tasi

Frictional Games blog has been working on a project without advance notice for a little while, and the developer is finally ready to release a few teasers — this time, specifically.

Frictional Games released:

Best Frictional Games next game released a trailer earlier today showing a woman named Tasi searching for someone important from her first-person point of view. She appears restless and spastic, and she needs to remind herself twice that she is “still” Tasi. The video then begins to show a barren, desolate landscape where a strange blue light emanates from a cause that is hidden in the shadows. Frictional Games are well-known for their enigmatic and ghostly tone, and we may hope that they will soon provide more information. You can also check Cancellation Gamescom Disease Covid19 2021.

Frictional Games updated:

Earlier this month, Frictional Games forums updated their official website with a tiny vibration like a neuron that has started to grow throughout the day. Right now, this kind of signal has evolved into a viable embryo or at least one that appears to be human on the surface. The baby may develop further in the days to come, but before the trailer for today’s teaser, this was the only teaser that had released for its project without prior notice.


The Swedish game developer is renowned for focusing on horror survival games that rely little on (if at all) conventional combat actual gameplay and instead force the player to survive by trying to hide and escape. The most recent horror experiences from Frictional Games next project include Penumbra, Amnesia, and Soma. To date, the developer has been required to wait three to five years before releasing anything new. Since the release of Soma in 2015, there has only been silence.

It’s safe to say that hasn’t appeared in the last four years. Whatever the developer has done, there will be a huge improvement compared to previous games. At this point, it would be appropriate to assume that an announcement will be issued soon and that it will likely release a version throughout the year.


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