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How To Guide & Tips Farthest Frontier Farming

If you’re playing the new sim colony game from the middle to late game, you need a Farthest Frontier farming guide and general advice. To keep your populace content and fed, you must farm fruits, vegetables, meat, and crops in Farthest Frontier game. However, you must master farming if you want to keep up in Farthest Frontier. Jaxon is here to give you the best farming advice for the Farthest Frontier steam, one that will feed your population for years. The Farthest Frontier download official farming guide has some information, but not all of it is well described.

Farthest Frontier best crops:

If you want to start farming right away as the game begins, you should plop down a 55-farm. Littlefield, a Reddit member, has researched farming in farthest frontier developer and can offer some good crop rotations for the early, mid, and late game.

Crop rotations for high fertility:

These crop rotations will give you excellent fertility over years in steam Farthest Frontier, as well as some extra food as a bonus. Utilizing rotation staggering, which ensures that each field has a different combination across all farming years, you should use three different farms for the majority of the farming rotations.


While the best approach to give fertility in farthest frontier system requirements, this crop rotation won’t provide you with any food. Also check How About Cooking Guide In Cult Of The Lamb.

Peas + Clovers + Maintenance

Peas and clovers will significantly give you fertility while also providing you with food. Feel free to switch to another combination in this crate entertainment farthest frontier guide that produces more food when the fertility level is between 70 and 75.

Green and Beans fertility

This rotation will give you some fertility, a little bit more food production, and long-lasting beans for the harsh winter on the farthest frontier crate.

Flax High fertility

Farming flax in farthest frontier early access can produce a lot of gold, especially early on. You can also check Totem Memory Guide For Soul Hackers 2.

Beans + Roots + Rye

You get a little bit of a mix from this crop rotation: roots, vegetables, beans, and rye with good fertility farthest frontier gameplay.

Beans + Roots + Flax Positive

Another adaptable crop rotation for farming farthest frontier trailer provides you with vegetables, beans, greens, and flax while keeping fertility.

Farthest Frontier: Fertility-neutral crop rotations

You can choose crop rotations that give you a little bit more food if you have a good supply of food and a high fertility level (+70).

Leek + peas rotation 

This rotation is particularly good for the early-mid game since leeks, a good source of food in Farthest Frontier, produce a lot of greens.

Greens and Beans

If you require a lot of greens and beans that won’t spoil throughout the winter, a good crop rotation is recommended.

Root vegetables

Since the vegetables are more resistant to soiling, this crop rotation is good if you are having problems with it. Vegetables are a good source of late-game preservable as well as food for your cows.

Rye rotation

For the early to mid-game in Farthest Frontier, this is a good rotation for your wheat farming. You will have plenty of wheat for your bakery and cows, and the fertility won’t be greatly affected.

Farthest Frontier: High output rotations – fertility negative

Wheat/Rye + Leeks

You get a lot of wheat from this rotation along with some leaks. However, you must use some compost; else, your fertility would quickly fall to 50.

Farthest Frontier general tips for farming:

The game has been played by us from the beginning. Here, we’ve compiled a few Farthest Frontier farming hints that we wish we’d known before the game ever launched.

1 . Start your farming as soon as you can.

After placing your town center and initial shelters, press F to display the fertility overview, and then begin planting a 5 by 5 farm to start your farm.

2 . Start by doing maintenance

You must perform maintenance in the first year or years to get rid of rocks and weeds. If your fertility is low, you can add a few rotations of clover.

3. Always work on farming a crop

Once your first 5 by 5 field is finished, add a second one, and then the third one so you may cycle crops.

4. To increase fertility, use cows to graze in the fields.

Set down a barn when you have the resources to do so. Spend your saved 1000–1200 gold on two cows (5–600 gold each), then start grazing. Purchase two cows to expand your herd. Change the fields with clovers’ frequent mowing of the grass.

5.Aim for no less than 1010 fields.

The area for the cows is 10 by 10. In the later game, increase the size of your farms to at

6. least 1010 to maximize the grassing area for the cows.

Limit your speed. Plan accordingly because farmers will prioritize developing new fields over those already in use: Wait until you plan a new farm if you are running low on food because your farmers might miss one or two harvests.

7. To increase food by 10%, add mud or sand.

Every crop has a preferred type of soil. You can click on each field to add sand or clay to increase output even more.

8. No matter how large the field, compost has the same impact.

Compost will have the same impact on a small field as it will on a large one in Farthest Frontier.

9. A good early combination is peas and clovers.

In Farthest Frontier, peas are a great crop since they both provide you with greens and increase the fertility of the field. For even more fertility boosting, you can cram a round of clover into an annual rotation.

Farthest Frontier crop information and explanation

Crop Yield:

This tells you how much food your crop will produce. Better is a higher number.

Frost and Heat Tolerance:

This shows how resistant your crops are to heat in the summer and frost in the winter. Frost and Heat Tolerance If planted early in the year, a plant with a low frost tolerance will probably suffer damage. If planted farthest frontier price late in the year, a plant with a low heat tolerance is likely to be harmed.

Rockiness resilience + Weed suppression:

This shows how well your crop can manage rocks/weed in the field. Rockiness Resilience + Weed Suppression Higher is preferable. Use maintenance to remove weeds and rocks.

Grow time:

You cannot alter this figure, which shows farthest frontier reddit how much time your crops will need to grow. There are 270 working days in a year.

effects on fertility:

This figure shows how much your crop will affect the fertility of the field.

Dependence on fertility:

This figure shows how much the crop will depend on overall fertility. A low value shows that the fertility value will not have a great release date effect.


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