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How to Change Profile Picture on Facebook 2023

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all widely used social media platforms. Meta offers a distinct chat app for Facebook called Messenger. You may chat with every account you have on Facebook by linking your accounts. On Android handsets, you can use it as the default messaging app in addition to interacting with your Facebook pals. Your Messenger app will automatically display the profile picture you set for your Facebook account. Change your Facebook profile picture via the app or web browser if you wish to change the Messenger profile picture.

How to Change Profile Picture on Messenger [Android & iPhone]

You can change the profile picture for your Messenger account without the Facebook app on your Android or iPhone.

#1: Launch the Facebook app on your phone or tablet and select your profile photo.

#2: Click the camera icon next to the picture you’re seeing and select Select Profile Picture.

#3: Select a picture from your gallery or take a new one with your device’s camera.

#4: Facebook will offer three choices on the Preview page:

. Edit – There are options to crop the photo and add text, emojis, and filters.

. Frames – You can apply frames to the popular platform profile pictures or the ones used by your friends as their profile pictures.

. Make Temporary – You can set the profile picture for a little period, including an hour, a day, a week, or a custom amount of time.

#5. After making all the needed modifications, select whether or not you want to post the update on Facebook.#

#6. Finally, click Save.

#7: Go ahead and open the Messenger app, and the new picture will appear right away.

Restart Messenger (Settings Apps Messenger Storage Clear Storage) if you can’t see the new profile picture on the app.

How to Change Profile Picture on Messenger [Web Version]

You can change the Facebook Messenger profile picture in addition to using the Facebook app on PCs.

#1. Log in to your Facebook account by visiting www.facebook.com.

#2. Go to your profile page and click the camera icon next to the picture you are presently using.

#3. To upload a new photo from your PC, choose the +Upload Photo option.

#4. Alternatively, you can select a picture from your Facebook library.

#5. At this point, adjust the picture’s zoom level to your liking.

#6. Finally, click Save in step

#7. Open Messenger now to view the changed profile picture.

Is it Possible to Change the Profile Picture on Messenger Without Facebook?

No, you can’t change the profile picture outside of Facebook because Messenger depends on a Facebook account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I remove my Messenger profile picture?

You must remove the display picture on the Facebook app or website to remove your profile picture from Messenger.


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