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Top 20 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives Proxy Sites

It has also hosted a wide range of torrents as well as magnetic links of numerous contents. ExtraTorrent was primarily introduced as a search engine with a humongous online index of digital content for media, entertainment, and software. But soon, its ladders upped the charts and became one of the 5 BitTorrent indexes across the planet. As we have said above, it is extratorrent safe quite famous amongst torrent lovers, and the reason behind it is its characteristics. Be it easy to access and buttery interface or its Everest collection of new and old torrents of various genres. Why don’t you and I extensively move to the next section and perform a quick scan at ExtraTorrent characteristics? So, let’s head to the ExtraTorrent offerings and know what exactly ExtraTorrent delivers to the users, which makes the users an ant and ExtraTorrent twitter a jar of cookies.

ExtraTorrent Characteristics and Offerings:

A platform’s traits, nature, and content make it the first option of millions of users worldwide, and we feel ExtraTorrent hit the nerve right. In this section doctor strange in the multiverse of madness extratorrent, we will look at the features of Extratorrent that set it apart from other torrent sites and make it popular among internet users.

So, here are the ExtraTorrent website’s features and offerings.

  • ExtraTorrents possess a huge collection of torrents which helps users easily browse what they are seeking, be it the latest movies, TV series, applications, games, anime, etc.
  • ExtraTorrents offers its users a clean and friendly user interface that assists users in getting their desired content hassle-free and without putting extra effort.
  • It is profoundly known for hosting a wide range of magnetic links and torrent links for various content.
  • With the aid of the ExtraTorrent search bar, you can almost search for anything from the latest movies and Web series, popular games and software to trendy anime, etc.
  • One of the biggest traits of ExtraTorrent, which makes it one of the most trafficked torrent sites on the planet, is it provides a higher number of peers, seeds, and leechers for faster downloading.

ExtraTorrent website’s features:

  • ExtraTorrent enables users to download multiple torrent files of various genres simultaneously, saving the users’ efforts but their valuable time too.
  • On ExtraTorrent, users can effortlessly download full newly released music albums for absolutely free and at once.
  • From ExtraTorrent com torrent, netizens can also download high-quality movies from the various significant film industries, including Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood.
  • Don’t worry if you have missed an important episode of your favorite TV series, as you can download the latest episode and the entire series for free.
  • ExtraTorrent wikipedia is also a great destination to download unique and alluring wallpapers, screensavers, and HD images.
  • Looking for applications and software for your device, found all the categories of applications and software at ExtraTorrent despite worrying about the company.
  • ExtraTorrents also takes care of book lovers’ audience, and that’s why it offers torrent links and magnetic links to download E-books.
  • You can also download the cracked version of every kind of software from one of the biggest torrent sites, ExtraTorrents.

Take a Breath! That’s it; these are some prominent ExtraTorrents characteristics and offerings, but as you know, the tale can’t be completed without the tragedy in the hero’s life. Something happened a few years back that has not affected millions of torrent users and ExtraTorrents fans drastically and made them disheartened. Want to know what’s the case with Extratorrent? Walk with us to the next section.

What’s the Case With ExtraTorrent?

ExtraTorrent couldn’t escape the fate that had been written for all of the notorious torrent sites. ExtraTorrent wiki was restricted by authorities in numerous countries because it was a popular distributor of pirated content that included a large selection of movies, TV series, music, apps, software, and much more. For example, the United Kingdom, the United States, India, and France. The obvious explanation for the restriction is the re-distribution of copyrighted content, which is why governmental authorities and agencies have noticed that internet service providers block the ExtraTorrent client website.

Extratorrent Delivering:

Extratorrent. cc was formed in 2006, and after delivering a massive range of torrents for more than a decade, it voluntarily shut down on May 17, 2017. The catch in the story is that you may still access ExtraTorrent and satisfy your demand for desired content in a variety of methods. Yes, you read that correctly! You can still use Extratorrent to download movies, TV shows, anime, games, software, and other content. So, keep reading to find out how to access ExtraTorrent and how to download torrent files from it.

ExtraTorrent Unblock:

As previously stated, the official website of ExtraTorrent was blocked by authorities in several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and India, due to copyright restrictions and privacy concerns. So the question is, “How will you be able to circumvent the ban and unblock ExtraTorrent?”

You will be unable to download desired content such as movies, music, games, apps, and software unless ExtraTorrent is extratorrent cc unblocked. So, what is your next step? How will you obtain the needed content? Don’t think too hard about it, because in this part, you’ll see how to effortlessly unblock the ExtraTorrent site and download the files. So, let’s see how you may unblock ExtraTorrent and redirect to your selected content, and then we’ll move on to the downloading process.

Ways to Unblock ExtraTorrent:

There are four most common and effective ways through which you can easily unblock ExtraTorrent and explore the humongous library of content.

  • Through Proxy and Mirror Sites
  • Using a Premium VPN
  • With the Assistance of the Tor Browser
  • By Inserting  HTTPS

Method 1: Through Proxy and Mirror Sites

The primary function of Extratorrent proxy sites is to give a front end for torrent file downloads without the need for a VPN, as the popular are often restricted by internet service providers. To put it simply, proxy mirror websites connect you to the website you want to visit without showing your IP address. With the use of a proxy website, you will be able to redirect to the website you want to visit even if it is blocked or restricted in your region. You will be able to access ExtraTorrent and download your desired stuff, such as the latest and old movies, TV shows, anime, games, and much more, in this manner. So, let’s have a look at several working ExtraTorrent proxy sites in 2022 and learn how to utilize them to access reddit extratorrent and download your preferred stuff.

ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites 2022:

Here are several ExtraTorrent Proxy sites 2022 that we handpicked and added after thoroughly reviewing each of them. These ExtraTorrent Proxy sites will act as a conduit between you and the ExtraTorrent website’s content. By visiting the ExtraTorrent proxy sites listed below, you will be directed to ExtraTorrent, where you will be able extratorrent\ to download your favorite movies and television series for free and in excellent quality.

Steps to Unblock ExtraTorrents via Proxy Sites and Mirror Sites:

  • To unblock ExtraTorrents with the aid of ExtraTorrents proxy and mirror websites, simply initiate by opening your favorite browser on your system.
  • Next, you have to insert the ExtraTorrent proxy and mirror sites (that we have quoted above) in the URL address bar of your preferred browser.

By performing these mere steps, you can simply unblock and access the content available on ExtraTorrent.


ExtraTorrent.cc is one of the most important and well-known ExtraTorrent proxies. It is the most popular proxy site among internet users since it allows them to find their preferred content. The site is usually designated with the goal of delivering recently released movies to users while having a wonderful time. In addition to the foregoing, you can download various altered documents from ExtraTorrent, such as codes and a variety of other objects. There is no doubt that ExtraTorrent.cc is one of the most popular websites on the internet.

ExtraTorrent.cc Unblock:

If you are unable to access ExtraTorrent.cc because it is limited to your region, you can simply set up a VPN (in the following section, we have briefly explained what is VPN, how it works, and what are the best VPN) and enjoy the ExtraTorrent.cc proxy site. You can also utilize other proxy sites, such as extratorrent replacement, to access the extratorrent com unblocked, which we have listed above.


As previously said, if one proxy site fails to load, you may simply move on to the next. ExtraTorrent2, which is an awesome proxy service to unblock ExtraTorrent and receive your preferred content for free and in high quality, is another great proxy site you can check out to access extratorrent cc today. ExtraTorrent2, like ExtraTorrent.cc, is known for providing the most recent movies, web series, songs, games, and other content. It also gives other materials that can be downloaded, such as scripting, programming, and so on.

Users may simply find the material they are looking for on the Extratorrent2 proxy site by using the extensive filters and tools to explore tons of torrents. Another distinguishing feature of the Extratorrent website is its traditional and user-friendly user interface, which makes the entire process seamless and straightforward.

Using a Premium VPN:

We believe that the most of our readers are familiar with VPNs and how they function, but those who are not can read on to learn more.

Steps to Unblock ExtraTorrent With the Help of a VPN:

Here are the basic steps you may take to set up and unblock ExtraTorrent with the use of a VPN.

  • Once up have downloaded the VPN on your system, now simply follow the on-screen directions to install the VPN software on your system.
  • Next, you will require to signup in order to use the services of the VPN.
  • Now that you have signed up for the VPN services, next, you have to enable the network lock or kill switch of the VPN that you have installed on your system.
  • In this step, you have to look out for a country where P2P sharing is accessible easily, let’s say, Russia, Japan or the Netherlands. Next, connect to the VPN of the same by choosing the server and hitting the Connect button.
  • Lastly, wait till the connection between you and the server is established successfully. Once you are linked with the server, head to the ExtraTorrent website and easily explore and download the content you are seeking.

And that is how you can use a VPN to unblock and access the ExtraTorrent website. Another option to access extratorrent ag proxy is with the Tor Browser.

With the Assistance of the Tor Browser:

Tor Browser is another good way to access extratorrent one because it is a reporting software that works with an internet host and transmits internet traffic from one server to another. Simply click on the link provided below to download the Tor Browser. By clicking on the above link, you will be routed to the official Tor browser page, where you may easily download according to your operating system. In terms of installation, simply follow the on-screen instructions and you will be able to install the Tor browser on your PC.

Using HTTPS:

1. You can also unblock and access the ExtraTorrent website, and you will be able to access torrent file categories on the ExtraTorrent site over HTTPS.

2. HTTPS essentially permits secure socket coding over HTTP sites to make connections confidential and private.

3. Most websites do not have SSL installed to allow HTTPS browsing, however this time the stars of our favorite website are aligned appropriately. That is to say

4. Extratorrent does support SSL, and it may be readily loaded on HTTPS to circumvent the ban enforced by authorities and officials.

How to Unblock ExtraTorrent Using HTTPS?

Unblocking the extratorrent is down Websites using HTTPS is a very simple chore and can be performed in no time.

All you have to do is:-

  • To open a website in HTTPS, simply insert “https://” before the URL in the dedicated URL box and hit the Enter Button.

By doing this, you will be redirected to the ExtraTorrent site and check out the stuff you are looking for. Now, we have come to a delicious part of today’s topic, which is how you can download your favorite movies, music, games, software, and much more from ExtraTorrents.

How to Download Content From ExtraTorrents?

Downloading content from a torrent site may be a routine task for an experienced internet user, but it can be perplexing or confusing for novice users. Recognizing and recognizing this problem, we have built and deployed the simple steps that will allow you to quickly download Content from ExtraTorrent. So, let’s get started and learn how to get content via ExtraTorrent.

Steps to Download Content from ExtraTorrent:

These are the steps you can take to download your preferred movies, music, apps, games, and other content from ExtraTorrent.

Before you begin downloading ExtraTorrent content, ensure that you have a fast and steady internet connection. To download torrent files from ExtraTorrent or other torrent sites, you will also need a torrent client such as BitTorrent or Utorrent.

  • Once you have established a secure VPN connection, begin with launching your preferred browser. For instance:- Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari, etc.
  • Now, simply head to the ExtraTorrent or put the ExtraTorrent mirror sites and proxy sites in the URL address of the browser.
  • Once you have reached the ExtraTorrent site, you will notice a search bar on the top, through which you can easily look out for your desired content.

ExtraTorrent / various torrents:

You can also browse and download stuff from various torrents, such as TV torrents, movie torrents, music torrents, books torrents, anime torrents, and so on.

  • Now, click on the torrent name which you want to download, and it will redirect to the next page.
  • On the Next page, click on the magnet sign, which is termed a magnet link; after clicking on it, you will notice a pop-up dialogue box.

The Dialog box contains two options, the first is open BitTorrent or UTorrent, and the other one is to cancel, from which you have to select the open BitTorrent or Utorrent (torrent clients). You can also download the torrent file and open it in the torrent client in order to get your desired content.

  • After hitting on the open BitTorrent or UTorrent, it will open BitTorrent or UTorrent for you, and your download will begin; once the file gets downloaded, you will be notified.

You can easily download your favorite as well as new movies, TV series, the latest games and software, popular anime, and other varied stuff by following these brief instructions in order.

Top 20 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives Proxy Sites:

Extratoorent was the sole best torrent site for many torrent users. However, there are also additional torrent sites that are less well-known.

1. 1337x

1337x is undoubtedly the smartest torrent site right now, and it’s most likely how people who are unfamiliar with file-sharing imagine all torrent websites to look. Despite its sleek homepage, 1337x has been active since 2007, providing new content to torrent users all around the world. The primary domain of 1337x is currently 1337x.to, but there are multiple backup domains, including:

2. The PirateBay

The Pirate Bay is the first site that comes to mind when you hear the phrase torrent. The Pirate Bay is the world’s most advanced torrent website, offering access to an infinite amount of television series, movies, music tracks, movies, software downloads, and other shared files similar to extratorrent.ag proxy. ThePirateBay is a non-profit organization created in 2003 by a group of Swedish anti-copyright activists. It is one of the few torrent websites that has remained within any people’s legal bounds. This means that it cannot be held liable for any copyright violations or other issues that arise as a result of using its website.

3. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is a general-purpose torrent site that appears to be thriving and expanding despite the current stagnation of the file-sharing sector. Lime-Torrents has now launched a redesigned website with a slick design, large buttons for popular categories, and a search box that is nearly impossible to miss. Unfortunately, the rest of the LimeTorrents website is not as well-designed as the initial page. Yes, it should not prevent you from having fun. What matters most is the content, and the LimeTorrents website does not disappoint, giving anything from games, movies, music, TV series, anime, and much more. LimeTorrents is now a well-known ExtraTorrents alternative and the best torrent site.


RARBG is a popular Extrautorrents alternative site. It contains a large selection of the most recent movies and computer gaming collections. It was founded in 2010. Some countries, like the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Australia, have blocked it. Using a VPN will allow you to circumvent these restrictions, allowing extratorrent sites you to access content with caution—while keeping in mind that we do not condone piracy. If you’re in the mood to watch the most recent movies online, RARBG proxy may be the site you choose to use if the initial Website is down.


If you want to see the best torrent site, you’ve come to the right place since EZTV is the largest and best Extratorrent alternative site. For years, EZTV Torrent has been a complete TV program and animation collection. EZTV’s legitimacy has eroded in recent years as a result of safety and personal privacy concerns. The site has also been successful for many years, with new functions, filters, extratorrent cc search and much better floods, among other things. Keep in mind that the Website itself recommends using a VPN before using the solution. Is EZTV prohibited, and are you looking for another way to unblock it? When EZTV is hindered, there are several options for getting it. However, EZTV Proxy & Mirror sites are most likely the best.

6. Torrentz2

Torrentz is a powerful web search engine and the leading torrent site for the most latest movies and music. Torrentz2.eu is a match and a replacement for Torrentz.EU. It was previously one of the most successful solutions to proxy extratorrent. It is a tough and fantastic torrent meta-search engine, with connections to numerous torrent websites. Many days after the initial Torrentz.eu site, Torrentz2 debuted. It has different handling with a massive 75 torrent websites in their database and an aggregate of 55 million gushes. Simultaneously, extra count capabilities such as gush best quality voting are available (fake, password, virus). Also included is a rundown of the most recently tested songs, films, and TV shows.

7. Zooqle

Zooqle is a good alternative to ExtraTorrents since it includes a lot of possibilities for people who want to download free movies and TV episodes; however, what makes this alternative even better is that it’s ideal for gamers all over the world. The Zooqle website has a user-friendly interface that is simple to use and agree with, although it might require a few enhancements that will be implemented over time. However, this torrent website has a lot to offer its users; it is worth searching for and discovering whatever you require. So far, Zooqle is one of the greatest torrent sites for gamers and movie fans, and if it continues in this vein, this torrent website will soon be one of the best.

8. YTS

YTS is a great place to watch pirated movies and TV series. If you are interested in cinema, YTS is just what you need. It is one of the most effective extratorrents.ag proxy alternatives. This website is exclusively dedicated to movies, and it provides its visitors with a vast collection of movies as well as a beautiful user interface. One of the most significant benefits of using this website is that you can download from YTS to save time due of its fast and light service.

9. Kickass

The Website is unavailable practically everywhere; it has been deleted from Australia, the United Kingdom, and other countries. Kickass Torrent is a popular, safe, and secure platform. However, by communicating with a server in a specific location, you can use a VPN to avoid geo-blocks and stay closed when surfing extratorrent.The website is quick and easy to use to search for all of your favorite shows, movies, and products. If you do not find what you are looking for, you will also obtain any feedback from over 165,000 customers on the internet.

10. Fast Torrent

Fast Torrent is extremely different from the other Torrent sites. It’s a magnet link internet site. This implies that the Website contains magnetic connections to torrents of all types. The greatest of the Website is clean, fast, and simple to use. Furthermore, the most recent sleek user interface with ceramic tiles of popular shows was recently offered, as was the most recent search bar on the top. Furthermore, the Website contains a massive assortment of magnetic connectors in different designs. This dramatically elevates The Pirate Bay over ExtraTorrent.

11. TorrentDownloads.me

TorrentDownloads. I is another well-known torrent service that is a good substitute for ExtraTorrent/cc. The majority of the credit belongs to its clean and well-organized torrent library, where users may search and find torrents of their choice. If all other trackers and torrents fail, this is definitely your best bet for finding the movies or TV shows you’re looking for. But, sadly, there is an issue. Because of its high profile, it has been blocked in a number of countries, including extratorrent Proxy and many search engines, therefore you may need to use a VPN or a proxy to access this torrent site.

12. TorrentBit

Torrentbit offers a large movie catalog, but it is designed to distribute TV shows more directly. On the homepage, there is a calendar with all upcoming launch dates and a countdown for major events. Torrentbit offers a large team of people that are all eager to assist you, even if you do not know what you are looking for. why did extratorrent shut down There is also a comprehensive FAQ section. Furthermore, there are numerous gushes that are feasible on the exteratorrents.

13. TorrentGalaxy

TorrentGalaxy is a new torrent website, but its functionality is great and one of the best alternatives to Extratorrent. Despite the fact that it is just a few months old, the Website’s operators are enthusiastic. The site enhances former extratorrent not working members and workers, so they’re scarcely new to the gush world. Nonetheless, they believe that torrents alone are no longer sufficient, so they’ve begun to expand their site with streaming movies, hoping to bridge the gap between the two—a troubling development for Hollywood.

14. Torrents.me

Torrents for many years. In the Torrent, I outweighed many internet sites. You may argue that it is only one of the most well-known torrent sites and the closest alternative to extratorrent me. Torrents.me Because of its amazing graphical user interface and stable download, Torrent is one sites like extratorrent of the most popular sites. Torrents. My torrents contain the best video clips, songs, and other gushes.

15. TorrentReactor

Torrentreactor is widely regarded as the world’s leading internet search engine for torrent information, as well as an efficient and secure search portal. This is just one of the several connections with billions of torrent documents that have been received on a consistent basis by nearly three loads of gush carriers. Torrentreactor is a quick gush data online search engine in addition to being a free torrent service provider. Numerous other key torrent sites are funded extratorrent offline, in addition to its own independent torrent internet search engine. Those who desire to contribute their own produced extratorrent shutdown gushes may share them with others.

16. TorrentFunk

Torrentfunk videos in 720p, 1080p, and 3D resolution are available for download. Even better, they are in the smallest files possible, so you can be confident that your download will be quick. Torrentfunk will like to give its members a positive experience in creating their culture. As you scroll down the page, you’ll see that a strong https extratorrent indicator supports the use of a VPN while torrenting. The Torrentfunk also features a discussion area where all issues can be resolved.

17. Skytorrents

It is a flood online search engine with twelve million floods of movies, apps, TV shows, tutorials, brief articles, and so on. Simply enter your keyword phrase and click get in to see hundreds of torrents. These are the best extratorrent online devices available right now for obtaining the most recent information. To avoid promoting such websites in any way, I compiled this list of various additional torrent home pages.

18. TorrentProject

TorrentProject is a torrent search engine on the internet. The internet site collects data from several websites, such as extratorrent. TorrentProject has a very minimal user interface. You will undoubtedly return to the main page to look extratorrent mobile for your favorite gushes. Furthermore, the Website promises to update its data source using one of the most popular torrent proxy sites, well-known torrent indices, and specialist pages. The site does not feature any other sources, such as a login page or a forum.

19. Torrent9

Torrent9 offers a much better user interface. Using the food choices, you will search among TV series, films, cards, animes, melodies, and books for your favorite goods. Aside than that, the system is simple. It is worth noting that there is not a lot of society on the internet site. Nonetheless, if you have any questions, you can contact the support staff. It is similar to Extratorrent in many ways extratorrent cc proxy. This is a key popular internet website that allows you to stream various movies online, as the name implies.

20. Sumo Torrent

SumoTorrent was created as the most recent torrent platform. With its elegant appearance and quick interface, this is a perfect replacement for extratorrent. To obtain the most well-known function, proceed to the trending sector on the right. Furthermore, the fads section has the most-seeded content, allowing users who have downloaded the online content to click on the appropriate link.

Extratorret Is Illegal?

You may have heard that several nations have coverage limits on torrenting websites, but this is not the case. However, torrenting is not unlawful. Sowing and downloading are legal unless they are copyrighted; similarly, extratorrent proxy services exist.


VPN is one of the most often used APKs among users. VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) may be the most efficient approach to manage your finances extratorrent facebook. You can also keep your information secure.

There are two types of VPNs available extratorrent si. Two examples are free VPN and premium VPN. The premium VPN services have no restrictions on how far you can travel outside of their network. This encourages you to use servers in various locations of the world that provide a quick and quality customer experience. Some clients are having financial difficulties.

When it comes to money, don’t be concerned. Instead, you can utilize a free VPN. There are free VPN services available. These VPNs include features such as traffic limits, weak server locations, and slow internet connections. It would also be a worthwhile experience.

Following these steps will help you use a VPN.

  • Download VPN – (Turbo VPN or other VPN)
  • Install a VPN on your device
  • Connect areas that were not blocked by other torrents.

Why is it necessary to use a VPN to access ExtraTorrent Proxy?

A virtual private network (VPN) can help keep you protected from malware. It can also assist you avoid bothersome torrenting limits, obstructs, or ISP throttling. Some factors make it preferable to utilize a VPN to access ExtraTorrent alternatives. This tool can also be used to remove a large number of torrenting websites extratorrent cc category movies torrents. Avoid getting in the way of the problem, defend yourself from malware, and maintain your privacy. Finally, extratorrent,com we may disclose that we use a VPN for security reasons.


Because ExpressVPN has no content limitations or filtering, you may view videos, listen to music, utilize social networks, and do other things from anywhere in the globe. In the future, it will learn more about how to clear off the extratorrent gone site.


NordVPN is the best provider of personal virtual private network (VPN) services. It offers desktop programs for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, as well as Android TV apps. Along with wireless routers, NAS devices, and other systems. We can access the site that has been restricted by using a VPN. This allows you to rapidly search extratorrent proxy and download tv shows, movies, games, and other things.


You can use Cyberghost to unblock a website extratorrent..cc, unblock a streaming service, enjoy safe P2P torrenting, and get better internet deals.


They would keep you satisfied and efficient by providing you with all the required materials. These 30 Extratorrents alternatives are ideal for you. It’s a sad fact that torrent sites have been shutting down. To find new means to download movies and TV series, most of us must resort to Extratorrents. There are, however, other places to seek gushes. Using it as a VPN in some countries may not be possible. We can use an extratorrent proxy to unclog extratorrent and reconnect to the site with the help of a VPN. A VPN is a private network that also provides the finest security for you.


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