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How To Get The Poncho For Elliot Page In Stray

Elliot Page is a character in Stray who will assist you in progressing through the plot. However, he will not offer any assistance unless you provide him with a Poncho to keep him warm in the cold. It would help if you found Poncho to open the gates to the next section.

The following guide will show you how to get chris Elliot’s Poncho in Stray.

Where To Find Elliot, The Cold Robot?

Elliot euphoria is a Stray robot who will assist you in progressing through the Slums area. Elliot rodgers can be found in his residence just past the main bar. The house has a crimson door with a translatable poster on it. To find him, go up the stairs and look for him near some computers. Elliot grainge will request that you purchase a warm Poncho to keep him warm against the winter, kicking off the “Grandma’s Clothing” quest line.

How To Get The Super Spirit Detergent?

To begin the quest, speak with Grandma, who can be found in her own Grandma Clothing store. You may easily locate cass elliot kingsley her store by following the signage to the Slums corner. She will agree to assist you with the Poncho for the cold robot in exchange for an Electric Cable. The cable can only be bought from Azooz, the merchant, but first and foremost, the Super Spirit Detergent must be found.

To get the detergent, you must first distract a rooftop robot billy elliot fletcher. When you reach the rooftop, you’ll discover two robots squabbling over a paint can. Then you communicate with them, they will tell you they do not want to be distracted.

When you stand to the left of the throwing robot, you will be prompted to meow immediately before he makes the throw. As a result, he will drop the can onto the street. The laundry will arrive unexpectedly and begin cleaning the paint graham elliot smith. Once inside, look for the Super Spirit Detergent on the windowsill to the left of the door.

How To Get The Electric Cable?

After you’ve gotten the detergent, return to Azooz, who is to the right of the main square. He’ll offer you a lot of things brandon elliot, but all you need to do is swap an Electric Cable for the Super Spirit Detergent you have. You can also check Finding Guy With Bomber Jacket And Gold Chain.

How To Get The Poncho?

Obtaining the Poncho is now really simple elliot de niro. Simply return to Grandma and give her the Cable she requested. You’ll acquire the Poncho from her when you get the Cable. You can also check another article like How To Get Stray Camera Locations Cassette.

How To Fix The Tracker?

After you acquire the Poncho from Grandma, take it to sam Elliot stabler, and he’ll fix the Tracker. Taking the Tracker to Seamus will allow you to enter a new location.


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