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Support Domestic Violence Blaming Video Game

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), there is no link between violent inclinations and Domestic Violence video games, and attributing the former to the latter just diverts attention away from the true contributing domestic violence shelter issues.

Games Industry:

APA highlighted that “members of the media or policymakers” have frequently invoked violent video games as evidence to explain violent conduct extreme violence mod sims 4 such as mass shootings while examining its 2015 resolution on the link awareness month between violent behavior and violent video games (via GamesIndustry). The APA reiterated its opinion that such clauses are “not scientifically sound,” and that there is no link between the two. You can also check Horizon Zero Dawn PC Upset To Guerilla Games.

Furthermore, what is domestic violence? the new resolution “should not be misconstrued or exploited by attributing violence, such as mass shootings, to violent video game use,” according to APA. Although research suggests a link between violence synonym video games and “aggressive consequences, such as yelling and pushing,” pinpointing violent conduct on a big violence against women act scale remains unknown.

Violence is a complicated social problem:

“Violence is a complicated social problem that is likely caused by some reasons that require attention from researchers, policymakers, and the public,” said APA president Sandra Shullman. “domestic violence definition to video games is not scientifically valid, and it diverts attention away from other issues, such as a history of violence, which research gun violence statistics shows are a strong predictor of future violence.”

Despite such remarks and ongoing studies, video games are nonetheless blamed anytime there is a disaster. When the United States of America was shocked by two separate horrific shootings on the same day last year domestic violence hotline, President Donald Trump blamed video games. Previously, Pennsylvania legislators proposed a sin tax on violent video games to control aggressive conduct in young people. As things stand, video games will continue to be blamed for every violent incident. However, the APA continues gun violence to seek to raise awareness about the issue.


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