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How About Cooking Guide In Cult Of The Lamb

Feeding their followers is one of the most important jobs of any cult leader in Cult of the Lamb release date. Giving your fans a tasty dinner will make them pleased and, more importantly, loyal. Early in the game, you’ll need to learn how to make food quickly and keep an eye out for fresh ingredients to employ in new meal preparations.

How About Cooking Guide In Cult Of The Lamb:

The following guide contains some of the best food dishes and their effects on your Cult of the Lamb switch followers.

1. Modest Mixed Meal

The Modest Mixed Meal is a step up from the Meager Mixed Meal. This one makes a nice supper out of pumpkins, minnows, and cult of the lamb game finer meat cuts though it may be improved. The Modest Mixed Meal enhances the loyalty of your followers by 20%. You can also check Totem Memory Guide For Soul Hackers 2.

2. Cheery Cauliflower Chowder

This recipe contains only one ingredient, which is obvious from the name cult of the lamb website: cauliflower. This simple and delicious meal has a 5% probability of causing disease and a 25% chance of causing someone to waste vital resources after consuming it. Check over other article like How to Clear Search History on Instagram.

3. Minced Follower Meat

This meal contains the bones and meat of a sacrificed cultist. Benefits are worthwhile; the odds of enhancing follower cult of the lamb ps4 loyalty are 25%, and the chances of preventing your followers from dissenting are 40%. However, it is a 1-star dish because it has a significant potential to make your followers cult of the lamb platforms sick (75%).

4. Bowl of Poop

Although it may sound horrible, this dish is useful when the members ask the cult leader for a poop-eating fantasy and dream cult of the lamb price. You can even use it against demonstrators who may be causing trouble because this dish has a 50% chance of creating illness and a -20 chance of inducing faith loss. In the worst-case scenario, this meal can be fatal cult of the lamb multiplayer.

5. Pungent Fish Stew

Although this meal is only one star cult of the lamb steam and not particularly tasty, it is quite simple to cook, using only three minnows per bowl. This dish does not cult of the lamb game pass measure up to your followers’ commitment and loyalty.


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