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How to Clear Search History on Instagram

One of the most significant media is Instagram, which has more than 1 billion active members. Instagram stores your activity information, including liked posts, search history, and comments. You can delete them to clear up some space or use them to find your previous activity quickly. You may soon clear your Instagram search history by going to the Account Settings. By doing this, nobody using your Instagram account can see your search history.

How to Clear Search History on Instagram [Android & iPhone]

1: Establish the Instagram app on your phone and log in to your account.

2: Your Instagram profile photo is placed on an icon at the bottom right of the screen. Just click it.

3: Select the hamburger icon in the upper right corner.

4: Select the Your activity option from the drop-down box.

5: Pick Recent searches. Your most recent search history will be shown.

6: By tapping the X button next to the personal search history, you can clear it. Additionally, you can delete all of your searches at once by selecting the Clear All option.

7: click the Clear All option one more to confirm.

How to Clear Search Instagram History on Browser [Windows & Mac]

1: Log into your fund on a net browser by going to www.instagram.com.

2: Select your profile icon, then click Profile to your profile page.

3: Select the Settings icon next to your Instagram username on your profile page.

4: click Privacy and Security.

5: Choose View Account Data from the Privacy and Security menu.

6: find the Search history area and select the View All option.

7: select the option for Clear Search History. Click on the Yes I’m Sure option to affirm your choice.


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