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How to Change Your Name on Messenger


To share messages and files instantly with Facebook friends, Meta offers a particular messaging app called Messenger. Messenger imports all the information, including name, password, and profile picture, because you use Messenger with your Facebook accounts. You’ll need to edit your Facebook account to change these data. It would help to change your Facebook account name to reflect a new Messenger display name. This is simple to perform on a computer or smartphone browser.

How to Change Display Name on Messenger Using Browser

1: Open a browser on your computer and go to facebook.com/settings.

2: If you’re logged out of Facebook,  log back in.

3: Choose Edit from the option that shows next to the Name.

4: Click on your new Name and enter the option to Review Change.

5: Click the Save Changes button after entering your Facebook account password on the preview screen.

6: Visit messenger.com immediately, and the new display name will appear.

How to Change Display Name on Messenger Using iPhone & Android

1: Open the Messenger app on your Android or iPhone.

2: tap the profile photo for Messenger in the top left corner.

3: Select the Account settings option by selecting “.

4: Select Private information.

5: Go to the Name section and click.

6: Type in your new Name and select the option to Review Change.

7: Type in your password to enter the process.

How to Change Messenger Username Directly on the App [Android Only]

On the Messenger app for Android, users may easily change their usernames.

1: Open the Messenger app.

2: click the Username option under the profile area.3

3: Select Edit Username.

4: enter your label username. Facebook will not accept a new username already taken by someone else.

5: To save the changes, click the SAVE option in the top right corner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Without Facebook, how do you change your Name on Messenger?

No. Without Facebook, you cannot change your Messenger name or other settings.



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