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Finding Guy With Bomber Jacket And Gold Chain

After introducing the player to Clementine, she will discuss an ally of hers. Blazer is his name, and he wears a brown leather black bomber jacket men with a golden chain. Clementine claims that Blazer will assist us in entering Neco Factory without being discovered. Clementine, on the other hand, does not reveal his actual whereabouts. As a result, gamers must track him down on their own.

Finding him is required to move further in the story men bomber jacket. The major urban region in the game is not particularly large. As a result, you can simply roam around the city and talk to whomever you meet. We’ll save you some time by telling bomber jacket mens you where to find the mens bomber jacket guy with the gold chain in Stary.

Bomber Jacket Guy With Gold Chain Location:

Exit the Nightclub and cross the street to find women the guy sporting a womens bomber jacket womens and a gold chain. On the other side of the street, there is an alleyway. Continue down this alleyway until you reach a fork in the road. A blazer can be found here, reading a newspaper and waiting for you. Also check How To Unlock New Fleeces In Cult of the Lamb.

This is the second alleyway you’ll come across after entering the elevator in Midtown. It’s worth noting that if you find Blazer before starting this quest, he’ll tell you to leave him alone. Blazer will be a lot more courteous if you have taken Clementine’s mission.

After speaking with him, he will ask you to assist him in finding a disguise so that he may assist you in entering the Neco factory. This disguise consists of two parts: a worker’s helmet and a vest. You’ll be able to penetrate the Neco factory once you’ve found these.


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